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uhCierra ~ Shop Application


Level 0
Rich Kid++

IGN: uhCierra
Discord: Ci3rra#1689
Describe your activity on the server: My activity on the server would be explained as that I am online almost everyday for multiple hours. If I would need to choose out of 1-10 I would describe it as 9-10.
Previous applications: I have not put in any other applications further than this one.
Previous warns/kicks/bans: Avoid Roleplay.

Shop wanted: 1637840913870.png
Why do you want to own a shop?:
I think it will be very fun to own a shop as there will be multiple ways for me to roleplay now!
What do you plan to do with the shop?: I am planning on making it a drinks shop where people can enjoy hanging out with their friends chilling with a nice drink in their hand.
How will your shop be unique?: I have not yet seen any shops that would possibly be a drinks shop, we are going to be a family drinks shop with family recipes, so that will make things even more unique, we will have our own welcoming family greetings.
How many employees are you planning to have?: Around three to four employees.
Does your character have any college degrees? If so, list it: My character does not have any college degrees.

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