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Spanish-Application | KokiRP

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by ElliotRP_RP, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. ElliotRP_RP

    ElliotRP_RP United States Level 2

    Jul 27, 2020
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    Language your character knows:
    he knows spanish

    How does your character know this language?:
    A male named Arata Makoto,the first language he learned was
    Russian and he learned that from his father, so his mother decided to teach him Spanish, Arata’s mother would start with the basic’s easy words, as through the weeks and even months of getting taught Spanish, he got so interested in it he started to take online classes, when he was 12 he learns a lot of Spanish he could speak full on sentences in Spanish, as he grew up more his mother would keep teaching him so did online classes, he finally had it even though he can struggle on some words he was very good at speaking Spanish.
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  2. KimiNoUso

    KimiNoUso United Kingdom Level 53 Moderator

    Oct 3, 2019
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    8:24 PM
    Thank you for applying, your character may now speak Spanish!

    You can request your language to be applied to your account through DMing an Administrator+ via Discord or by asking in /help including a link to your application.​
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