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Soul's Intern EMS Application


Level 18

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

IGN (In-Game-Name):

Time spent on SchoolRP:
Playtime [11w 5d+ days]
In general started playing SRP in 2022 start

Describe your activity on SchoolRP:
I roleplay with various people, making wholesome content: from detail roleplays in romance, family to general school roleplay with a bit of drama species.
My current account character is 'Shunta Dai [Tutor]', I have another account character I play as 'Yamaro Kurose Hamilton [Grade-12] (used to be in [HS-Baseball]). I am active at the moment will be semi-active after September due to studies and work.

If taking current activity scale I am 8/10 on SRP and will be 5/10 after September.
I am always on discord though.

Which timezone are you in?

GMT +1 / GMT +3

In-Character (IC) Section

Characters Full Name:
Yamaro Kurose Hamilton

Characters Age:

Characters Current Medical Knowledge:

- Basics of Anatomy and Human body language, studied for all Highschool time; [ICLY evidence: Check Discord HS grades bulletin]

- Biology A level, Highschool high grade;

- Psychology and therapy basics, studied with Tutoring help and attended lessons in school. [ICLY evidence: submitted vast amount of articles to library]

Characters IC Phone Number:
030 - 329 - 4072

Is your character over 2 months old OOCly? (Required):

Approximately 8 months old.

Is your character affiliated with any gangs or illegal activity?:

My character has no records of being active gang member and is not associated with illegal federation.

Does your character carry a criminal record, if so, what?:

Was falsely accused for evasion. Long short story, it's not actual, since it was a bad day. ICLY went along as evasion charge but my char was not involved in and gang related plot :shrug: KPD simply needed to grind their reputation so they didn't even bother listening that OOCLY I didn't see them with minimized renders.

No more records so far.
Do you understand the general information regarding interns? (Listed under the #Internship channel in the Karakura Emergency discord):

I do and I claim that I am aware of given rules and content that must be memorized before starting Intern period.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server: [Still no answer] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Accepted] [Denied] [Denied] [Denied] [Denied] [Denied]

Burning wild burning low
Rising and falling
Remain Silent and Strong

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