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Student council application

Discussion in 'School Council Application' started by xxTacosForYuixx, May 17, 2020.

  1. xxTacosForYuixx

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    Feb 26, 2018
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    How old are you?:

    Any previous warns/kicks/bans?:
    Ban Because of another player doing things to my afk self- so Oof

    What is your timezone in GMT?:
    CST if its GMT I think GMT-5

    Do you have Discord:

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
    Not as Active as of lately, On the server I am very active, on the forums not as much/ except for making applications, but I do Read things on here


    What is the student council?:
    A Student Council is a group of students working together with an adult, given opportunities for student experience in leadership and encourage Others

    Who or what brought you to applying for the student council?

    My cousin brought me to this (because I was Student council before i graduated)

    What does the school council of Karakura do?:
    In one instance, the student council is there to help ease students, show a new student around, escort a student to the nurse ECT.. And Give the Students hope or Try/ Help the council come up with ideas.

    How would you describe your work ethic?:
    I usually do all my work in one sitting, so hard working.
    I do take breaks but very rarely.

    What interests you the most about the student council?:
    Talking to all the Students, Being a inspiration perhaps?

    Do you have past experience in roleplaying (if so, summarize your experience)?:
    Yes, I have been in many roleplays, magic, normal, teaching, and my outcome was a great sucess people liked how I barely broke character the persona was so lovable it was just a great experience.


    You are on the student council and a member submits an awful idea. What do you do?:
    Reject it, But Perhaps what I would do, is try to find something that we both want and put it together and start from there

    You submit an idea - everyone hates it. How do you deal with the situation?: I brush it off and admit that I was wrong, and try to see why it was so bad.

    There is a split decision on an idea. The councillors begin to debate if the idea should be accepted. As time goes on, the debate turns into an argument! How do you handle the situation?:
    I start by asking both sides, what it was about, with that knowledge I talk to the otherside, and begin to influence a decision that both sides would want.

    A councillor is stirring up problems and abusing their position on school grounds! What would you do?: Report him, or get some one who could.

    The council president says something you completely disagree with, how would you combat this?:

    Tell him politely "Sir, I Kindly disagree" And then tell him why.

    There’s a staggering amount of tension/drama between two councillors. It’s beginning to affect their work ethic; how would you try to help?: Try to talk to both of them, Give them both a minute to shape up/ for air, then start from the top, with watching so that nothing sparks up again.


    Character Name: Yui
    Character Gender: Girl
    Character Age: 19

    Character phone-number:-I lost my phone- -Have not bought a new one -money issues-
    Brief summary of how they act- your character’s personality: Kind, Polite, Strict at times, Outgoing
    Is Kind and will always try and work with students.

    Character appearance/attire: Light blue eyes, stands at 5'8", Light purple hair. Blue sweater, Blue shorts.

    What separates you from other applicants seeking your position?: (Not Being rude) But I doubt any of them have been student council for 2 years now.

    Why do you want this position?: I just Heard around my school, Im Good at easing anxiety,
    Stress, Depression, (Extreme) Suicidal thoughts (He Is Okay though).- Also I have been a TA For the councilors

    What interests you the most about student council?: Just the idea and opportunity to work with kids and hopefully Inspiring them.

    What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?:
    I spend all my time in the halls, so stopping fights that may occur in the hall/ Lunchtime fights
    be able to be reached by students with ease.

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