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IGN: ulkuva
DATE: 07/08/2020
It has come to my attention that actions which are copied and pasted have returned to the rulebook. I am strongly against this decision and I express why (and a better solution to balancing CopRP vs. GangRP) below.

I vividly remember as a staff member pledging against the use of copied and pasted actions. Why? It's not roleplay. Yes, your character is doing an action, but you're merely doing it so you'll be the first turn so that the opponent has to have the second one (and react to your first one). It isn't something your character would do, it's just something that you would do as a person OOC (out-of-character) in order to win the scenario. Roleplay isn't just about winning.

Really, I don't mind the use of copied and pasted actions if we bring back rolling to see who initiates the fight/interaction/roleplay. Two people can roll out of 100 and whoever gets the higher number can do the first action (copied & pasted or not). The two people then work in a turn-based system, reacting to one another's messages. That way, it is completely based on luck rather than who can type the fastest or who has more weapons.

There was nothing wrong with this rule for it to be removed. In fact, the only reason I was told for it to be removed was, "nobody used it." This can be used for any situation — from GangRP vs CopRP to GangRP vs GangRP. It's pretty universal and easy to understand.

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