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RewindRP Event Team Application


Level 4
IGN: RewindRP

Describe your activity and potential punishment history as a player of the server: Activity: 7/10 Punishment History: 2 warns for continuing a chain. (Like back when I first started)

Please provide any previous applications you have created, whether accepted or denied: RewindRP Korean Application | SchoolRP (ACCEPTED)
RewindRP Shopkeeper Application! | SchoolRP(NOT LOOKED AT YET)
Denied - Yumeko A. De Medici | RewindRP Caretaker application | SchoolRP
Denied - Librarian Application- RyujinRP | SchoolRP
Denied - School Receptionist application | SchoolRP

Denied - LILripx47's Receptionist Application | SchoolRP

Provide your Discord (REQUIRED) and confirm if you have a microphone: LILripx47#7718, I do have a working microphone.

What is your timezone and country of residence?: EST, Unites States of America.

What previous experience do you have working in a team that would outshine other applicants?: I do have a small bit of experience in apartment designing.

Please provide three (3) event suggestions which would work for our server: Prom, Graduation party for College, Holiday Parties Ex. Christmas Party.
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