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Sardine || Biography #1

| S a r d i n e |

Real•Name | Sardine
Age | 9 months
Gender | Female
Aliases | Cat, Kitty

| T A B L E • O F • C O N T E N T S |

~ C h a r a c t e r ~
Other Info
~B a c k s t o r y ~
~ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ~
~ A r c s ~
Sardine growing

| C H A R A C T E R |

~ A p p e a r a n c e ~

[Sardine] Sardine was a 0’5 cat. She smelled of vanilla, given that she had been around her owner quite often. Her eyes were a rare shade of sage green. Around her neck layed a cyan collar with a tag on it ‘Toast Marr’s companion; FUCK OFF’ if you read on you would see her name, ‘Sardine’ [イワシ猫]

~ P e r s o n a l i t y ~

Sardine, was the most chaotic cat ever. She’d be up to no good about 70% of the time, including biting toes, cussing at humans, attacking humans, running around and just causing chaos around the place, although at times she could be extremely sweet, nuzzling into people and playing

~ V o i c e ~

[Insert rad link of cat talking]

~ L i k e s / D i s l i k e s ~

Sardine loved practically any food. She’d eat it whether it’s a piece of bark striped from a tree to a piece of beef. She had very… interesting music choiced, her favorite song being Closer by Nine inch nails. Her favorite activities include biting people and scratching people. She. loves. BAGS. However, She dislikes people who try to hurt her or her friends / adoptive siblings.

~ O t h e r • I n f o ~

The cat stashed things everywhere. Including skateboards she found broken on the floor, bags, and even phones that lay alone places. She hid them under couches/lounges, pillows, hung them up high, in a drawer, under bushes, under water, etc. She would most of the time be extremely sweet when you first meet her, and it’d slowly form into madness as the relationship goes on.

| B A C K S T O R Y |

~ K a r a k u r a ~
“Mrow Mow, Mow Mrow Mow” - ‘Shut tf up you Shawty’

-Sardine cat

Sardine was born in a small family, including two humans, her mother and her two twin brothers. Being the only female in the triplets, she got special treatment from the owners and her mother. She lived with them for a few human months, before her mother passed away. She was found medurdured on the floor a few houses down from their own. It seemed as though she ate something poisoned, but of course Sardine and her brothers had no idea of this. The three waited for another few weeks before coming to the conclusion she had abandoned them. The three cats lived with their owners for the next month or two, before finally being able to roam free. Until they didn’t come back either. The three ran off and separated. Sardine lived on the streets for a long time, eating scraps of food she found around. That was until she found the school. And people started noticing her.

| R E L A T I O N S H I P S |

~ F r i e n d s~

Cameron K. Solas [Friend]

“Mrow mow mow mrow” (Cameron is one of the most chill people I know. Thats why I love annoying him)

Washu Drakos Kuznetsova [Friend]
“Mrow mow mow mrow mow.” (You sure this dudes qualified to be a teacher? Although he does have a fun personality)

Lily Kuznetsova-Solas [Friend]
“Mrow mow mrow mow” (Yet another, teacher I don’t think is qualified.)

Hellam Solas [Friend]

“Mow mrow mow” (Help. He kidnapped me)

Celeste H. Ryder [Friend]
"Mrow mow mow, mrow mow mow" (She made me have a bath. Baths are dumb)

~F a m i l y~

Toast Marr [Adoptive parent]

“Mrow mow mrow mow mow mow.” (The original and the most overprotective mf I've ever met; I love him.)

Liebe [Adoptive sister]


~U n s u r e~

Everyone else [Unsure]

“Mrow mow mow” (who tf is they?)

~E n e m i e s~

Zay [Something] [Sister-stealer]
“Mrow mow” (Die shawty)

| A R C S |

"Mrow Mow Mrow M-Mrow Mow" - 'Piss off, shawty i'm trying to write here'

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