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Sylcian's Psychiatrists Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Sylcian, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Sylcian

    Sylcian United States Level 5

    Jun 6, 2018
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    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section:




    What timezone are you in?:

    America (CST)

    Do you have Discord?:


    How long have you played the server for?:

    I've been playing SRP for about 2 years now. I've been playing constantly and getting involved with a lot recently.

    Do you have any previous bans or kicks?:
    *( Please link or show evidence )
    (Permanent Ban, Cosmetic Abuse/ Glitching / Malicious Behavior)

    List your current and past applications: (Accepted) (Denied) (Accepted) (Accepted)
    College Application [It was a private conversation on the forums] (Accepted)

    What is your motivation for applying?:

    My motivation for applying is wanting an old job back. I quit before for inactivity. I had home problems to deal with and I couldn’t get on SRP anymore, but now that I’m back, I’d like to reapply for the job that I’ve had before. Being one of the first three psychiatrists, I know what the role entails. Which means I wouldn’t need much training and I already know the ropes.

    What are you applying for?:


    What do you know about the role you're applying for?:

    I know everything there is, as i used to be a Psychiatrist ICly. I know how to treat patients, use prescriptions, work the pharmacy, use the phone, what not to do/say over the phone, and ect.

    What are the basic color codes in a medical emergency and hospital?:

    Code Red - Fire
    Code Black - Bomb Threat

    Code Pink - Infant/Child Abduction
    Code Orange - hazardous material or spill incident
    Code Silver - active shooter
    Code Violet - violent or combative individual
    Code Yellow - disaster
    Code Brown - severe weather

    Code White - evacuation
    Code Green - emergency activation

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:


    Are you aware that each position has a minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28)*
    *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon)

    Yes I am.

    What do you know about basic medical knowledge?:

    I know basic first aid. I can treat basic injuries like burns, large wounds, ect. Since I’ve been hired before in the hospital, I know how to treat most patients and when to call for a surgeon or doctor. I’m also able to work the pharmacist counter. I know how to fill out prescriptions and what to look for in a prescription when working at the counter.

    List all the EMS roles and their jobs:

    Head Physician
    This role is the highest role. Their decisions over rules all others.

    Clinical Manager
    This role is the manager of the hospital. This roles job is to make sure the hospital runs smoothly and safely for the HP.

    Clinical Lead
    This role runs a specific branch of the hospital. They watch over their branch and make sure everyone is doing their job correctly.

    This role takes care of all the heavy surgery that is needed for a patient. They're allowed to prescribe drugs to a patient.

    This role does checkups and takes care of the minor wounds. They can prescribe things needed for a patient. They are allowed to diagnose physical illnesses.

    This role can take care of patients and treat minor wounds. They cannot prescribe anything.

    This role is to take care of a patients mental health. They can prescribe drugs if needed. They are also allowed to diagnose mental illnesses.


    In-Character (IC) Section:



    How are you like during and off shift?:

    Lilith has changed over the years, she went from outgoing and spunky to reserved and quiet. Her core loving personality is still there, she still cares deeply for other people in need. She’s dropping old nasty habits and bringing in ones that’ll help her grow.

    How would you describe your personality in summary?:

    She's a very sarcastic, but friendly person. She tends to tell the truth not knowing the consequences of it, though she's very supportive to people in need.

    How would you describe your appearance?

    Lilivati Inaki Okamoto is a 5’2” Korean-Italian female. She has long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a scar on her forehead which is under her bangs. There’s also a scar on her leg.

    Do you have any mental or physical illnesses we should be aware of?
    *( Please link or show evidence if an application was required )

    No she does not.

    - Backstory -
    (This is not mandatory to read)

    Lilith Okamoto was born in Italy and lived there for most of her childhood. She lived with her father and mother, until she was about 10. Her mother became pregnant with her little brother. During childbirth, she passed, leaving her and her father devastated. Her father soon became depressed and started drinking. Lilith learned from her mother how to take care of her siblings, but wasn’t expecting it to be full time. Having to stress about her newborn brother, she didn’t realize the growing anger her father had for the newest addition. He tried to keep himself away from the child as much as possible, hoping it would just disappear. Lilith being and looking so much like her mother, he tended to avoid her, as well. All he ever did was work, eat, drink, and sleep. Lilith became protective of her sibling, raising it and watching it grow. Her dad would often yell at her about the child making a mess, saying things like ‘Didn’t she teach you these things when she was alive??’ which would often hurt Lilith. Over time she grew her thick skin and became almost immune to comments that were meant to hurt her. When out in the real world, she thought her childhood was normal. Speaking to one of her neighbors, she soon found out that it was not normal. Those said neighbors reported her father to the police, scared for the children's safety. Soon after, they moved to Japan to live with their Grandfather. The grandfather took great care of them after hearing what trauma the two have gone through. She grew through her teenage years with a healthy lifestyle, though never forgetting how her father treated her and her sibling. After graduating highschool, she went to college to major in psychology, interested in how other people thought so differently from her. She soon lost touch with her brother after graduating. While studying in Japan, her father died of cirrhosis, a disease poisoning the liver due to too much drinking. Though it seemed like she never loved her father, it hurt her. It was one of the few things that did, deep down, hurt her. Surrounded by the support of her friends, she got over it. She graduated college and was hired at Karakura’s brand new hospital. She loved her job, her boyfriend of many years planned on proposing to her. Life seemed normal and happy, but something caused her to pull away from all of this. She ran from Japan, left her job, and never saw her boyfriend afterwards. She was back in Italy with her grandmother who was near and dear to her heart. The only woman that would show affection to her like her mother. After staying for a couple of years, her grandmother grew sick and died. The devastation of her death was too much for her to handle, following the footsteps of her father. She became an alcoholic and walked the earth with no purpose. She soon moved back to japan, still in the same state. Her friends started to surround her, noticing her depleted health, they tried to help her. She was about to suffer the same fate as her father, but her friends saved her life. She was diagnosed with cirrhosis and was given a liver transplant. She lived to see her life grow into happiness.


    SECTION 1: Personal Details


    Full Name: Lilivati Inaki Okamoto

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss

    Given Name(s): Lilivati

    Preferred Name: Lilith

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Religious Denomination: Atheist

    Marital Status: Single

    Nationality: Italian-Korean

    Current Location: Karakura


    SECTION 2: Academic Details


    Years of Residency: 15 years

    Working Experience: 10 years

    Academic Degree: Masters

    Year of Graduation: 2017

    Major(s): Psychology, Mathematics

    Minor(s): Medical, Speech, Financial, Biology

    Native Languages: Italian

    Other Languages: Japanese

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