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RandomlyAccepted's Event Team Application 2

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by RandomlyAccepted, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. RandomlyAccepted

    RandomlyAccepted United States Level 6

    Apr 7, 2020
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    IGN: RandomlyAccepted

    Explain your activity on the Server: I am very active on the server, I am on everyday usually about 5+ hours. I mostly spend my time on my main account RandomlyAccepted but with my alt account who is a professor, I try to get on during school hours and teach. There may be a few days that I feel unwell or just all my motivation is gone but even when that happens I always try to get on SchoolRP.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?: I have lots of experience working on different types of teams mostly including Minecraft but some in real life. Starting on SchoolRP on my main account RandomlyAccepted I work at Atsumaru and because of this, there is lots of communication with each other to make sure everyone gets their correct order. On my alt account RandomlyDenied I am a professor and sometimes when working as the one you work with other professors and higher-ups as a team to teach classes, making sure students get discipline, and other related things. In the past, I used to be on a few build teams and from being on these build teams I learn lots of knowledge from being in a team. The first build team I was on I left after a week because everyone was so toxic but the second one I was on I stayed for about a year until I left. Lastly in my school, before the virus shut it down I was in an event type team in my school. Because of the event team in my school I have the basic idea of how it may work, I understand that real life and online are different but there are probably similarities that I have experienced from working in my school event team that can help me.

    What makes you different from other applicants
    First of all, I am a very creative person, I am always working on something even if it's something small. I always have ideas in my head and when I start working on something I am dedicated to getting it done. I add lots of detail even the smallest things I would add if there is a problem I am very good at finding ways around it in creative type ways. Besides me being creative and always thinking of new ideas I also do a bunch of research to make something feel more realistically, take my event proposal for example. I did a bunch of research about different cultures across the world, I can input ideas from the research such as what certain food can be sold and outfits can be worn. I also give examples of certain things, take my event proposal once again, if there is something hard for me to explain I may draw it out or build it to show what I am talking about.

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team
    Multi-Culture Day
    A day to celebrate different types of cultures around the world!

    In Japan, there is a day called ‘Culture Day’ or ‘Bunka-no hi’. This day celebrates the culture of Japan and promotes the arts, culture, and academic endeavor. I think this would be a cool day on its own. I think it would be fun to have other cultures involved, not just Japan. There would be different stalls selling things relating to the culture they are representing, take the culture of Africa as an example. People who are attending this stall can be wearing clothing that is related to African culture. At the stand different foods relating to the culture can be sold, I will go into more detail soon. Not only can you show off the culture you are representing you can also learn about certain things that make them different from other cultures.

    I was thinking of the location to be somewhere on the beach. I built some ideas for some examples. Multiple things would need to be built such as:
    - First of all, we will need stalls built, each stall will be customized to fit the culture they are showing off. upload_2020-8-7_5-20-5.png
    - A dance floor area, this area is where people can show off different dance moves and also teach people the dance moves, there would be multiple different dance floors, this is an example.
    - Art gallery. There can be types of paintings around the event area showing off how art in that culture may look like. It can show off flags, drawings, and paintings.
    - Game area. Different cultures may have specialized games that they do, there could be areas where you can play said game.
    I didn't build an example for that.

    As I said there would be many different types of stalls representing their culture, each staff can sell a variety of things such as food or toys. Now I’m going to put only 3 different stalls down but there are many others we can choose from.
    Japan’s Stall
    What they sell

    Africa’s Stall
    What they sell

    Caucasus’s Stalls
    What they sell

    Now I know there are many different types of custom items but adding more custom food would be a great addition and not only it can be used for the event, but shop owners can also sell this food and have more variety to sell.

    Before the event is officially starting it can be announced in the roleplay hub discord along of the lines:

    On [DATE] we are hosting a multicultural day at the beach! Come down and learn about different types of cultures such as Caucasus, Africa, Japan, and so much more! Not only you can learn about different cultures but there will be mini-events throughout the day!
    There will be food, drinks, games, art, and more!
    LOCATION: Beach
    DATE: [Date]
    TIME: [Time]

    When it starts in the game
    /event [Multicultural Day] The multicultural event has just started! Head down to the beach to learn more about different cultures, grab a bite to eat, or even play games! Throughout the day we will be hosting mini-games such as trivia and the winners get some prizes!

    When the trivia game starts
    /event [Multicultural Day] You think you got the knowledge to win a game of trivia? Come down to the stand near [LOCATION]! There will be 5 people each around and the winners will win [PRIZE].

    When the dances start
    /event [Multicultural Day] Have you ever wanted to see or even try out a different type of dance style? Then come down to [LOCATION] and watch some people dance, you can even try it out for yourself!

    A trivia type game to show your knowledge of certain cultures! There are 5 questions each round and the person with the highest points wins [PRIZE]

    There are many different types of dances around the world, even though it is hard to RP out dancing as its mostly actions, a few groups can go and show off their dancing that is related to their culture. An example of one can be the dance called ‘Raqs Sharqi’. This dance is native to Egypt and it's a classic form of belly dancing.

