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Service Dog Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by HighlightedTwin, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. HighlightedTwin

    HighlightedTwin United States Level 5

    Aug 15, 2019
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    9:46 AM

    What is requested?: I would like to be a Service Dog ( Role + Tag ) for my owner, Oji - for his anxiety disorder.

    Why do you want it?:
    I would like to experience another roleplay, as I am roleplaying currently as a dog. My owner is a very fragile person and he has issues and to overcome those issues he adopted me to be there for him because he is in need of company and affection at all times.

    What good is it for RP?:
    I have encountered many different dogs in SRP and I happen to encounter as well a service dog and It interests me on what their roleplay dynamic is and while the new rule has been added, I see a lot of different scenarios wherein it involves animals and this is beneficial for RP because it will be a new experience for me and I’m sure it will give me knowledge on a lot of different things that I do not know about Service Dogs.

    Character Backstory:
    Roa was born in a litter of 9 puppies but was quickly taken away from his mother and brought into a new home full of people and no other dogs while only being two weeks old. His new home provided him enough milk within these crucial weeks of growing up. Roa only grew up around people without meeting any other animals or dogs as well. Even with the walks around their neighborhood, none of the neighbors had any dogs for Roa to socialize with. Eventually, Roa became a bit of a mischievous dog being wild and reckless. His owners didn’t want to deal with him anymore so he was kicked out and put out on the streets. He was alone with nobody to care for him until he came across his soon to be new owner, Oji Diamante. Oji really loved Roa and they bonded very quickly. Oji quickly took in Roa as his pet for some time and even thought about training Roa to become a service dog. Oji was struggling with an anxiety disorder. He recently went through a situation where socializing with someone went wrong which sent him into a full on anxiety attack making it hard for him to relax and breathe normally especially as he was surrounded by many people. With the strong fear of it repeating again, Roa was then trained to be a service dog to hopefully prevent something like that to happen again and if it were to happen, Roa would be able to calmly reassure Oji to help him relax once more. After over a year of training, Roa was finally ready to be the service dog that Oji needed. Due to the fact that Roa was already surrounded by humans technically since birth, it wasn’t much trouble for Roa to learn how to comfort his owner when necessary.


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  2. ShuGamingg

    ShuGamingg Philippines Level 6

    Jul 10, 2019
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    9:46 PM
    well done.
    :sad shu approves:
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  3. godisdead

    godisdead Sweden Level 175 Administrator

    Jul 19, 2018
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    3:46 PM
    The role is not fully functional and we'll talk about what we'll do about it in the next staff meeting. For now, you can link this application in your description. ​