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List your discord name and tag:
Additionally, do you have a microphone and can speak via discord?:
Yes, I can.
Your time zone and current country of residence:
EST, America
Link any previous community team applications if applicable:
Staff Application -
(Two denied staff applications, before the accepted one)
Event Team -
Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?
Yes, I do.
List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
The only things that I see obstructing my progress are my plans to get a job in the near future and the fact that I usually make plans with my friends throughout the week. But, I am still online mostly at night either way, active as much as I can throughout the week. At the moment though I don’t have a job, so there’s generally nothing that is keeping me busy. A flaw of mine when writing is I usually get bursts of creativity. It's not something I can predict, just some days I will be in an amazing mood for writing but then it can go away in an instant. But the final product pays off.
What makes you passionate about writing?:
My mind is like a crazy jumble of thoughts, ideas, and sometimes just incoherent thoughts. When I get to put my mind to any sort of creative writing project, poetry, or short story. All of these thoughts going in every different direction suddenly go in the same direction and I have the strength to push out something I’m extremely proud of. I think partly the reason why I’ve been on this server for so long, or the reason I keep coming back is my passion for creating stories. I thrive on being able to project my crazy ideas, even if it’s clear that it won’t be the final thing, but it’s how I work. I think of it almost as something to calm me down, which kind of sounds like a bad thing. (I promise it’s not, lol.)
Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
If we focus on what I’ve done on the server, I haven’t done much lore wise. I’ve been on the event team & staff team but none of that really ever dealt with the server lore. What I believe gives me the most experience is the creative writing class I took my senior year of high school, and my general papers class I took my junior year. Through my english classes, I always took a strong interest in story writing, when we came across that topic at least. In these two classes, I truly built on the skill of writing, not just stories but many different forms of writing. Poetry, 1st, 2nd & 3rd perspective story writing, dialogue, ****ysis and even every minor and insignificant detail that comes down when creating a character for a story. I’m proud of what I wrote throughout these classes and know that my work was excellent.
In your own words, give your definition of lore:
A story that tells the legend, myth, or history of a town or geological area. Folklore is usually passed on by a written or spoken word, passed down by person to person. Lore passed by spoken word can be lost in translation and usually is changed throughout time.


  1. You are expected to write in the third person, and narrate in a reliable and neutral tone. Do not focus your prompts specifically on one character’s perspective, but on a bigger picture.
  2. There is a 200-800 word limit that applies to both prompts. Because of flow, if you need to go a little over or under, you are permitted to, but as soon as a prompt is 100 words outside the limit, you will be automatically denied.

Summarize a character conflict, roleplay conflict, or event that you experienced (server-wide, personal, etcetera- there is no bar for how ‘interesting’ or ‘impactful’ it is). Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

My heart to you, your heart to another ( - Google Doc vers.
A daunting energy filled the quiet Spartan Cheer House. Makoto, one of the dozen of students who shared this space, just returned from the corner store with a bag overflowing with food. He only just stepped into the house, before Hajime, another one of many who share this space, followed him in.
“Hey, Makoto.” Hajime uttered.
Makoto yelped, turning around, “ACK- Hi. HI! I didn’t expect you to be here now.”
Hajime stammered back, “Did I come too early? I can come back.”
“No, nooo! Not at all, I just got back from the store. Let’s eat.”
Makoto stumbled towards Hajime, a bag dragging him down. He opened the bag towards him, reckoning on how he ended up here, “So, I really didn’t know what to get, so I got everything. Sushi and bento boxes, onigiri, fruits, different plates of things. They had even more drinks, I got like, everything on the shelf.”
Hajime found a moment, finally, to interrupt him. “Makoto, It’s perfect. You got enough. You’ll spend until the morning explaining it. Let’s eat now, outside would be beautiful.”
“Ah, ah. Alright. That sounds great, follow me.” Makoto replied, stumbling outside with the hefty tote. He didn’t look back, but just knew that he followed. He set the bag beside the table, whirling around with an immense smile. “Take a seat, next to me!” Makoto pulled the chair out, rolling in.
“I’m fine standing, ‘Koto.” He quickly replied, Hajime stood next to him closely. “I’ve been sitting too much today.”
“What would ‘ya like?”
“Sushi is fine.”
Makoto reached back and grabbed the neatly packed box and placed it on the table with two pairs of chopsticks, “Help yourself.”
Hajime picked up the utensils to grasp a piece of sushi.
“So, um. I gotta be honest, dinner tonight. I had something to ta-” Makoto spoke, before being interrupted
Hajime pressed the sushi against Makoto’s lips, he leaned in to take a bite. Makoto took a bite as well. Hajime whispered, “What’s on your mind right now?”
Makoto finished the sushi between the two, whispering back to him, “A lot of things.”
“Like what?”
Makoto picked the remaining pair of chopsticks, picking up a piece. He stared at the sushi before pressing it against Hajime’s lips, “Take a bite.”
Hajime opened his mouth to take a bite, teeth about to sink in. “QUAACK!” came from the house over, along with inaudible screams and panic of two students. Hajime let the sushi drop to the floor, looking away from Makoto. On the other hand, the sudden chaos from the other backyard spooked Makoto so much, he couldn’t help but peek over to see what the matter was.
The female shouted, “Come here you little shit!”
Her accompanying friend, chasing after her and the duck shouted, “She doesn’t mean that, your mom loves you!”
Makoto whipped back around to Hajime and burst into laughter, within his breaths he whispered back to him, “Do you wanna take this downstairs?”
“Sure.” Hajime replied.
Makoto slid out of his seat, heading back inside their house. He walked with the same trust he had when Hajime first came, knowing that he was following him downstairs. He stepped into their basement, eventually landing himself on the couch, looking to the stairwell, “Come sit next to me!”
Hajime stepped over, idly standing in front of him, “Here is fine.”
“What’s on your mind now?”
“You tell me first.”
“Really?” Makoto softly chuckled, “Well, many things, like I said. Do you really wanna know?”
“I do.”
Makoto moved his hands up to the man’s chest, “Well, one thing, you. Many things about you.”
“Like what?” Hajime asked.
“The way you make me feel safe, happy. So, so happy. Well, and how I feel about you.”
“That's sweet.. Koto”
Makoto moved his hands up to Hajime’s shoulders. He pulled the male closer, pausing, gazing into Hajime’s eyes before landing a kiss on his lips. Hajime entertained this kiss for a moment before moving his hand between the two, lightly pushing him away. A look of embarrassment flushed his face and he couldn’t look Makoto in the eye. It was only moments before he noticed Hajime’s distress, “Hajime, what’s wrong?”
“Makoto- I, I.”
Makoto was immediately filled with worry, “Oh god, this is too fast, isn’t it?”
“It’s not that-”
“I, what is it?” What once was worry, was now a wave of fear, “Oh, oh my god. Do you not feel the same way?”
“Makoto, please.”
Tears visibly started to well under Makoto’s eyes, “I can take it, please just tell me. I don’t want to make this worse.”
“I- I’m sorry Makoto. I don’t feel the same way. .”
780 words

