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[ ! ] You may use this information OOCly.

hi, i'm sven, or scout
you may know me as Fllashbang

i roleplay, i write, and i partake in legally authorized activities

i am a man yes he/him
i'm from malaysia, timezone is gmt+8 (yes i'm ahead of all you americans, i live in the future)
i'm a pisces, i have no idea what that means but i see people putting that in their introductions. astrology is fake btw
not new to srp. been around on and off for two years but my other forum account got goodbye'd because 2fa moment
i can speak chinese, malay and english so feel free to talk to me in those languages
i am an intj apparently it means i hate people and play chess (which is very accurate)
not an adult

my interests include, but are not limited to:
- call of duty
- team fortress 2
- scp
- cookie run: kingdom
(user is svenscout. add me i need friends)

- anything action-y with elements of horror is up my alley. story > gameplay

i'm not very interesting neither am i good at small talk
if you see masaru ishihara on srp say hi (actually don't, he will charge up his insult minigun and shoot on sight)

discord is sven#6666
schönen tag


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