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Sxtanic's Event Team Application

Discussion in 'Community Team Applications' started by BonBons, Jun 2, 2021.

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    IGN: Sxtanic

    Explain your activity on the Server:
    As I do not have school currently, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I would love to have more responsibility on my end, which is why I believe if accepted onto the Event team, I will be even more active, and can and will attend as many meetings as I can, making it my priority.
    I believe I am very active on both SRP, as well as the forums. I play on SRP for many hours, as well as scanning through the forums throughout the day. I like to keep up with any updates to the rules and terminologies, as well as any events and upcoming information that can be posted. Relating to event situations, I try to make myself available to attend every SRP event, as I believe they are very fun and entertaining to be a part of.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?:

    Real Life Teamwork
    Most of my life revolves around working and communicating with a big group of people. Throughout highschool I was a part of many sports teams, clubs and afterschool activities. I love to involve myself with teamwork, as I feel as though I work better in a group.

    Outside Experience
    I was on the running team for 7 years, where I learned to work with many new people and understood that building a relationship with those you will work with, is the most important thing. Running in a race alone is not nearly as fun as running with your whole team. At the end of the day I learned that the dependability of your teammates is very important, as it helps meet certain expectations. As well as this, one of my hobbies and careers I hope to achieve is acting. Most of my school life revolved around being a part of big acting groups and musicals and plays. I understood that none of this could have happened without the help of my teammates and crew. Working together is so important to be able to achieve success. I would have never been able to do it on my own.

    Inside Experience
    Within SchoolRP, I have tried many different roles on the server such as being a news reporter, Teacher, Professor, Shop Owner, and a Basketball Captain. Every single one of those roles taught me important lessons. I learned different skills on how to work with a team, and different ways to approach problems that occurred. While working as a shop owner, I thought that I would be in control of everything, however I turned out to be very wrong. I needed the help of my workers to be on time, work together, and help me through my journey of being a shop owner. None of this would have been successful or possible without them. I learned that each and every single member in a team is equally important. Everyone’s voices should be heard, and no idea is a bad one.

    Here are a few skills I picked up on, during my time of working with different teams:

    Dedication To A Team
    While working in many teams, I learned that dedication is one of my most important skills. As I was in the running team for 7 years, I believe I am very dedicated and stick with what I start. I don’t like quitting early, and I know that if I am accepted into the Event team, I will work hard and be dedicated to making the server even better. I will do my best in attending every meeting, no matter what time it is, as well as freely express my creative ideas.

    Communication Within A Team
    Communication is a key skill to working with a team. I believe that everyone’s voices should be heard, and no one should be left out. I used to be very quiet and scared about voicing my own opinions, however over the years I understood that even though people may disagree with your opinion or idea, it is better to share it because at the end of the day, nothing can go wrong with sharing an idea! As well as sharing my own ideas, I must listen to others and allow them to communicate their ideas, giving positive feedback. I would never negatively talk down about someone’s idea, as I feel as though this can negatively impact their feelings.

    Criticism Of Ideas
    When working with a team, I am prepared to hear criticism on my opinions and ideas. I will not take it to heart, as I understand that not everyone will like all of my ideas. However if there is an idea that I disagree upon with another member, I will try to add onto it rather than disagreeing right away. I would try to listen to their full idea, understanding where they are coming from and how it could possibly work or be a success. No idea is horrible, it can be modified and worked on to be the greatest success of all!

    Supporting Members
    I learned that working with a team means having each and every team member’s backs. I have learned, and will always support my team members no matter what as I know working with a team can sometimes be hard. Keeping a good relationship is key to a healthy team. Feeling and knowing that your team members have your back is one of the greatest feelings, and I would love to share that upon any team that I am a part of.

    Competition Against One Another
    Healthy competition is fine, however I believe that sharing ideas shouldn’t be a competition among a team. We should all work together, sharing ideas and supporting one another rather than acting like rivals. Being closer and nicer to one another is one of the most important things, as a successful team is one that works well together.

