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Rules Terminology and Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Ducks, Apr 17, 2017.

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    OOC - Out of Character
    This is the act of speaking from your own mouth, and not from your character's perspective. Your character is not you. For example, in OOC I could say, "Brb, I'm going to eat dinner." Your character wouldn't say that because he/she's not going to eat dinner! You wouldn't say, "I love this server" in IC chat, because your character believes its in the real world.

    IC - In Character
    This is the act of saying something from your character's mouth, and you use it to say what your character does.

    LOOC - Local out of Character
    This is Out of Character, but in a local distance. If you want to talk to someone near you and you don't want your character to say it, then use LOOC. For example,

    Player 1 > Hi, I love this school!
    Player 2 > [LOOC] Be right back, I have to go and eat dinner.
    Player 1 > [LOOC] kk.

    Metagaming is when you use Out of Character knowledge for In Character purposes. This could also be saying your location, saying that you have an item, or any other thing that a character would not know if you didn't say in OOC Chat.

    Powergaming is the act of forcing your actions upon someone else. For example,

    *** Player 1 kills the person with the knife.
    This does not give the other player a chance to react. A correct way of doing it would be,
    *** Player 1 attempts to kill the person with the knife.
    Powerplay is the act of controlling another character's actions without permission. For example,
    *** Player 1 attempts to stab the other play, the other play would get hit by the knife.

    FailRP (Fail Roleplay) is when you do something that would not realistically be achievable, or you don't act like your character. For example,
    Player 1 > Dude, its just a minecraft server.​
    Your character would not realise this is a Minecraft server, saying it in LOOC would be allowed however.

    FearRP is Fear Roleplay, something that characters must do. If a character was to threaten you with a knife, you'd have to react in a scared fashion.

    A minge is a term to describe someone who acts unseriously, and FailRP's the majority of the time. Someone who basically likes to ruin people's roleplay.

    Being a Mary-Sue is the act of having a perfect character with no flaws whatsoever.

    This means, "New Life Rule", it means you should forget everything that leads up to your death, and you must forget that you died.

    This means Random Death Match, its where you kill someone without a reason.

    Mingerunning is the act of running away from a roleplay situation, (someone trying to mug you.)

    Using unfair tatics in a fight. For example, punching someone so hard they fall to the ground unconcious in one hit.

    Erotic Roleplay - don't do it.

    Making an action or event that happened ICly, no longer happened. This may happen if something shouldn't of happened (RDM), and is therefore no longer IC.

    When a regular player enforces rules. You shouldn't minimod, you should contact an admin to resolve a solution. Helping a player is not minimodding.

    F2B (Fade To Black)
    This is the act of being in a roleplay situation without roleplaying out. (E.g, being healed at the nurse's room without doing the roleplay of being healed to avoid boredom.) It may not always be acceptable to happen if all parties disagree.

    Red means the rule will lead to a severe punishment (sometimes perma/monthly bans.) The red is not limited, as other rules may lead to severe punishment too.

    General Rules

    1. ALL highschool/college students alongside staff must be on school grounds during school hours & carry out their assigned tasks / duties whilst being there, corresponding to the clock.
    2. You are not allowed to discriminate, be sexist, be racist, be homophobic, or put any graphic/sexual content in OOC.
    2a. If racism, extremism, Nazism is present in IC to the point of which it is becoming uncomfortable for players and presented in a unserious manner (such as skins from Adolf Hitler), staff have the right to ban you.
    3. You are not allowed to advertise any other servers or websites. You may only advertise links if they have some relevance to the server.
    4. Do not hack, client mods are allowed if they do not affect anyone else's gameplay experience.

