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Receptionist Application - Nakama Sango [Frosty_yyy]

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Frosty_y, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Frosty_y

    Frosty_y Portugal Level 2

    Aug 2, 2020
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?: Frosty_yyy

    Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): King Goma#4472

    Have you ever been banned (If yes when and why?): No.

    What is your timezone?: GMT.

    Describe your activity on the server: I normally try to come on every single day, even if it means just staying on for a little bit. But most of the days I do play around 3-4 hours at least, unless I have university work to do or have other real life priorities.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: Yes.

    School Employee Role you are applying for?: Receptionist.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the employee role you are applying for:
    A school receptionist has the purpose of providing secretarial and administrative support to the Administration; communicating information to students, parents, and staff; ensuring compliance with financial, legal and administrative requirements; and supporting the broad array of services provided to students and parents. They make sure to keep the students safe in the environment, greeting all incoming visitors for the purpose of ensuring the guests sign in/out as required. They mantain a variety of computerized and manual records, files, and department databases for the purpose of documenting activites, and also mantains inventory of supplies and materials, for the purpose of ensuring items' availability. They also hand out School schedules for the students in need.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?: I have roleplayed for several years. I started roleplaying on a different Minecraft server called Creative Fun, but ended up leaving after around 4 or 5 years. After that I decided to join SchoolRP (early August 2020). But overall I would say I learned more from roleplaying on SchoolRP for 7 months that I did on my years of roleplaying on the other server.

    Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server: [ACCEPTED] [ACCEPTED] [ACCEPTED]

    What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're college, specify your degree level):
    1st Account (Frosty_y): College Bachelors Degree

    2nd Account (Frosty_yyy): High School, Grade 12

    /*Do not mention use of FearRP*/

    During a work-shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how does your character react?:
    My character would attempt to calm the student down, ordering him to stop cursing. If that does not work, and the student is still behaving badly, she would warn him again, telling him that if he does not stop he or her will have to be called to detention after classes for disrespecting school staff. If it somehow the situation gets worse then what already is, after 2-3 warnings, she will call school staff with a better position then her, help them with this situation and call the student for detention.

    You notice two students are physically fighting in the hallway, – multiple punches have been thrown – how does your character react?
    Nakama would start by trying to break up the fight by standing in the middle of the fight and asking the students, with polite manners, to stop, or there will be consequences. If the fight continues she would perceive to call another staff member to help with the situation. After the situation is handled she would call the nurse to check if either of the students have been injured, and after they are checked, she will call them both for detention, for breaking school rules.

    Another school employee is clearly acting inappropriately, doing something very dangerous on the job, how does your character react?:
    She would perceive the school employee firstly with the intention of trying to understand what would be going on with them, trying to help them with his or her problem, politely asking them to stop and warn them about what they did. If that would not work, she would remind that that what they’re doing is dangerous for their own job. And if that doesn’t work, she would reach out to close head staff members to help them with the situation and inform SLT.

    When in the employee break room, how does your character act?
    Nakama would start by entering the room, normally in a good mood, she would start a chat with their colleagues about how their days are going or how the work is going. She would make a coffee for herself, and sit down next to her colleagues, trying to make them happy with her presence. If someone is having a bad day she will proceed to try to make them feel better with a drink or something to eat. After that she would try to relax a bit before going back to work in a good mood again.

    Provide us with at least three detailed /me's of your character whilst on your chosen role:
    /me would get up from her chair calmly, a smile shining on her face, as she goes to get a schedule for the male that was standing right in front of her.

    /me smiles at the male, looking back at the coffee machine which was preparing her coffee. She would tap her fingers on the table waiting patiently for it.

    /me would fastly jump out of her seat, going through the back door of the reception to help the student that fell on the ground. She would, along with her colleague, pick up the student and carry him to the Nurses office where the student would be taken care of.

    In-Character Section
    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

    Full Name: Nakama Sango
    Age (Minimum age is 25): 26
    Title (Mr,Mrs,Miss): Miss Sango

    Academic Degree: Masters
    Year of Graduation: 2012
    Major(s): Education
    Minors: Sociology, Biology

    Nakama was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her parents were very supportive but they always had the problem of supporting the needs of her family. Growing up with several brothers and sisters wasn't easy, especially when she was the younger one of the entire family. Life on her younger years was difficult, since her parents went through several jobs to sustain the family and later after she joined high school, her parents got divorced. But even after that her parents would be very supportive of her and would help her out with everything she needed.

    Nakama wasn't always a good student, even though she always gave her best at school, she always had bad friends throughout the entire school days, that didn’t help with her studies. But, even though, she managed to cope with it pretty easily, taking grades good enough for what she wanted to take at university which was Education as she had a big dream of educating / helping people out wherever and on whichever possible.

    Even though they abused of her trust many times, and were a bad influence to her, she was still, like today, the sweetest and kindest girl you ever met. She managed to overcome all the problems she had even if that meant several nights with alcohol and cigarettes, she would manage to get through it all. Her life would soon change as she changed cities to study. As she moved to Karakura to join the college there, she met a lot of friendly people, and that’s where she decided to stay since she was creating way better memories there then on Tokyo…just like a fresh start.

    After graduating she thought it would be good to apply for a job, and as the role of Receptionist appeared on the school she graduated, she thought it would be great as she’d be living on the same city she was living on for several years, and would be doing a job she really enjoyed as she could be really social and helpful to every people around her.

    Currently, she is still working on the same place she initially applied to after graduation and is extremely happy with her choice. Nakama is now able to afford everything she needs, instead of what happened in her earlier life.

    Motivation for Joining KHS:
    My motivation for joining KHS is that I’ll be able to maybe make someone’s day better, not only by helping them, but maybe just a smile is able to help. I remember when I used to come to college, I used to see the recepcionists face every morning, always so positive and friendly, and that memory stayed with me for the rest of my school days. Even after school I’d stay to talk to some of them who would even help me with some of my problems, and so I want to give the same experience to those younger then me.

    Do you have any previous experience working in a school environment? If so, please elaborate (If not, respond with "N/A"): N/A

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:
    I should be accepted over the other applicants because of the passion I have for helping and teaching people. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most, and I feel like I would be able to understand and relate to all the students better due to myself being young and having been in the same situation as them, even studied at the same school. So I think I over others, would be able to assist students more.


    Additional notes about your application: N/A
    Do you have any questions?: N/A
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  2. KimiNoUso

    KimiNoUso United Kingdom Level 323 Senior Administrator

    Oct 3, 2019
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    Thank you for applying, however, your School Employee application won't be accepted today.

    After carefully reading through your application, I have found a few errors that could be improved upon should you decide to re-apply:
    One of your responses was a direct copy & paste from an outside source which stuck out like a sore thumb when reviewing your application. In future, please use sources as research and form your own response based on the information you've learnt; do not directly copy someone else's work.

    Original source found here: [RSCHOOL]

    DM me on Discord if you have any questions regarding your application: @KimiNoUso#9999