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SEIJUTOMA-IKKAI | An Unverified Gang Application.


Level 21

Previous bans/warns/kicks: 1 Warn for using slurs ICly (Expired around 3 to 4 months ago).

List any applications that you have created on the forums: #1, Black Market Dealer Application, #2 Staff Application.
Describe your activity on the server: On a scale from 1-10 I’d give my activity an 8/10, I’ve recently developed a more interest to the server and have become more active in the discords as well as the server.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????): cookii.#0169

Specify the link to your gang's Discord:

Specify the amount of members currently in your gang: 19

Specify one (1) idea for an event your gang would do: This event will be possibly planned for September 17th, 2022, if everything runs smoothly between the two gangs OOCly(No stalling, toxicity, etc.) This event will be planned accordingly, hopefully no interference from the cops. It will happen on the powerplant roof, Bokan will be hosting a meeting that was announced a day before. They will be planning a final attack in a few days, but unbeknownst to a member of the very rival gang they were planning to attack was stalking them. The individual would then call for backup in which 5-10 members will show up to the powerplant, crashing the meeting as well as the planning. It seems the Final brawl has come earlier than expected, the two gangs will then have a stand-down, some talking will happen then the members of each gang will clash at Each other and will begin to start a full out brawl, as the leaders will both start to have their own fight. A few minutes after, Bokan's leader will fall into a sitting position, putting them at a great disadvantage with them both being worn out, and injured. One of Bokan's members will have finished their fight and would have gone "fuck it" and pulled out a spiked bat, rushed at the rival gang members leader and knock them out. This would have stopped the whole brawl in its tracks, with the rival gang being in shock. The Bokan leader will have then got back up, as they signaled the members to guard her, as they would kidnap the leader of the rival gang and take them to a secret location. There would be a struggle of course, but in the end the Bokan leader would escape. The rival gang leader would be held hostage, a threat would be made to the rival gang to either join them or watch their leader die. (Which will happen either-way,) once the leader is dead, the gang will have disbanded or start building up little by little to get their revenge.

What is the name of your gang?: Seijutoma-Ikkai (Seijutoma)

What are the themes/morals/beliefs/motives of your gang?: They believe that it’s unnecessary to get others attention besides BMD, Bokan is more of ‘Fuck opinions’ gang, they wish to please only one community and one only and that’s the Black Market, meaning that stuff like sprays or public messages mean nothing to them as they'd rather show than explain. Bokanji-kai is a biker gang in which is full of delinquents. They only care about themselves, and their members, not much care for others outside of that. Bokanji-kai's motives for their gang is to rise up in the top and become noticed by others. A competition for the gangs that are in the top, and to maybe to become the strongest of them all. A belief that Bokan holds is that numbers in a gang don't really matter. They believe that skill can overpower numbers, so they find 11 members a good amount to be held at. But that doesn't mean they won't allow more people to join their organization.

What differs your gang from the rest of the unverified gang roster and other applicants?: Unlike every other gang on the list, Seijutoma prefers to stay away from the spotlight. Each official member in Seijutoma is trained in the art of any fighting style, those who don't start off as recruits and undergo training by those higher in the hierarchy. How Seijutoma differs from the rest of the unverified gang roster is that they aren't blood thirsty to say the least. They only kill if they have to and will destroy anyone that gets in the way of their path. In OOCly terms Seijutoma differs from most as they actual believe in actual roleplay, and don't just do basic actions like. /me right hooks their temple. They're mostly a strict P2L gang and likes to give others a better experience in minorly or majorly fights.

What reputation does the gang uphold in-character at the moment? Where are they most actively present?: Bokan does not hold any reputation ICly, as I said they prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Though we have gotten very great reviews from other gangs/gang roleplayers about how much potential we have and how good they think we are, that's about it. Bokan would be usually seen lurking around the powerplant as they find that area great for them. Perhaps home to say the least, their activities happen the most at the powerplant, and they hope to take over the area some-day.

Write a paragraph describing your gang and showcasing what they are capable of: SEIJUTOMA-IKKAI, meant to be led by no other than Three individuals. Seijutoma is a street gang filled with cash hungry gangsters, some thugs and a couple known criminals from other gangs, who are split into three supervised divisions, where each are specially trained in a useful skill that would benefit towards the gang. Seijutoma started out as a delinquent crew of friends, which became bigger and bigger until they were then forged into a biker gang. They steal, fight, kill, and strike fear into others who oppose them. Though Seijutoma is the ‘lurk in the shadows’ type of gang, they wish to get noticed by one and one only: The Black Market.​
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Level 74
Crime Lead
Authorization Team

I will be messaging you on discord later today to confirm everything!​

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