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General Information!
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Written Name
Tobias Melissa Barnes O’Leary
(name goes first middle and last names

Preferred Name(s)
Little Man

Nonbinary ( He/They)

Age and Birthdate
July 26th 20xx

Zodiac Sign


Physical Health/Description

Physical description

Before you would stand a masculine 5’0 and 1/2 Blasian kid with a beauty mark under their left eye. They’re covered in freckles and occasional blemishes. Scars run down their arms and pretty much everywhere else, it doesn’t seem like they like to talk about them. They give a shy aura about them, always apologizing and fidgeting. They often flaunt bags under their eyes from general emotional stress and lack of sleep. Black and Blonde curls fall over their eyes. His eyes are typically either glossy with tears or that of a panicked animal. His upper back and shoulderblades are covered with a tattoo of a pair of wings shedding feathers, like a fallen angel.

He is missing his his left leg from below the knee and he is also missing several teeth.

There is a carving on his back reading ‘ADOBANSU
There is a carving on his chest reading ‘MARKED FOR KILL.’
There is a carving on his stomach reading ‘FROM SAISO TO O’LEARYS.’

There is a carving on the left side of his neck reading ‘PARASITE.’

His arms and leg are in casts.


“I’ll kill you..”

Height and Weight
lil man stands at 5’0 and a half and weighs about 114 pounds.

its always rather quiet and a bit shakey, if you’re talking to him as a friend. With enemies and strangers, his voice is more forceful and confident, and for some the equivalent of nails on chalkboard. However, the video is how he sounds when he is with friends, dropping down his confident facade because he doesn’t really like to lie all that much despite the frequency at which he does..

Physical Abnormalities!
There is an odd little scar on his left temple, it looks like he hit his head
scars on his arms and thighs.
He is missing a front tooth
He tends to walk with a limp.
There is a big chunky scar on his neck that seems to be some sort of bite wound.

“No, I was reading my diagnosis of you, theres no cure, you have stickupyourass syndrome...“

Mental Health
Random Quirks/Odd Behaviors etc.

His hair is floofy and curly, he’s stopped trying to tame it at this point.

they have a particular interest in adults?

properly pronouncing people's names? never heard of it

They has a bad habit of descending into 'episodes' or 'meltdowns'. They happen when they’re under extreme stress, tells they may be spiraling towards one are, scratching, yanking at their hair, banging their head, white-knuckled fists, a disoriented look, like they aren’t quite there. During these meltdowns they bang their head on the walls, the floor while yanking relentlessly at their hair. Their mind is in a state of total panic, and sometimes you just have to restrain them and wait for it to be over.

One of the things He does most when he's uncomfortabe or just needs a fidget is scratch, he scratches so much that he does need to keep bandages on his neck and arms to prevent himself from causing damage.

He’s often finding himself terrified of making anyone the least bit upset at him, and can hardly contain his upsetness when someone seems to dislike him.

He is easily flustered, as he truly believes that he isnt all that great, compliments are foreign to him and make him real embarrassed.

Their love lanuage is touch. It absolutely murders him inside when he can’t be touchy feely with his friends, because he doesnt know how else to make them understand how much he cares.

“People hurt me, but.. I stay with them anyways. Maybe they’re like me, just need a little bita’ love..”

Personality/Mental Shit

The personality of Tobias!
Tobias has grown considerably since hes started therapy. He is less crazed anger and more submissive sadness. If you yell at him, he’ll flinch back, and probably start crying. He no longer resorts to physical violence, but still talks a big game. He can be the sweetest most loving and caring child you’ll ever meet. It depends on how you treat him. He’ll still laugh when you fall down, who wouldnt, but there are so many different faces to his existence that you never know. If he’s hit you, it’s because you did something first. He never seeks to antagonize those he doesn’t have issues with. He, at the end of the day, merely wants to be loved. Show him love, and he’ll never leave. He gets very attached very quickly, and is very obsessive and cuddly and lovey

Phobias, Conditions, Coping Mech.s
or PTSD in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The condition may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions.Symptoms may include nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood.
A small, general list of his triggers:
-Any dog items, leashes, cones, etc.
- Balistic masks, knives, bats.
-touching on his shoulders, stomach, legs, and lower back.
-yelling and screaming
-the smell of wood or sawdust following a person

Tobi Age regresses!! :D

It helps him a lot with stress and anger issues
More triggers, but this time they’re mostly positive

+ Triggers

- being held
-doing this for him in general
-nicknames :3
-banana milk.
-Sweet foods
- Baths instead of showers

- Triggers :(

-Screaming at him
-Hitting him
- locking him in his room
- his own anxiety
- People that are the least bit intimidating

Autophobia may relate to a childhood experience that led to a fear of abandonment, such as parental divorce or a death in the family. In some people, a phobia is linked with another condition.

