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Siheon Kim (김시헌) | Biography


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Siheon Kim

- Basic Information -

First Name: Siheon (시헌)

Last Name: Kim (김)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: March 31th

Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea

Ethnicity: Korean

Race: Asian

Blood Type: O+

Marital Status: Taken (Single legally)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religious Beliefs: Atheist

- Physical Appearance -

Height: 5'11

Weight: 139lbs

Build: Toned body

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Appearance: A 5'11 boy that often stood and sat with a lazy posture. He had slim, long, elegant, hands which were his favorite part of his body. He usually wears casual clothing, though can be seen wearing formal clothing at times. His face was not very expressive, however, it was not completely expressionless either. His skin was nearly perfect as he takes his skincare very seriously. Even though he has bad vision, he tends to avoid wearing his prescription glasses. He refuses to wear contacts either, claiming to find them unnecessary when really he is just too afraid of putting them on.

Personality: Siheon is not exactly the best at giving good first impressions. He can be judgemental, and to new people, he can be seemingly rude or find himself struggling to continue the conversation. To him, people that he doesn't know don't really matter. He shows a lot greater care when he's with his friends or loved ones. He enjoys teasing and joking around with those he's comfortable with. He can also be overprotective over certain people. Usually, he isn't afraid to say what's on his mind but he'll hold his tongue when it comes to certain people or topics. He also refuses to admit when he's flustered, afraid or nervous, though he makes it pretty obvious.

- Family -

Siheon was born an only child. His family is just him and his parents.

Kim Sungjae | Father | Alive

Siheon was very close with his father. The two spent a lot of time together when Siheon was younger. Whenever Siheon was asked whether he loved mom or dad more, his answer was always dad. He grew up with the idea that his dad was the only one who truly loved and cared about him. After the move to Karakura, the two stopped spending as much time together due to changes in his dad's work schedule. The two of course, are still close regardless and his father is one of the few people Siheon can comfortably talk about his problems with.

Park Jisu | Mother | Alive

Siheon's mother was very strict with Siheon growing up. She was very tough on him when it came to his studies and rarely let Siheon hang with his friends outside of school back in Korea. The two often argued and had many disagreements. Because of this, Siheon was not close with his mom at all and rarely spent time with her. Of course, his mother loved him very much but Siheon was just too young to understand. After the move to Karakura though, Siheon was older and more mature. Even though he's still not that close with his mother, he stopped going out of his way to avoid her.

- Other Info -

- Exercising
- Playing volleyball
- Cooking
- Exploring/Traveling

- Light blue
- Going on walks
- Studying
- Cosmo flowers
- Spending one on one time with people
- Naps

- Crowds of people
- Wearing contacts or prescription glasses
- Doing nothing
- Writing

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