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REPORTER | 9uia's Application


Level 0
Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?:
Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username):
Do you have a microphone?
List your timezone and country:
EST (New York Time) | United States
How active are you on the server?:
On a scale of one through ten, I'd give myself a seven or eight.
Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals):
Old Ban Appeal
Link any past applications below:
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Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?:
Investigative Journalist | Reporter
What is your motivation for applying?:
My motivation for applying is to bring a new type of journalism to Karakura. The cover of crime besides major events already known by the community. Interviewing criminals and gang leaders through connections, doing in-depth explorations of gang turfs, exposing the government for corrupt actions, and possibly more. I want to bring a VICE News reporter-like character to Karakura. Doing so would make the criminal underworld more known to the general population than it already is while serving beneficial for the criminals and police working on finding these gangs. Giving these gangs notoriety by being interviewed by a government-sponsored reporter, while giving these police officers clues on where these criminals could be.
Do you have any experience in this work?
I've always been obsessed with journalism and discussing crime. I've written school newspapers, but that's the only legitimate experience I have.
Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?:
Yes, and I accept the rules.
Why should you be accepted over others?
I do not believe I should be accepted over anyone else, but I do believe that my idea on covering criminals could bring a lot of lore to the server, as stated above it would benefit a lot of people and their groups. I believe that by becoming a reporter I can create more IC tension between the police and these criminals. It would be very interesting for an idea like this to be implemented, getting to see these gangs from two sides.
Do you have a good understanding of this position?:
Summarize what your position does in the town:
The reporter's job is to write stories and articles on current events going on international, but mostly in their town/city. The investigative journalist can cover police commissioners to the criminal underworld in their town. The reporter's job is also to give unbiased reports of situations going on in their community. Politics is a good example of reporters being biased towards certain parties. Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Practitioners sometimes use the terms "watchdog reporting" or "accountability reporting."

These reports are often conducted by freelance journalists or newspapers, sometimes podcasts.

In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself
Full Name:
Akifumi Kiyotō Mitsuhira
Preferred name & Title:
"Aki" or Akifumi
Current age? (25+):
26 years old
Past job experiences?:
Freelance journalist. I would post news reports on crimes that hadn't been covered by mainstream media. My blog gained little to no views, but it only inspired me more to take it to the next level and try and become a news reporter for this city.
How would you describe yourself
In all honesty, I don't know. I guess you could say I'm curious about a lot of things, so adventurous maybe? I'd also say I'm quite classy, I do look good in a lot of my suits. A lot of people call me ambitious, sometimes in a bad way but it doesn't bother me.
What sort of things would you write about?
I hope to be writing about crime and corruption, like those VICE NEWS guys! Reporting about things like that really spike an interest in me. It's just the thrill of getting to meet a gang leader in person while getting to interview them, which is awesome. Or, finding out a judge was corrupt and took bribes, and you were the one to publish the story and become a famous reporter?? How cool would that be!
What jobs will you execute with this position?
Most likely interviews and vlogs of me going into gang areas. Interviews of residents in these dangerous neighborhoods and the gang members that run those streets. I will also be doing long, extensive reports on gangs and political corruption, along side the interviews and vlogs that will be tied into these big reports.
Do you practice any sort of religion?:
My parents were Shinto, but a lot of the stuff I do now would be considered a sin and I don't practice religion anyway so it's whatever.
Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes:
Got arrested for trespassing multiple times while trying to take pictures of a corrupt governor in Osaka, and the other times were me going into gang turf and them reporting me to the police.
Nationality & Born location:
I'm Yamato Japanese, and I was born in an old castle town in Tsushima, Izuhara.
Fluent languages (Underline your native):
Japanese, French, and English, though I do wish to learn more!​
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