Capiophobia is the fear of being arrested, though his fear of police goes father than that.

People with astraphobia feel extreme anxiety or debilitating fear when preparing for a thunderstorm. They may watch weather reports obsessively or have panic attacks (rushes of anxiety that cause intense physical symptoms) during a storm.

“You need to take your foot out of your ass before you start coughing it up.”


Nikki Monet Alive
"She doesnt talk to me anymore, not that much anyways. I have to come find her first.. and the conversations dont last that long..”

Asher Monet Alive
"I loved you so dearly, and now a piece of me you stole with your departure.”

Aoife O’ Sullivan Alive
"Did.. did you even care that i left.. was it that unimportant. . To you . . ? I just wanna be loved.. that isnt so hard.. right..?”

Ibuki Koharu Ketsueki Alive
“I cant.. i look at you.. and all i see is.. when my tongue was cut out.. it.. i hate it.. i hate looking at you..”

Fukui Saki Alive
“I miss you, i really miss you. You’re my mom and i wanna spend more time with you but i can’t ever seem to find you. Why? Is it because you’re busy as everyone else is? Is it because you’re sick..? Daisike left us.. it was only me and you, unless you were dating, again, and you didnt tell me, again, but who knows i guess.”

Celeste O’Sullivan Alive
“She says she loves me, thoughshe’s yet to prove it, just as every else.”

Zakary Monet ‘ Big Man ‘ Alive
“I’m sorry im not the same way that I was when we first met. I know i’ve probably disappointed you...”

Nikolai O’ Sullivan Alive
“Just another one of the people who hurt me, outcasted me, ignored me.”

Takida Monet Alive
“ Piss off.”

Kireina Tsu Alive
"She.. adopted me! yay! She really is my mom now, that makes me really very happy.”

Christian Green Alive
"I guess hes my dad now, ive.. never had a parent who’s happily married with a reasonable amount of children.. its sort of weird but i love it!”

Nylu Kurishiro Alive
"He’s prolly one of if not my best friend. We poke a lot of fun at eachother but were a lot closer than we seem. He’s great.”

Karma Kurishiro Alive
"Where are you.. I miss you so much..”

Mikomaja ‘Mizzy’ Alive
“I dont really talk to him much on a daily basis, but he’s still fun and his house is super cool. He’s blue again!! sick.”

Ajax ‘Tartaglia’ Alive
“I love you so much puppyy, you do so much for me im so glad that I have youu.”

Jebediah F. Alive
“I hhavent sspoke to hhim. .”

Nagato Yuri Alive
“I can’t tell if he hates me or dislikes me.. I can tell that I aggravate him.. but he sticks around..”

Gael O’Leary Alive
“Papa! I love you but sometimes you can be so so super overprotective!! i get it though. we are being targeted....”

Fae Blackburn Alive
“She’s cool! Constantly insisting that me and Nagato are dating, but I don’t really care about that. She seems like a genuinely good person.”

Asami O'Leary Alive
“She's a good sister, idk man, She's cool Tied with Ayami for my first favorite sister!”

Ayami O'Leary Alive
“Asami's mirror. she's pretty cool too! They are both good sisters.”

Finneas King Alive
“I- I ddindt meaan tto- im sso rr y.. ”

Serena Santarossa Alive
“I- trhought.. wwe ww- wwrre ffreiends.. wwhy wouldd yyo- yyou..”

The Dead

Maiv MIA
“My baby...”

Nessa Monet Dead
"I miss her, I miss her so much. I want her to come back.."

Miyazaki Koko... Dead
"Miya, m' sorry. I wish you'd have said something. why didnt you sAy ANYTHING!"

Asanae Takahara 'Domino' Monet Dead
"She can’t be dead cmon please- not her too please..”

Martin Barnes Dead
“I think i’m happy you died. You hurt me really bad.. and.. i dont think i can forgive you.. even in death. I sat here my whole life waiting for you to change.. but.. now you’re gone and you’re the damn same as before. You’re my father, but only on paper.. yet.. I can’t seem to stop loving you.. its. its like a candle that wont die! I hate you but i love you so much that it hurts. Just please, get out of my head..”

Ju-Song Barnes Alive
“Who is this..? I don’t remember her.. Why is she on my list of names??”

“Hey sweet-pea?!”

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