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Reporter| OverheadRP's Application


Level 1
Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?: OverheadRP

Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username):

Do you have a microphone?:
Yes, I sound dumb.

List your Time Zone and country:
EST, United States.

How active are you on the server?:
I hop onto the server quite often as I don't usually have anything else to do with my time besides school work and what not coming up soon.

Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals):



Link any past applications below:



Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?: Reporter (Freelance Investigative Journalist)

What is your motivation for applying?:
I'm mainly applying to just try something new and give everyone an entertaining experience. I've had the idea of having a character similar to 'Miles Upshur' from the Outlast series, but implemented into SRP in one way or another, without any of the disturbing content of course.

Do you have any experience in this work?:
Not much, but I'd like to learn more about it.

Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?:

Why should you be accepted over others?:
I generally just love roleplaying, and I'd be glad to have Curtis interact within multiple scenarios to give off an entertaining experience to anyone involved.

Do you have a good understanding of this position?:
Mostly, Yes, I'm still learning.

Summarize what your position does in the town:
Basically, you go around Karakura to gather any information that may be interesting enough to show to the public, or asking citizens around about how their day had gone and if they want to be interviewed for a report.

In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself
Full Name: Curtis Pines

Preferred name & Title:
Curtis, Pines, I don't care what I'm called.

Current age? (25+):

Past job experiences?:

How would you describe yourself?:
Everyone describes me as a cynical guy, I heavily swear, I use rough insults towards some people in my writing, Ya-da Ya-da Ya-da. Which I have- actually like- proven them wrong in multiple statements I've made recently, Also I can like- crack out some good jokes every now and then during certain situations, Y'know? Honestly, I'm not that social type either so you can get out of here and shove it, if you wanna have a ten hour conversation, I ain't gonna be here for it. I'm also like- really funny, I think.

What sort of things would you write about?:
Serious crimes, political corruption, and corporate wrongdoing.

What jobs will you execute with this position?:
Investigative Journalism.

Do you practice any sort of religion?:

Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes:
Trespassing (For investigative reasons of course!)

Nationality & Born location:
Providence, Rhode Island, United States. (American)

Fluent languages (Underline your native):
Japanese, English


Level 24
Government Lead
Lore Team
Rich Kid

- Thanks for taking the time to apply however after reviewing your application it has been denied

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