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Reporter | Application


Level 122

Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?: wwishing

Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username):

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, I do have a microphone.

List your timezone and country:
GMT +1 (BST)

How active are you on the server?:
I'd say that I'm active of an 9/10 currently, there's been times where I may have not been as active as expected or wanted however I do quickly make up time for it. I've been someone who whenever they are active, they'll stay active for a good amount of time.

Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals):
No, I have no bans nor active warns.
Link any past applications below:


Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?: Reporter.

What is your motivation for applying?:
I'd say my motivation for applying would be to have the opportunity to contribute more to the server. I've personally always liked writing and anything on the creative aspect so I believe that this role was made for me. Though my motivation may seem ambiguous at first, I truly do enjoy the thought of making reports for the whole server to enjoy.

Do you have any experience in this work?
Yes, I have similar experience since I've had a journalism role before. I understand how the role works even though being a reporter talks more regarding the city than the school. I am aware of the different types of writing that will be acknowledged and which aspects would be appropriate for publishing.

Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?:
Yes, I am aware of the rules each person must follow. I am aware that being biased, offending and any act of immaturity can prove risk to my role. I am also conscious of the fact that my actions have consequences and I should be ready to take those consequences respectfully.

Why should you be accepted over others?
I believe that I should be accepted over others because of my devotion towards the role. Having a good work ethic would also be beneficial to the team, and that's a good trait that I believe I possess. I understand that there may be people more organized than I am, however, I guarantee that I'll try my hardest even if it may not be enough.

Do you have a good understanding of this position?:
I do have a good understanding of this position, as I am almost positive that I know the purpose of this position, how it works and how it may benefit the server's future progressions.

Summarize what your position does in the town: What the reporters do is relevantly simple, their job is to inform the citizens of Karakura of what's going on around them. From gossip, conspiracies, information and criminal reports. A reporter's job is to report about the events that occur around you.

In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself

Full Name:
Gi sang Kyu.

Preferred name & Title:
My preferred name is George, no special meaning. It's just easier to say.

Current age? (25+):
I'm 28 years old.

Past job experiences?:
I've never had any major jobs since I've always tried to simply 'get-by' as in three part-time jobs in a day. However, if you were ever so keen on what those jobs could be, it's been waiter, cashier and bouncer.

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a straight-forward type of person, I know what I want and I cut to the chase. I've never really liked going around in circles or avoiding the main point. I would say that I'm rather hard-working, as one of my positive traits. I'm not the biggest optimist in the world but I'd like to try my best in situations I'm put in.

What sort of things would you write about? I'm frankly more of an events sort of person, I enjoy commentating on events that have already happened and giving my point of view on it. I would say that I'm also an information person too, I wouldn't be so upset if I were to end up reporting a criminal escapee. However, I've never really been that into gossip, mostly because I rather relay on facts than hear-say.

What jobs will you execute with this position? Isn't that sort of self-explanatory? I would probably be around events with a microphone and talking about what's going on. Or rather, I'd be interviewing people about their life and how they get by day to day. In short, I'd just be doing what I'm expected to do, report what I believe would be relevant to the people of Karakura.

Do you practice any sort of religion?: It's not like I don't believe in anything, it's just that I've never had the chance to actually go knees deep on this subject. So you could say that I'm pretty open about it for now.

Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes: No, I hope not. Why is this a question, I thought there was access to criminal files? You can see for yourself.

Nationality & Born location: Seoul, Korea.

Fluent languages (Underline your native):
Korean, Japanese.


Level 24
Government Lead
Lore Team
Rich Kid

- Thanks for taking the time to apply however after reviewing your application it has been denied

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