    Completing Duties

    In order to have a successful team, I learned that completing your own work on time is very important. Everyone will depend on me to finish my duties on time, as procrastination will be heavily discouraged. I believe I will not let anyone on the team down, as I work well with time management, and would love to challenge myself further in completing tasks early.

    Asking for Help
    I understand that when confused or stuck on a certain task, I will not be afraid to ask help from any of my teammates. It is working together that makes a successful team, and I believe it will be beneficial to hear other people voice their opinions on how I should go about this problem as well.

    What makes you different from other applicants:
    I believe that there are a few factors that make me different from other applicants.

    Creative Ideas
    I like to be fairly innovative and creative with my ideas. As a young child, I was told that I had a wild imagination, and I like to believe that I still have that part of me. When working with a team, I love to share many ideas and carefully brainstorm before meetings to get my full point across. I have many ideas that I believe would be good events for the server. I believe that events should include everyone, so that everyone has equally a good time as everyone else.

    Living In Japan
    I currently live in Japan, and have lived there my whole life. Seeing as Karakura is based in Japan, I would love to voice my opinions on possible events that are more realistic to the server. I attend many festivals, events, and parties in Japan which I would love to turn into mini events around the server! I would also love to help present pictures from these events, descriptions and the overall look of the environment. I would also like to voice my opinion on possible stereotypes, as many people have requested a ‘tsunami’ event which can come off as traumatic and offensive towards Japanese people. In other words, I would love to use my personal knowledge from living in Japan, to help create realistic events that could happen in Karakura!

    Consistent Activity
    As I currently do not have school, I am very active on the server and the forums. I will have lots of time to attend meetings, think and plan for new ideas and bond with the team. However, once I do start school again, I still believe I will be able to manage my time well, being a part of the event team as I believe I work well with time management and school work. Being a part of the Event Team would mean a lot to me, and I would make it my top priority on the server.

    Positive Attitude
    I believe that I have a very positive personality. I love to be very optimistic in any scenario, and love to solve issues with a positive mind. I believe that staying calm, working together and being positive is key to solving any problems. Having a positive mind for others' ideas and opinions is very important as well. No one likes a grumpy team member!

    Understanding Strengths And Weaknesses
    I understand my strengths and weaknesses. I believe this is important to be successful when managing time and completing any work. I trust that my strengths include communication, time management, accountability, and responsibility. However, I need to work on my organizational skills! This is another reason why I would love to be on the event team, as I would like to challenge myself and work on this skill in particular to improve. Aside from this, I believe that the Event team will help me improve in all of my skills all together, as working in a team will include many different needs.

    Having a mature mindset
    I understand that being a part of the community team in SRP requires a lot of responsibility. It requires patience, communication, and most importantly, a mature mindset. Players look up to staff and the community team, as we represent the server. I believe that I will act mature and friendly towards all players, never be toxic, and will not ruin the reputation of the server. I will make sure to act like a role model to players, by acting responsible and presenting what is expected when being a part of the community team!

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team


    Karakura Olympics!

    Karakura supports many different sports groups, whether it be Basketball, Football, Swimming, Track, or Volleyball. However recently, the idea of motivation or events for teams has seemed to decrease as students demand something to do within teams. This is why I would love to have the idea of an olympic tournament to be held in Karakura!

    It is very realistic for a sports tournament or an Olympic event to occur in Japan. The 2020 Olympics were cancelled due to COVID-19, however there is a chance it will still happen this year, in 2021. It is very realistic to have an event revolving around sports.

    Event Location and Time: On the weekend, on School Grounds.

    Event necessities: Bobcats and Spartan sports team members who are willing to participate in tournaments. We will need members from each sports team. 1 single trophy that will be decorated in the school halls, for the overall winner. Booths that sell food and drinks.

