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Announcement Slice of Life Update Part 2 & Server Updates - March 24th, 2023

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Slice of Life Part 2, Bug Fixes, and Server Updates • 3.64

Over the past month, we've been hard at work to finish clearing the backlog we've worked through over the last year following the major updates to the last legacy system on our list of incompatible and dated systems from 2018; 'Attributes'.

Due to the modernisation of our older systems being complete, our approach to development for SchoolRP has changed. We've moved our 'Update Timeline' away from trello and onto a Notion page which will display more detailed information about active or ongoing development. With this, we will also start to document each and every system on this Notion page which will help newer and older players understand how to make use of the many features we've implemented over the years.

Slice of Life Update Part 2

Phone System Changes
In our most recent 'Slice of Life' update, we added systems to enable 'Phone Signal' which only affects those who are in event zones, jail, detention or inside of the sewers. Your Phone's signal has 4 states; Full bars, Low bars, No signal, and Unknown.

In places like jail and event zones, your phone may experience 'No Signal' which completely disables your ability to use cellular features such as calling, or texting. Whereas, entering the sewers will only give 'Low bars' which means you'll still be able to use cellular phone features, however some messages may be obfuscated; made unintelligible, similar to drunk messages.

You can see your phone signal on the right-hand side of your action bar, along with your wallet.

Time System Changes
Many of you may have noticed the changes to your UI (User Interface) in-game. These changes were made to help make things easier to understand & modernise SchoolRP, this was an older update we had planned for Summer from our backlog.

You may notice that your current time is now set to a 12-hour clock by default, however you can change this back by sending the command '/timeformat'. Along with this, the temperature is no longer displayed in anticipation for a weather update we're working on in the background which will include a forecast! Nevertheless, you'll be able to see whether it's storming, raining, or sunny outside by looking at the icon beside your time.

You may also notice a location section which will display your location accurate to Karakura's lore and the name of certain buildings.

Fishing Changes
After a recent fishing update, we've changed the way you catch and sell fish in-game. On top of this, you are now able to cook fish using an oven, giving them more than just monetary purpose.

This new fishing system gamifies fishing and helps to prevent people AFK farming. Although this might make fishing take much longer for some, some of the fishing sale prices have been upped to reflect the amount of time taken.

By completing fishing levels, you are now given the Luck potion effect every 50 levels (similar to swim and acrobatics) which will allow you to catch fish at faster rates.

This long awaited update has been on our backlog for sometime, however it's now possible to place certain items in your house, apartment, etc!

You can purchase custom furniture from Fernando's Furniture located beside the 11/7 behind school. Some furniture items can be used as a seat, and eventually others may have other abilities such as their own menus; we will soon be moving printers, bins, etc. over to this system as well. You can also purchase custom furniture if Fenando's Furniture doesn't suit all of your needs.

Server Changes

Below is a list of implemented changes made to SchoolRP within the last month.

- We added placable 3D models; Furniture.​
- Similar to Items and Vehicles, you can now purchase Custom Furniture from​
- You can buy furniture in-game from Fernando's Furniture, located beside 11/7 behind the School building.​
- You can place any furniture item inside of your property in-game.​
- We updated our User Interface.​
- Our time manager has been moved to the top of your screen, along with other information such as the current event, weather, and your current location.​
- We changed your hotbar UI to include the amount of Yen your character is carrying in their 'wallet' (whatever isn't in your bank).​
- We changed our Fishing system.​
- A mini game is now activated when a fish is ready to be caught.​
- There is now a ¥150,000 limit on fishing earnings per day.​
- Fish can now be cooked in an oven.​
- We added some additional functionality to the Auction system after popular demand.​
- You can now check your current listings and remove them via the management GUI.​
- Shift-right clicking your listing no longer removes it, you must use the management GUI.​
- You can now start selling via the GUI, using the item you're holding.​
- If you remove your own listing, the item is returned directly to you, rather than being sent the post office.​
- Vehicles have been changed slightly with the bug fixes​
- Whitelists are now for additional drivers, NOT passengers.​
- You can now get in the passenger seat of a vehicle through shift-clicking near the drivers seat to open the seating GUI.​
- We automated the in-game streetlights to turn themselves on and off progressively.​
- At Bedtime the streetlights will automatically turn themselves on.​
- At Dawn the streetlights will automatically turn themselves off.​
- Players now receive reminders to go to school during school hours if they are not already in school.​
- Faction members now have a new way to request things from their faction lead via a Discord bot.
- A new commands guide/document has been created which will soon include system documentation.
- We updated our In-Character Social Media platform ONRAIN
- You may now link multiple Minecraft accounts to one ONRAIN account, which gives 2 profiles/minecraft account.
- Password resets have now been fixed.
- You can now make invitation links to ONRAIN group chats.
- You can now link ONRAIN with Discord Apps.
- You can now delete sent messages in private messages.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bugged vehicles duplicating after restarts.​
- Fixed vehicles not allowing non-whitelisted passengers.​
- Fixed attribute saving after restarts.​
- Fixed auction house item removal for non-staff.​
- Fixed password resetting on ONRAIN.​
- Fixed some donation perks not appearing as owned.​
- Fixed some internal issues with the grab command.​
- Fixed some internal issues with the taxpay command.​
- Fixed spawn bug with new players & expelled and suspended roles​
- Fixed hunger on the Baseball field.​
- Fixed Discord school notifications.​
- Fixed issues with Discord bot button interactions.​
Found a bug? Report it here.

Faction & Community Changes

Below is a list of changes made to server factions within the last month by our faction leaders.

School Factions
- Sports Team houses are now entirely managed by the Sports Lead.
- Sports Team & Captain rules have been reformatted and made clearer.
- Sports Captains can now update their own rosters through a web panel.
- School Faculty information has been merged into one document to make the rules and information clearer to all faction members, rather than having some documents outdated, or incorrect.
- School Faculty now have their own higher ups system, lead by all three faculty leads.
- School Faculty now have a system to notify them when school hours have started.
- Professor & Teacher training processes have been merged, meaning they receive the same training content.
- Teachers are now promoted In-Character, rather than it being an Out-Of-Character process.
- The Counselor role has been re-added to the School Employee faction.​
- A school sleep over event has been hosted.​
- Exams are planned for the start of April.​
City Factions
- 'Pretty Trials' are soon to be implemented to the Government.​
- All Government employees are now allowed to distribute National ID cards.​
- All Government workers are now encouraged to sit at the town hall front desk.​
- Police Plea systems for Criminals has now been updated, meaning if you plead not guilty, you cannot be bailed until a Government official has reviewed your case.​
- A judicial arrest system has been introduced for Criminals with three or more arrests.​
- The Police bail system has been update to have a bigger impact on those with more arrests.​
- The Hospital is no longer a Safezone.​
- Wheelchairs are being introduced to the Hospital.​
- A Recovery system has been introduced for patients at the Hospital.​
- Metal detectors have been added to the Hospital building.​
- Shrine now have a bell which acts similar to a Shop Advert when there's something going on.​
- Shrine staff training has been updated.​
- Verified Gangs have been increased to a limit of 5.​
- Unverified Gangs have been increased to a limit of 8.​
Community & Staff Team
- New Lore blocks have been added around town.​
- Karakura's Influential Families document has been released.​
- The History of Karakura Highschool & College document has been released.​
- Various flash events have been hosted by the Event Team.​
- The Luau Party and Flood Event series was recently held by the Event Team.​
- Modellers are now tasked with making Custom Furniture.​

A huge thank you to our Community Teams, Faction Leads and Staff for all of their hard work this month.

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