Create a folklore tale based on an existing area in Karakura of your choosing; Tell us a story! Show us how creative you can get. Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

Koibitotachi’s Dream ( - Google Doc vers.
Every seven years comes around the Koibitotachi moon, always in the summer. It’s a phenomenon that’s been around for centuries in this town, passed down to those who first inhabited the island to modern day Karakurians. It’s said that the power of the crescent moon that rises and the town’s geographical location is part of what allows this incredible event. It’s been studied for ages, but not ever able to be explained. True love blooms on this night, to be able to take all that you can from this, you need to have the perfect night with the one you love. Anything can be perfect to someone, there is no guideline, yet a level of love you need to reach, in a way. A story of a couple that has been passed down for years shows the true beauty of the Koibitotachi moon.

Two beautiful people, paired as one. Everyone in the town knew of these two, they made themselves known with their charitable work to Karakura and its citizens. They both helped raise homes across the island, helped local shops get on their feet and made sure that nobody in town ever went hungry. They were the two that everyone’s parents always told their children that they need to be like.
July 24th, 1997
The Koibitotachi moon was set to rise tonight, Morikawa had been planning this night ever since he started to fall in love with Sama. By now, they’ve been together for almost four years, time spent growing as close as they possibly could, learning every part of each other. Morikawa knew exactly what she wanted to have the perfect night with him. It started with a date night, one like their many others. He had his perfect tailored suit, a tie that perfectly offset with his darkly toned hair, and Sama was dressed like a goddess, sparkled from head to toe. They were dressed like Hollywood stars.

When they were both ready to leave, the sun was just starting to set, reservations for dinner just after it set. They were both sat and Morikawa’s first part of a perfect night began. They were regulars at this restaurant. They ordered the same thing everytime, yet always took nearly 20 minutes to put their order in, not because they could never decide, but they took those minutes to go through every item and simply talk about them. These two could talk for hours, about anything at all, happily content in a world that just contained them. Eventually, they would put in their order, take nearly two hours to finish and close out the restaurant. They could eat dinner anywhere, and it would be magical between them, all they needed was each other.

Hearts (and stomachs) happy, Morikawa took her down the town’s shopping district towards the start of the Ochiba forest. Sama held her feet to the ground, like she was glued to the concrete which faded to grass.
“Do you trust me?” Morikawa asked.
“Of course, I do, forever.” Promised Sama.
He held her hand tight, leading her through a dimly lit path. He hummed a faint melody as he led her to their final destination of the night. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Manatsu No Yo Yo Yume, by Yumi Matsutoya. The song that played in the bar they first met nearly five years ago. They arrived at the steps of Shinsei Seinaru and he helped her up each step until they reached atop the mountain. 11:54 pm, he took her to where the moon light perfectly shined, midnight quickly approaching. Morikawa took her hands, and began to tell her how she has been a bright light in his life ever since they met. That he has loved her since they first spoke. He promised to her to never stop loving her for as long as they both shall live. Morikawa reached into his pocket to pull out a small velvet box, and he got down on one knee.
Morikawa asked, “Sama, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. Will you do me the great honor, and marry me?”
Sama was beamed with joy, tears, all of it. She couldn’t say a word, all she did was nod, with tears rolling down her face. Suddenly, a pink illumination filled the skies. 12:00 am, the Koibitotachi moon has risen, and destined these two lovers together for life.
737 words

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