    The event would start off with a broadcast in the town, describing how the Karakura Olympics would begin. The Olympics would first start off with the Football Teams, Spartans and Bobcats facing off. The cheer of people can be heard from the bleachers as the game goes on, with food and drinks being sold on the side. A winner will be announced, whether it be Spartans and Bobcats. However whoever wins this game does not get the trophy yet! It is the overall achieving team that wins the trophy at the end of the day!

    Moving on, Cheerleaders of bobcats and Spartans would have a faceoff battle. There will be judges to choose who is the winner, based on strategy, detail, and overall coordination. The winner would be announced after each routine is finished, and judges have a discussion.
    Next we would move onto Basketball and Volleyball, where they would also play games between Spartans and Bobcats. The broadcasting system will keep people in place of where to go after each game. After the games are finished, they will then move onto Swimming and Track. The Swim team will have to think up either a race, relay or some sort of competitive event that can involve specific dives and tricks that judges can rate, choosing a winner. The track team can do long jumps and hurdles to show off their jumping skills, as the judges will choose based on the longest or highest jump by rolling or based off of the leaderboard.

    At the end of the event, a roar can be heard from the gym as students would be called into the gym for a final presentation of the overall winner. With students eagerly sitting in their chairs, waiting for the winner to be announced, the dean or whoever representing the olympics will head to the center of the stage, announcing whether Bobcats or Spartans have won, based on their overall wins and performance throughout the Olympic Event.

    The final winner’s trophy would be showcased throughout the year and presented in the hallway or near the gym of the school.

    This event allows sports teams to be motivated for something to prepare for. They will have fun participating in events, as well as a server wide event where they have an audience and people cheering them on. The overall winner would be the team, either Bobcats or Spartans that have won the most games in every sport.



    Setsubun is a traditional event in Japan that ‘chases away evil spirits’. It consists of participants ‘throwing beans’ at people wearing ogre masks, which is supposed to ward off evil.

    I believe that as Karakura is located in Japan, this would be a good event to host while making it fun for players. My idea is for there to be a server wide event, where specific members will be dressed up as red ogres that will be around the map. They will be dressed wearing ogres masks. Players will be notified, as there would be a broadcast system around the town explaining the details that a specific amount of ogres had been unleashed by a bad spirit throughout Karakura. It is our job to ward them off!

    Event Location and Time: Weekend, Outside of School

    Event necessities: There must be the event team as well as players told beforehand, willing to help be the ‘ogres’ throughout the town. Riddles and clues will be made beforehand, to broadcast to the town.

    Players will then be given clues as to where these ogres stay, and will have to find them, chanting a specific phrase: "Devils out! Fortune in!" which will make them disappear. Those who find the ogres and chant this will receive an exclusive special ‘bean’ item that can only be obtained through this event. Once all of the ogres are found and warded off, the city will broadcast the safety of those, and the event will come to an end…. However it is not the end. As people think the event is over, a few minutes later the sky would suddenly turn to night… A broadcast indicating that the main ogre has taken over Karakura. In order to stop him from doing anymore damage, players must work together to save their beloved town.
    The main ogre would be ‘invisible’... roaming through the night of Karakura. In order to ward off this particular evil spirit, Players make their way to the shrine, where to their surprise, all of the shrine staff would be standing outside of it, guarding it allowing people inside. As the broadcast describes how the ogre would be coming closer to the shrine, players must get ready to yell out "Devils out! Fortune in!" as loud as they can, and at the same time to defeat the final Ogre.

    As players yell this out, The broadcast would describe the Ogre to shrink down into a tiny bean. The ogre has been defeated! Karakura is saved!


    International Culture Day

    Karakura has many different citizen’s of different cultures. Whether they be from Japan, Canada, Spain, Australia, even all the way to Costa Rica! With this being said, I would love for a day to be dedicated to those outside of Japan.