    Using any of these mods will lead to severe punishment.
    • Hacking Mods (Wurst, Huzuni, Wolfram, WeepCraft, X-Ray Mods)
      • Why? These mods break immersion as they allow flying abilities, speed abilities and more. They give access to blocked off locations and they can be used as a unfair advantage.
    • Minimap Mods/Additional Data Mods (Rei's Minimap, Radar Chest, Zans Minimap)
      • Why? These mods can be used for metagaming as you can use them to void people in certain locations where you realistically couldn't find them in.
    • AFK Prevention Mods (Macro's, Rave Mods)
      • Why? These mods bypass our AntiAFK system which prevents people from ranking up and gaining money from doing nothing.
    • World Downloading Mods (WDL, Schematica)
      • Why? We paid a hefty amount of money for this map and we want to stick with that money, so therefore we have decided to ban the world downloading mod or Schematica.
    • Certain External Clients (Cheat Engine)
      • Why? This has a speed hack ability which allows the user to have speed, and speed ruins immersion and allows glitching.
    • FPS Enhancers (Optifine)
    • Graphics Enhancers (Shaders, Better Foliage, Blocks 3D, Gammabright)
    • Cosmetic Mods (Advanced Capes Mod, MinecraftCapes, Tails, Chisels & Bits)
    • Player Animation/View (Shoulder Surfing, Mo' Bends, ThirdPerson Everything)
    • Utility Mods (Too Many Items, Just Enough Items, Inventory Tweaks, UcUtils)
    • Cinematic Mods (replaymod)
    • HUD Mods (RPG HUD, Real Time Clock, MineMenu)
    • Forge (FML, MCP, mercurius_updater)
    • Sound Mods (Ambient Sounds, Dynamic Surroundings, Sound Filters)
    5. Do not attempt to log off to avoid confrontation with a staff member, or try to evade a punishment, ban, kick in anyway.
    6. No inappropriate skins, in game names, or nicknames. This includes Nazi skins, NSFW skins and names such as 'Adolf Hitler', erotic names/skins, and racist names/skins.

    7. Do not bring ALL real life principals into the roleplay world
    8. Do not target people OOCly, or excessively disrespect them.
    9. Do not argue with staff unless you know you are being wrongfully accused.
    10. Do not spam the caps lock.
    11. Do not spam the chat or flood the chat.
    12. Try to use your best grammar.
    13. Do not nag for any whitelists or character groups, apply on the forums.

    14. Donator privileges should not be used to disrupt RP, and any cosmetics should be treated OOCly. Killing people with cosmetics will lead to a serious ban.
    15. Do not glitch or try to use exploits to your advantage
    16. Do not mini-mod, if there's a issue call for a admin. Don't take matters into your own hands. Helping a player is not mini-modding, mini-modding is only enforcing rules without being an admin.
    17. Failure to report rule-breakers may lead to punishment depending on the circumstances.

    18. Trying to find any 'loop-holes' in the rules and abusing this may lead to punishment, staff have the right to create new rules if the gameplay is deemed unfair.
    19. Any threats to the server, players, staff such as DDoS threats, DoX threats and false accusations will lead to a permanent ban, even if joking about it.

    20. Only speak English in IC chat, OOC chat. If your character speaks another language, don't use Google Translate or you own language, apply for authorization to speak that foreign language and then you'll be able to use the /lang command.
    21. Stealing from a shop without authorization from the server director.
    22. Do not lie in OOC or LOOC about a roleplay situation.

    23. Do not post yours, or others, personal contact information (addresses, full names, phone numbers.)
    24. Trying to connect with a VPN/anonymizer repeatedly. We have anti-VPN/anonymizers because people use them to bypass IP-bans.
    25. Minge-pushing people/body-blocking (using the collision feature to move them into places for the purpose of trolling or blocking certain places using the collision feature without roleplay and just to troll) is not allowed.
    26. Lying to players about the server is against the rules in OOC, just the following:

    26a. Lying to players about the functionality of commands (saying that certain commands do stuff which they don't.)
    26b. Lying about rules that don't exist (e.g, saying that it's a rule to join a gang.)
    28. Do not minge-grab. This means picking up an item that has been dropped on the floor during a transaction (e.g, during a shop transaction) that was not meant for you.
    29. You may only report events that have happened within 6 months. However, if the event which has occurred is serious, this rule does not apply.
    30. You may not abuse creative permissions (e.g, griefing, spawning in items that are not used for building, malicious activity whilst in creative) will result in a blacklist from creative and a serious ban.
    31. Any sort of malicious behaviour (e.g, grooming) will result in a serious ban.
    32. Both the commands, /me, /it, /my, etc. Must be used ONLY for their purposes and not anything else inappropriate.
    33. You may not blatantly steal a person's entire skin and must have one that is unique to you. This rule is not applied to minor similarities in skins such as hair color, shading, or parts of outfits such as jackets.
    33. School Grounds, Hospital & the Spawn Area are classed as safe-zones, meaning no gang activity or illegal acts can take place here. Fleeing to these locations however to avoid getting killed for example is classed as AvoidRP.
    34. Staff reserve the right to temporarily blacklist an individual from a certain type of Roleplay, e.g GangRP.
    35. Any & all relating Discords to SchoolRP / Roleplay Hub as a whole are to come under ownership of one of the two owners.

    36. Copying & pasting emotes & speech is permitted.
    36a. During COMBAT however, both parties must roll their designated amounts in order to determine which of the other goes first with their strike / action to prevent this providing any unfair advantage.
    Roleplaying Rules
    1. You may not purposely stall to waste time
    2. We do NOT follow Japan's age of consent laws despite the server taking place there, the age of consent is declared to be 18.
    3. No roleplaying in OOC/LOOC. You can of course sometimes do a line of roleplay in OOC ironically.
    4. No metagaming or metabaiting in order to benefit your character whilst causing distress to others. Metagame regarding subtle information or guidance is allowed however discouraged.
    5. Even if a action is voided, it can still be eligible for a ban (ERP, RDM.)
    6. Do not break NLR, and do not return to the place you were killed for at least fifteen minutes.
    7. Do not forget to attempt every action you may perform, for example, /me attempts to punch the person in the face. Unless the other individual has agreed OOCly to you doing so otherwise.

    8. When you pull out a item and hold it in your hand, it is there ICly. You cannot say that you did not do an action to pull it out. This is to prevent people from waving around weapons and then just saying "it's not there IC."
    9. Do not mix IC chat and OOC chat.
    10. Do not evade a roleplay situation by walking away. (Do not mingerun.) If you are in a situation where you need to roll, make sure to roll.
    11. Give your character's description using good grammar and punctuation.
    12. Do not FailRP.
    13. Do not disrupt any classes teachers are missing by the means of shifting infront of their faces and FailRP'ing, if you want to be a deliquent, properly RP out the situation. (/me attempts to walk up to the teacher and tries to shout at the top of his lungs.)
    14. FearRP, A player must always fear the repercussions of failing to listen and obey School Faculty. A player may RP as a delinquent or a misbehaving student but must always fear the possibility of being Suspended / Expelled.

    14a. Government Workers - When armed Officers yells for players to leave an area players must FearRP the Officers. Unless the Player is obviously armed (Weapon in hand) they do not have to FearRP. If a Officer is heavily out numbered players do not have to FearRP (e.g 4 Players v 1 Officer)​
    15. Do not use emoticons in IC Chat, use /me to describe your emotions.
    16. Do NOT ERP (erotic roleplay), this includes creating erotic literature. Erotic roleplay is only sexual acts, such as having sex. It is not kissing, hugging etc. Erotic literature is describing sexual acts. This is generally disallowed on the server.
    16a. Do NOT reference/mention/act out sensitive erotic topics such as rape, necrophilia, bestiality or paedophilia.
    17. Roleplay as your character and yours only, if your character is a student, roleplay as a student (you cannot roleplay as a teacher if you're a student.)
    18. Do not create throwaway characters (characters that have no development whatsoever and only exist to break IC rules such as murdering or doing something to be expelled.)
    19. Do not disconnect to avoid IC prosecution (leaving to avoid being jailed, expelled.) If you commit a crime, do not do it unless you have enough time to roleplay the consequences.

