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ThatStupidOne's School Employee Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by ThatStupidOne, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. ThatStupidOne

    ThatStupidOne Egypt Level 2

    Oct 27, 2019
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?:

    My Minecraft username is ThatStupidOne.

    Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):

    I do have Discord and I am online on it for most of the day! My username is Sina#1000.

    Have you ever been banned (If yes when and why?):
    Yes I have, my bans are as follows:

    Falsely IP-Banned for Trolling.

    Temp-Banned for unknown reasons.

    What is your timezone?:

    My Timezone is EEST (Eastern European Standard Time)

    Describe your activity on the server:

    I mostly get on in the night as I have school and studies in the morning. When I am online, I spend my time hanging with my friends and enjoying my time on the server.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:

    Yes, I do understand that if I am not online for the amount of time needed in a month, I will be demoted. I will try my hardest to stay online and working for an extended period of time to complete the amount of hours needed.

    School Employee Role you are applying for?:

    I am applying as a Janitor.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the employee role you are applying for:

    The role I am applying for is Janitor, a Janitor's job is to provide the school with sanitary well-being and cleanliness, as well as making sure the corridors aren’t littered with rubbish.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?:

    I have been roleplaying for a large amount of time, most of my roleplaying has consisted of school/fantasy rp, as I consider them to be the most fun. I have been in the server for about 3 to 4 years.

    Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

    What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're college, specify your degree level):



    During a work-shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how does your character react?:

    He'd react calmly and respectfully, whilst trying not to answer in an aggressive tone and rude manner. He'd ask the student what caused them to curse at him. If they continue to spout vulgar nonsense, he'd report them to any worker of higher rank. But if it's in a manageable size, He'd try to stop them from any further actions by raising his voice, telling them to stop if they refuse. If they start to get physical, He'd quickly stop them then report them to a higher-up immediately.

    You notice two students are physically fighting in the hallway, – multiple punches have been thrown – how does your character react?:

    I would quickly try to stop them with and if they do not stop, I will call a higher-up to try and stop them from such physical actions. If there are no higher-ups in the vicinity, I will stop them with force.

    Another school employee is clearly acting inappropriately, doing something very dangerous on the job, how does your character react?:

    He'd try to stop them as quickly as possible from what danger or misbehavior they are initiating, reporting them to a higher-up if they continue after being told not to. If they try to stop him from reporting them by using physical actions, he would simply raise his voice and tell them not to get closer. He'd have to resort to force if they refuse and do further damage.

    When in the employee break room, how does your character act?

    He'd act with a polite, gentle manner, as he is not too much of a trouble-maker as an acquaintance. He'd greet the others with a smile and a handshake. Making his way to one of the seats, sitting down and getting on his phone to check for any new information notifying him of anything important, waiting for someone to call on him. Then he'd go fill himself a cup of water and drink it to cool himself down.

    Provide us with at least three detailed /me's of your character whilst on your chosen role:

    /me He’d go to the Janitor’s closet to pick out his necessities and tools to begin his work shift. He’d take out his tools, then sweep the floors and clean the seats of the corridors.

    /me He’d reach into his pocket, pulling out his notebook to write what he had done for the day, keeping his actions noted so he can check it out at any time in the future and be sure to do it the next day.

    /me He’d intervene between the meddling students, trying to stop them from arguing for any longer. (if failed) He’d go to quickly report them to any higher-ups.

    In-Character Section

    Full Name:

    Xenon Dot Yakovlev

    Age (Minimum age is 25):

    Hopefully, 26.

    Title (Mr,Mrs,Miss):


    Academic Degree:

    PGCE, A Bachelor's degree in Economics

    Year of Graduation:







    Xenon Tanoshi Dot is an Englishman that has always been a very polite and active man, always caring for others with the most kind manner and trying his hardest to bring joy to everyone.

    Xenon hasn't had the most delightful of beginnings as he was in an abusive family in a town in London, his family were arranging a trip to a town close to Karakura in Japan. He also had an online friend that he had been looking forward to seeing in the trip, he had told his friend about the abuse that he had been going through, after hearing that, the friend told him that he could go to him everyday until he'd leave to go back to London. He'd be leaving his home everyday, going to his friend's house to escape the bad treatment and abusive behavior of his parents. He'd leave very early to not alert his parents, resulting in him having to stay at his friend's house for as long as he could, leaving at very late hours past midnight.

    One day he woke up early as he always does, but was greeted by his father, having been awake for the last hour to check if his son was leaving as early as he always does. The greeting was not welcome at all, as Xenon was bruised and cut by his father. After Xenon had escaped his father's arms, he packed his bags when his father had left, yet again, to bed. Xenon ran far from home to the city of Karakura.

    He'd linger between alleyways and steal food from nearby food markets. Until he was greeted by a sight for sore eyes, a lady named "Rebecca A. Dot". She had gotten worried for him, so she asked him if he had anyone she could contact, Xenon replied with a sorry "No...".

    She set herself down onto her knees, caring for him with some band-aids and tissues. She then asked him with a very caring and gentle tone "Would you like to come with me? my house is a few blocks down.". Xenon gasped in awe from the sheer kindness of the lady, he quickly replied with a yes and they left to get him to shelter.

    After all that had happened, Xenon learnt from Rebecca how to act towards strangers and how to be as kind as her. His hope had been restored from one, kind gesture from a stranger. He went to a popular high-school in the midst of Karakura and had liked all the teachers and all the students. He had made his goal to be that he would become a worker at said high-school. When he turned 26 he applied as a Janitor and was accepted, the glee had filled him and he went to work with a smile on his face every, single day.

    Motivation for Joining KHS:

    I've always loved working with many people and having a clean workspace. I would love to have a clean and organized place that may satisfy anyone who comes, and so the students and teachers may cool down and relax so they can continue working with dedication.

    I have always liked the students and the teachers, and I've always wanted to be in between this lovely community everyday, enjoying my time and making others' time even better, so I decided I'd apply as a Janitor so I could help everyone and delight anyone and everyone in the school.

    My focus, school-wise, is to clean the workspace and keep the place sanitary. In my words, having a clean space gives better head space to continue working with motivation! So, I have always liked being in a loving community and helping everyone that is in need of helping! I hope I can bring all the items to the table and I can make everyone happy and filled with determination!

    Do you have any previous experience working in a school environment? If so, please elaborate (If not, respond with "N/A"):

    I have worked for a short amount of time as a school librarian in the same school.

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:

    I feel I am a great choice as a Janitor as I try my hardest to keep the place as clean as humanly possible. I react calmly to many situations and I take my job seriously as any wrong-doing or having done nothing to clean the place may be a quick fire or demotion. So I assure you, if you picked me as your Janitor, I will be glad to work with focus and dedication!

    Do you have any questions?:

    No, I do not have any more questions.

    Thank you very very much for reading my application!

    I hope you enjoyed it!
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  2. KimiNoUso

    KimiNoUso United Kingdom Level 323 Senior Administrator

    Oct 3, 2019
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    2:10 AM
    Thank you for applying, however, your School Employee application won't be accepted today.

    After carefully reading through your application, I have found a few errors that could be improved upon should you decide to re-apply:
    This application overall lacks detail in the areas the format demands it; "In as much detail as possible, describe the employee role you are applying for:" and your /me's (actions)
    - All positions for this role have now been filled, nevertheless thank you for taking the time to apply.

    DM me on Discord if you have any questions regarding your application: @KimiNoUso#9999