    Some other notes or info that doesn’t really fit into a category:
    - Someone should be hosting a watch together (I forgot what it's called) and have different types of music genres playing throughout the event.
    - Have at least 2-3 people working at a stall.
    - Have it start on a weekend so we have all day for the event.

    Choir Event
    Show your creativity with singing!

    There have been events such as art contests for people to express their creativity, but there are other ways to show that creativity such as singing! This would take place in roleplay hub discord and will have a total of three winners. This event is for anyone to join.

    This event would take place in roleplay hub discord. On discord, there would be two temporary discord voice channels. One would be a waiting room and the second would be the stage. During the event when it's the contestant's turn they will be moved in the voice channel and do their piece.

    Announce on discord that there will be a choir event. It can be posted in the Roleplay Hub Discord and the announcement can go something like this:
    Choir Event
    We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a choir event for all citizens of Karakura
    Please send your auditions from youtube to [@(DiscordUser)]
    1. You MUST have a working microphone.
    2. You must be able to join the voice channel
    3. Songs can't be over 5mins long.
    Submission must be submitted by [DATE]
    The event will start at [DATE/TIME]
    Location: Discord & Youtube”
    After the announcement is made we can give the contestants a few weeks to turn in their submissions. People's submissions would be reviewed to make sure it's appropriate.
    On the day of the event, all the contestants for the event would go into a private discord voice channel and wait for their turn. When the person is taking their turn there could be someone live streaming the event so people can vote.

    As the event would be live-streamed there would be live votes that people who are watching can vote for. At the end of the event, the staff will count up the votes and announce the 3 winners.

    First place winner: 100k & Any custom item
    Second place winner: 50k & Microphone custom
    Third place winner: 30k & Nintendo switch

    - We would need about 5+ staff members
    - 1 for live streaming to well Livestream.
    - 1 or 2 (Depending on how many people) counting the votes
    - 1 in stage voice channel to drag people in and out.
    - Any other staff can help moderate the live streaming chat.
    - There would be 15(? Maybe more or less) contestants

    Earthquake Event
    Shaky shaky, wakey wakey.

    A strong 6.8 earthquake has hit the city of Karakura, Japan. Citizens are advised to stay indoors and if stuck to wait for emergency services. Buildings such as the school would be damaged and there would be cracks, fallen posts, and other things throughout the map. This would happen during the school day also people would be injured during this event.

    The earthquake epicenter isn't that far from Karakura, only a few miles out, despite that the whole city does feel the earthquake. The whole city is affected by the earthquake but only certain parts would be damaged/destroyed.

    This event would happen at a random time, it's very hard to predict earthquakes. Throughout the event, there will be announcements that will tell us what is happening.

    The second period would have just started, everyone was chilling and doing whatever they did until...
    /event You would slowly start feeling the earth shake under you. The shaking would get stronger by the second and books, lockers, items on the desk would start falling off.

    The earthquake would have started, a 6.8 earthquake usually lasts for 50-60 seconds. A few seconds before the first event announcement would go off a second would go.
    /event As the earthquake grows stronger windows would crack, light posts, traffic lights, trees, and other standing objects would fall.

    During these two event announcements school staff would tell everyone to get into a safe spot such as under the desk, doorways, and away from windows. After another few seconds, the 3rd announcement would go off then a news announcement would go off.
    /event The earthquake would settle down. Street lights, traffic posts, trees, and other standing objects have fallen. Windows from buildings have also cracked so be careful of broken glass.
    [NEWS] A strong 6.8 earthquake has hit a few miles off from Karakura, Japan. Citizens are advised to stay put and wait for emergency services to arrive. Be careful of falling objects and broken glass, aftershocks may also occur.

    After a few minutes school staff will lead students out of the school until the first aftershock occurs. The entrance of the school became unstable and the first aftershock made it fall.
    /event You would feel the ground shake again, this time not so hard. The entrance of the school becomes so unable it falls, leaving students trapped and injured.

    Students that were in the doorway when it collapsed would become injured, some will have broken bones while others may have some cuts and bruises. Police and EMS would arrive on school grounds and start helping students. Eventually, with the help of students, school staff, and police the injured students would be rescued and taken to the hospital. Another news report would happen.
    [NEWS] An aftershock has occurred, students have been injured due to a collapse of the school entrance. We will keep updating you as time goes on.

    After the students go to safety the last aftershock will occur. This will cause a small flood at the beach, the flood isn't that severe but it does leave damage to the beach and certain parts will be blocked off for a bit.

    For the next few weeks, there will be small aftershocks, these won't cause any damage but may spook a few people. Slowly the beach and city will be fixed and after about a month everything will be fixed.

    - Some windows around the map would be broken
    - Light posts, traffic lights, and trees would be fallen down.
    - Cracks in the ground throughout the map
    - Front of the school caved in

    - Multiple hospitals, schools, and police should be on during this event.
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  2. WiffyBanter

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    Jan 24, 2017
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    - Thank you for applying. Your application has made it through to be processed through the entire team. Your application will be reviewed at our next meeting.
  3. WiffyBanter

    WiffyBanter United Kingdom Level 236 Senior Administrator

    Jan 24, 2017
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    - Congratulations. Welcome to the Event-Team. DM me on Discord to get yourself started.​
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