    20. All skins are IC and must be treated that way. Any skins that are non-human are considered costumes, when in these costumes / wearing a disguise specify your character's full name in your description.
    21. Any exterior security cameras are owned by the police and are fully functional. They can record any activity that has been happening in front of them.
    22. Mobile Phones cannot record incoming/ongoing calls unless a third party electronic device is assisting with it, e.g another phone. For recording video and audio however, or even capturing images this goes differently. When wanting to take a video/photo you must have your phone out and present at all times, alongside this you should take screenshots with F2 presenting what the camera would've taken. REMEMBER to also emote to begin recording, e.g /me Would begin to record.
    23. Attempting to bait or lure an officer into searching, fining or even arresting you, intentionally, is not allowed.
    24. Upon committing a crime in front of CCTV, witnesses or Police Officers, etc. You must remain online for an hour minimum, for the information to be processed and for people (Officers) to act accordingly ICly.
    25. You cannot roleplay on two accounts at the same time in order to gain advantage in a roleplay scenario.
    26. When your character dies, you are to change your skin, RPname & Description.
    27. You are limited to also having only ONE character that's apart of the same gang rather than multiple. You may not have another on that account or any other alternate account.
    28. If you were apart of Gang and have died and lost that character, you cannot re-join or be involved with the same gang for an OOC week, with your new character.
    29. Gang Wars are not allowed to randomly occur. If you're going to war with another Gang you must contact a Staff Member first in which they can then supervise and assist you throughout, alongside designate a location for it to occur.
    30. Normal citizens are NOT permitted to deal/out-source Black Market weaponry. This can result in a Black Market having kill requirements on your character.
    Combat Rules

    • Minor Verbal Assault (such as; "You are such a scrub!) Major verbal assault, and harassment on a much larger scale will allow you to have MugRP authorisations and character 'assault' authorisations. You may be allowed to mug/assault someone if they are racist depending on the situation
    • Appearance - You may not kill/mug anyone for the way their character looks, there is only one exception to this: If they have any racist tattoos or racist makeup.
    • Nationality/Accent - You are not allowed to kill/mug anyone for their nationality and accent.
    • Envy - You may not kill/mug a character due to the fact that you envy their wealth.
    • Making Relatives for Revenge - Your New character cannot be Related to your previous character and cannot be looking for revenge as that would be failrp due to your new character not knowing the person who killed the relative.
    • False Rumours and Accusation - If player A says player B has done something bad, you may not kill player B based upon player A’s accusation, unless you know that it happened and there is evidence that it happened.
    • Minor Assault - You cannot kill if someone attacks your with their fist and or feet. For example: Punching,Kicking, etc.
    • Minor Harassment/Racism/sexism/Verbal assault - You may not kill someone for minor racial slurs, minor verbal assault, minor harassment or minor sexist remarks. However, you may attack them if they continue as stated previously. Just remember depending on how this attack unfolds is dependant on if it turns into a Kill Requirement or not.

    • Arrest - If a police officer is attempting to arrest you or another member of your gang/family, you can mug them of their items used in combat. This does not include the Taser & Glock 17.
    • Use of Weapon - If someone simply pulls out a weapon in a combat situation or has used a weapon against you, you can take that weapon that they have used. This is the same for masks if they are wearing a mask whilst attacking you. This can only be done if the weapon can be taken from hand. Please refer to the weapon profiles for which weapons can be taken by hand and which cannot.
    • Scamming - You may loot the item that someone attempted to scam you for and the money you may have been scammed of.
    • Wrong Place, Wrong Time - If someone witnesses you committing a crime, you have permission to only minorly assault them.

    • Unconsciousness - If your character was knocked out in combat, you have the ability to majorly assault the individual(s) who did this. Major assault includes - Stabbing & utilising any weapon or major injuries towards the opposing character. When using a weapon you must go by the weapon profile rules.
    • Fractured bones - If your character faced a fractured bone in combat you would be able to majorly assault the assaulter. Any player may break a small bone while going through with normal assault permissions. If your character is being assaulted, the other player must specify the amount of damage done, failure to do so will result in the one being assaulted choosing the injuries.
    • Trespassing - If an individual decides to enter into your character’s residence, you may majorly assault their character. You must give the other player a verbal warning before going through with the perms; meaning, if they refuse to leave, you can use your major assault perms on them.
    With major assault permissions, you are authorised to only remove 1 (full) limb. Including anything less severe, this can be done without the requirement of OOC consent.