    During my whole school life in Japan, I went to a very different cultural based school. It involved students of many different cultures. We often celebrated different events, such as embracing our own culture’s traditional attire, food, music, and overall mini facts about them. It is indeed realistic to host this event, as I’ve seen many different occasions similar to this in Japan.

    Event Location and Time: School Grounds, During School Hours.

    Event necessities: Teachers and Faculty willing to represent and talk on behalf of their nationalities. Different countries booths in the gym, providing foods from around the world. Students willing to wear traditional clothing.

    The event will begin by the school gates opening, as there would be a broadcast indicating the start of ‘International Culture Day’. Students would be notified beforehand to wear any traditional clothing they have in mind. For example: Kimonos, Zhongshan suits, mantillas, the peinetas, ang gilets.

    Students would then attend period one in a normal class, as teachers would prepare a class relating to the subject of nationality, acceptance and cultural facts. For example, a culinary class would be making different foods for the day, or a biology class would be discussing how certain marine animals were found in different countries / beautiful countries that have wildlife, and their beliefs.

    During Period two and three, an assembly will be held in the gym, that would be mandatory for students to attend. There will be representational speakers which can be faculty or students that were notified beforehand. They will each have a chance to speak about where they are from, a few interesting facts, and about their traditions. After everyone has started speaking, the festival in the gym would begin. There would be mini booths of different countries, such as a booth representing Mexico would have Tacos, or Italy would have spaghetti. Students would be allowed to roam around in the gym, purchasing different food and items. Music would be played during the event through a stream, which would consist of different cultural / traditional music from different countries.

    The mini festival would then end at Period 4. Where students would return to their classes which would still be revolving around the subject of nationalities and cultures. The event would soon end after school has ended, wrapping it up and calling it an overall success for the day!


    Casino Night!

    In a way for students, adults and players across the server to attend, I would like to implement and suggest an idea that I believe would be fun for all. This idea consists of a casino night that would be hosted in the gym. Students and faculty would host this, a friendly night of gambling and entertainment.

    During my time in Japan, we indeed did have a Casino night at my School. However we used prizes instead of real money, such as food, items and fake money to trade in for special things. To make it more kid friendly, I believe we can provide a specific side of the gym for those who want to gamble for prizes such as mini items, and those who are older, who want to gamble in a lottery or raffle.

    Event Location and Time: Weekend, In the gym.

    Event necessities: There must be faculty and students told beforehand, willing to help work in booths and at tables. A bartender selling kid safe drinks for the young, and checking IDs for those who are older for alcohol.

    The workers would be dressed up in suits and dresses of black and white, the gym would be filled with casinos, fancy tables and an alcohol counter with a bartender for older students.
    The event would start off with players entering the gym in attire such as suits and dresses. Default attire can be found, and will be given for free for those who want to attend beforehand, however custom made outfits will be allowed as well. Players are free to roam around the gym, trying out the many different lotteries and casinos where they can win cash prizes, items or even the grand prize that will be announced at the end of the event.

    While players roam around the gym, music will be played through a stream which will be announced via the broadcast system. There will be professionals handling the alcohol, which under no circumstances will underage kids get a hold of alcohol. There will also be heavy security guards dressed in Suits, keeping an eye out for any bad behavior.

    The main part of the event would be the top three raffle prize draws. Players will have the chance to put their name after paying an additional fee, where their names will be written down. A spinner would be used on the stage, when ready to choose a winner. Third place would receive a cash prize, Second place would receive a bigger cash prize, and first place would receive the biggest cash prize, and a special item.

    To make the event more lively, as there are players that like to DetailRP their bands around Karakura, there can be a live concert throughout the event, detailing them playing music. As well as dancers that can volunteer beforehand on stage.

    The event would draw at an end when the Last prize winner was called up onto the stage. We would thank our guests for attending, and would ask them to carefully make their way out of the school.


