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-- Activity --
IGN (Minecraft Username):Swiftu_
Timezone: CDT
What's your activity and availability like for SRP?: Daily Around 3-4 Hours A Day On Weekdays 8-9 Hours(29 Hours A Week)

-- Questions --
Do you have Discord? If so, supply your Discord tag (e.g. User#0000):swiftu#6261
How long have you been building?: 3 Years
What are your goals and aspirations for building and being on a team?: Just Get To Know Everyone And Talk And Get Some Good Builds Done
What are your strong suits as a builder? (Interior, Structure, Organics, etc): Very Good At Exterior
Do you understand building is a team effort and won't always be building by yourself?: Yes I Understand
What type of style do your builds consist of? Is there more than one? (Modern, Medieval, etc): I Build In Mainly Modern And Medieval But There Are Many Other Styles I Can Do

-- Portfolio --
Supply us with at least 4 screenshots of your build (Do not use shaders):

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