    • Hitman - If you have any of the pre-existing kill permissions below that are valid, you can hire a hitman ICly to do the job for you. This is essentially transferring killing/kidnapping permissions to another player through an IC process.
    • Major Assault - If someone breaks your bones, or uses any weapon against you, it is classified as major assault and gives you permission to kill/kidnap the person who assaulted you.
    • Breaking & Entering - If someone breaks into your character's home / residence and / or steals anything in your home, you have permission to kill/kidnap them. This explicitly requires for them to break in however, simply being in your home & not following your demands grants you only major assault requirements as they're trespassing.
    • Calling The Police / "Snitching" - If someone threatens to call the police on you or already has called the police on you, you have permission to attack them. Only after they emote to for example reach for their phone and begin to or already have called the police on you are you permitted to kill them. Please note you cannot kill/kidnap based on assumption. Rule doesn’t apply to players doing their job. (EG: School Staff, Hospital Staff)
    • Threats - If someone threatens to kill you or negatively impact you or another member of your gang/family, you may assault them. Only if they emote to for example reach for their blade or prepare to carry out the act are you then allowed to kill. Please note that these must be serious death threats that make your character feel threatened.
    • Arrested - If a police officer is attempting to arrest you or another member of your gang/family, you have permission to kill/kidnap them.
    • Kidnapping - If someone kidnaps you, you have permission to kill/kidnap them.
    a) It is not kidnapping if your character is being carried and you make no attempt to escape. This is said in order to prevent baiting permissions;
    b) If you make at least 1 attempt to escape the kidnapper’s grip and fail, you would have major assault permissions on them.
    c) You may only get kill permissions for a kidnapper if your character has been taken a considerable amount of distance from their original location, without consent and you’ve made 1 attempt to escape their grip once kidnapped.​
    • Family Relations - If someone kills or kidnaps your gang/family member, you are allowed to kill/kidnap them.

    1. You may only do one action per /me unless you are not interacting with another being.
    2. You must do an action to approach from behind and allow each party to react in a turn-based system.
    3. You may only mug/loot a total of 5000 yen from someone if you are choosing to mug/loot money.
    4. You can only take weapons/masks used in combat and 5000 yen from someone if you are choosing to loot/mug them. Any other items you wish to take must be consented upon in LOOC.
    5. You cannot bait others into gaining requirements to loot/mug/kill/kidnap. An example of this would be starting an argument just to attack them.
    6. You may only have kill/kidnapping/mug/loot permissions on a player for one OOC week.
    You can engage in an IC fight if all players have consented in LOOC that the permissions are not necessary to attack.
    8. You can engage in an IC fight without getting in trouble by police officers if you contact them IC to help act as a referee for the fight.
    9. If someone is using a weapon against you in battle and you do not have a weapon, you are still able to roll for self-defence in order to for example dodge the blade or overall attack.
    10. You cannot kill someone with a vehicle. This is called “VDM,” or “vehicle deathmatch.”
    11. If you pass out or are knocked out through combat or from free will, you must stay in this unconscious state for five OOC minutes.
    12. Staff have full permission to kill your character if it is deemed you cannot handle combat/gang roleplay. To avoid this from happening, assure with the other party in LOOC that the permissions you have on their character are valid.
    13. You cannot create DIY weapons (flamethrowers from water guns, molotovs from beer bottles) regardless of if you have the materials to make them or not.
    14. Black market dealers have full permission to kill you if you deal weapons for a price.
    15. Anyone with a green tag (Grade-9 or lower) is not allowed to engage in ANY even minor sexual activity, fading to black, possession or usage of weaponry, or gangs and their speakeasies.
    16. Depending on your age and rank, you can roll different numbers during combat:
    3 YRS. ≤ || /roll 100
    7 YRS. ≥ || /roll 75
    15 YRS. ≤ || /roll 75
    17 YRS. ≤ || /roll 100
    18 YRS. ≥ || /roll 150
    50 YRS. ≥ || /roll 100
    75 YRS. ≥ || /roll 50
    100 YRS. ≥ || /roll 10
    19. CCTV Camera’s do not capture all crimes unless an officer is present at the CCTV camera desk. Officers can only check CCTV footage if they’re 100% certain of a crime taking place - The only way for officers to find out a crime has been committed in front of CCTV is if;
    - They receive an IC report accompanied by OOC screenshots of said crime. To then view it.
    - An officer witnesses the crime themselves.
    - An officer ICly sits at the CCTV desk and finds out a crime has been committed
    19.1. GLOCK 17's wielded by police officers cannot shoot further than 30 blocks, give or take.
    19.2. GLOCK 17's cannot be used to shoot underwater whatsoever, no matter how close a player is to the officer wielding the weapon.
    19.3. Police officers must action to take out any police equipment they own. This includes GLOCK 17's, X26 TASERS, etc.​
    20. If you are drunk, actions AGAINST you are to be honoured.
    21. You may only forcefully enter ("BREAKING IN") somebodies property if you have kill requirements.