    The Lost Pirate and his Treasure

    What’s this? A pirate has made its way into Karakura! With his rich treasures and gold and money, he would roam around Karakura with a clueless mind.

    Event Location and Time: Weekend, Outside of School

    Event necessities: There must be a specific person willing to be the ‘Pirate’.
    A treasure chest hidden at the beach filled with different gems and items.

    It would be a normal day in Karakura, when there would be a sudden Broadcast of an unusual object out at sea. As it comes closer, it looks to be a…. A Pirate ship! Could this be the day a friendly pirate comes to Karakura? Or could he be evil! We don’t know!

    As players head on over to the beach, a pirate can be seen standing on a pedestal on the beach, for all players to see. He’d start speaking in a rusty voice. Describing a riddle on how he crashed into Karakura, losing his treasure. He’d describe how he lost his three parrots. In exchange for the location of the treasure chest, players must go find his three parrots around town. The parrots will be three players, dressed as parrots. Giving riddles throughout the broadcasts of where the parrots are, once all found, they must head back to the beach.

    A broadcast would describe how you must be on the beach to hear the last riddle for the treasure chest, as the pirate will only describe it once.

    The Lost Pirate would then describe the hardest riddle of them all, and where his treasure chest is hidden. A chest would be hidden around the beach somewhere, with a few prize items inside, as well as a specific book that you can exchange for a cash prize at the end of the event. The event will conclude with a broadcast describing how the treasure chest was found, and the Pirate has left with his three parrots.


    Animal Wellbeing Day!

    What’s this? A day filled with cute animals and pets for all to enjoy! Learning about endangered species and amazing animals all around the world!

    Event Location and Time: During School hours, on school grounds.

    Event necessities: Fences and areas around an open area for there to be animals and unowned pets inside. This gives a chance not only for people with animal ranks to interact for a change, but allow them to find forever lasting homes! Classes to be focused and revolved around the subject of animals, particularly endangered animals and how we can help them. Students will be allowed to dress up as their favorite animal for the day!

    The event will start off with students having a normal day at school, however there are fences and little pens of animals around the school. People with animal ranks are heavily encouraged to attend, as they can see if they get along well, perhaps finding a forever home with another player. Students will attend classes like normal, with classes revolving and teaching students about endangered animals, how we can make a difference, and amazing facts about species around the world. After attending normal classes, during period three students are allowed to go RP with animals, if interested in adopting one (someone with an animal rank).

    During period four, a short assembly would be held from a guest zoologist to speak for the school. The zoologist will describe amazing facts about species and animals, and how many of them are becoming endangered in the world. They will describe how we can help, how we can make a difference, and how it’s not too late!


    Hero Day!

    We often thank others for all of their achievements, however we must also pay awareness and appreciation to ourselves and our hard work!

    This day is to dress up as a superhero, bringing out the ‘inner hero’ we really are! We fight and work hard everyday, so we should dedicate a day to ourselves!

    It is encouraged to create a custom costume that suits YOU in particular as a hero, however dressing up as an already existing hero that’s similar to you, is allowed. There will also be default hero skins available, pre-made by the event team.

    This day is all about appreciating ourselves, and how we should learn to love all of our qualities we hold.

    Event Location and Time: During School hours, on school grounds.

    Students will show up to school in ‘superhero’ costumes, whether it be custom made or an already existing superhero. They will attend classes during period 1, 2 and 3, where teachers will host classes revolving around self love and how to appreciate yourself more. Bringing us to period 4, there will be an assembly in the gym that is mandatory for students to attend. There will be a guest speaker, talking about self love and how important it is to take care of yourself, and appreciate yourself. After the assembly, there will be mini booths giving out ice creams, to remind us to ‘treat ourselves’!

    This day is all about loving yourself, and appreciating who we are! Bring out our inner Heroes!

    The End!
    Thank you for taking your time in reading, as well as considering my application for the Event Team. I look forward to hearing feedback, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me on discord: Bonbons#0001

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