    22. You are not allowed to change outfits or log off during a manhunt.

    Voiding Rules
    1. A void will not happen unless there is a valid reason (a rule has been broken.)
    2. If the event that happened is older than one month, it may not be voided.
    3. You may not do an action and instantly void it. (Attack someone, perform ERP, and then suddenly decide to void it for no reason.)
    4. During an event where a group is involved, the event will only be voided if the majority agree. This includes an event where gangs are involved.
    5. Staff are permitted to void a situation no matter what.
    6. Evidence must be supplied if a event is being voided.
    Character Description Rules
    1. Your character is not allowed to be above the height of 6'5" (1.9 metres) or below the height of 4'0" (1.2 metres.) This may not apply to the special modelled characters.
    2. Your character is not allowed to weigh less than 70lbs (5 stone/31kg) or weigh more than 250lbs (17 stone/107kg.)
    3. Your character can only have the normal amount of limbs (four.) If you want to have more limbs, you may be able to apply to have polymelia in the custom character authorizations section.
    4. Your character may only have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.
    5. Your eye colors may only be. Any other color has to have in the description (contact lenses):
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Amber
    • Blue
    • Gray
    • Green
    • Hazel
    • Violet
    6. Your character may only be human (homo sapien.)
    7. Your character can only be from a real country.
    8. Your character cannot be older than your IC age.
    9. If your hair color is unnatural, you must specify it is dyed. Here are applicable hair colours:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Blond
    • Auburn
    • Red
    • Grey
    • White
    • Ginger
    • Titian
    10. The description should be your physical description, it is discouraged to include personality traits, backstories however it is not disallowed.
    11. Your characters skin tone may only be an already existing skin tone, (black, white, tanned.)
    12. Your character description must have basic common sense.
    13. Don't include emoticons in your description
    14. Your characters description must be at least 16 characters long.
    Character Name Rules
    1. Your character should have a first name and a last name, if you can't fit on your last name do something such as, /rpname John D or /rpname John D.
    2. Your character cannot be named after a famous person (this includes fictional characters), if this character is obsecure and the famous person has a common name, then it may be permitted
    3. Do not use special characters in your name such as '~', you're allowed to use special characters such as apostrophes and accents.
    4. Your name must be a real name, it is not a username.
    5. Do not include numbers in your name.
    6. Do not include underscores in your name, please use spaces instead.
    7. Capitalize your first name and last name.
    8. If your character has a nickname, put it in apostrophes, /rpname 'Nicky'​
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    - Please take a moment to re-familiarise yourselves with the rules stated above & BOLDED in red.

    - Going against any of these guidelines is a strictly bannable
    offence. If you have something to report please contact one of our many staff members as soon as possible.
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