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ulkuva's Hospital Application


Level 103
Shop Lead
Event Coordinator
Current In-Game Name (IGN):
fagh (main account: ulkuva)

What timezone are you in?:
Central Standard/Daylight Time Zone (US, GMT -6)

Do you have Discord, if so what is it?:
Yes, ulkuva#9031.

Specify your activity on the server and how long you’ve been associating yourself on Roleplay Hub:
I discovered Roleplay Hub through a friend that also played the server in 2015. Hardly, I was active until 2016, when the map had finally changed from Furness to Takashima. Throughout the server, I have been active as a gang member, a shop owner, a SAT recruit per the police force, the school council, the cheerleading squad (several times), captains for three teams (cheerleading, volleyball, basketball), a staff member, a school employe, the principal, and a basic student. Obviously, I have been around!

With very little breaks along the way, I have been an active member of the server for four years now. In 2019, I was accepted as a staff member and climbed my way up to being the second event manager next to Im6 and a senior administrator. My efforts as a staff member included the introduction of the infamous anonymous messageboard, Kusoge, and a stronger enforcement of serious roleplay, plus many other roles and responsibilities which were mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The one thing on SchoolRP that I have yet to involve myself with (or at least attempt to involve myself with) is the Karakura Hospital. For someone like me having experience with hospitals (which is unfortunate, but will be expanded on later) and growing in excitement at the first introduction of the Karakura Hospital, it is almost shocking that I have yet to apply. However, if I have anything left to try out as a functioning player of Roleplay Hub, it would be an employee of the hospital.

If you have any previous bans and or ongoing warnings, list them:
I have one previous ban dated to 2016, which lasted three hours and was because I engaged in FailRP. Obviously, I have since learned from my mistakes. Notable warnings I have were for being inappropriate in OOC several times, but they are dated to 2018. For the past year, I have received no punishments as a player of the server.

List and categorize your current and past applications:

What’s your motivation to apply for EMS, how will you benefit our medical team?:
The two most motivating factors in applying for this role have to do with my involved character and my experience in oncology in the real world. Usually, I apply for something per my characters as they are what is most important to my experience as a player on the server.

My character is Ayame Yamabuki, a laid-back woman with great smarts in medicine and emergency care. Already a nurse for heart transplant cases, Ayame becomes involved with oncology after her eldest daughter is diagnosed with leukemia. This daughter just so happens to be the character which I use on my main account, Renge Yamabuki. I believe that having this role and being able to pursue Ayame as a character will aid toward the development of Ayame herself and her two daughters.

The other thing that motivated me in applying for this role is my already vast experience in hospitals and oncology. Although unfortunate, I have had aplastic anemia (a rare blood disorder similar to leukemia) for the past two years and have spent a great amount of time in learning medicines, chemotherapies, nursing, and oncology. My experience in just the basics of nursing and emergency care is more than enough to prove that I will be beneficial for the role of a doctor.

As mentioned above, I have yet to attempt at applying for a role in the hospital. Every other faction is one that I have taken a shot at, meaning that this is the one place truly left for me. “What took you so long?” one may ask. Well, to put bluntly: I have a bit of a distaste toward roleplaying as adults and I did not have a character I would be motivated enough to play. However, through my roleplay as Hako and Renge (Ayame’s daughters), I am motivated and prepared. Being a pediatric doctor, Ayame has much more room to be laid-back with patients as much as she is already. There is a lot of room for Ayame to develop alongside the other Yamabuki family members -- and that is something which has motivated me greatly.

To be a part of the Karakura Hospital is to also deal with emergencies all around Karakura. As someone that strongly advocated for the hospital’s release per the crime rate of Karakura, being involved in emergency/trauma care is something that is most motivating in yearning for a hospital employee role. Having to get from one place to another in a short time at the cost of someone’s life is a thrilling roleplay experience that I wish for.

What medical role are you applying for? (e.g: Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Surgeon.):

Specify your knowledge of the role you’re applying for?:
An oncologist is a person specialized in the treatment of rare blood disorders and harsh cancers. To be an oncologist is a daring task, as there is much to learn and much that is a mystery in the world of illness.

Per the experience I have mentioned before, I have had face-to-face experience with an oncologist and several nurses in the department of oncology. Like any other doctor, they are here to help and seek ways for a patient’s treatment. They help to understand the patient fully and to do what is best for them.

To be an oncologist requires a strong understanding in symptoms of cancers and treatment of cancers. Of course, considering that cancer is such a complex illness, knowing the cons of a treatment is just as important as knowing its benefits. The basics of medicine and symptoms are definitely not the only practice of oncologists -- they also must be prepared for emergency situations and how to take control. After all, they are the ones that take the lead in a patient’s care when they need special attention, something that is especially important with the strong use of chemotherapy.

My character (Ayame Yamabuki) has not only practiced in oncology. She, for several years, worked as a nurse in cardiology and later in oncology for pediatrics. This was a result of her daughter’s cancer that she was able to grasp onto quickly thanks to her previous experience as a cardiologist. Her experience in pediatric care is just as important as her experience as an oncologist and cardiologist.

Are you aware of the basic color codes for medical emergencies? If so, specify all the ones you’re conscious of with their meanings:
Yes. The following are the popular color codes of medical emergencies:

BLUE - Medical emergency.
BLACK - Bomb threat.
GREEN - Emergency proceedings (fire, tornado, etc).
ORANGE - Hazardous spill/infection.
PINK - Missing child.
SILVER - Active shooter.
BROWN - Severe weather.
WHITE - Evacuation proceedings.

Do you take acknowledgement of the fact that if you’re inactive for a long period of time you will be demoted, and do you respect this fact?:

Categorize all the EMS roles and specify what each of them does:
In order from most relevant to least:

Head Physician
The one with most power amongst the clinical faction who makes the final decisions on promotions and leads the pharmacy (Happy Pills).

Clinical Manager
The clinical manager of the hospital calls the shots for outpatient patients and advises basic medical procedures. Clinical managers also take many responsibilities of the head physician, keeping things in order and assigning tasks to employees.

The surgeons of the hospital are separate in specialization but all are centered around the surgical removal or introduction of something to the human body. In Karakura, it is common for surgeons to have to do something in regards to limbs or certain implants.

The doctors of the hospital are skilled professionals with separate specializations but are all trained in emergency care alike to other employees. They are the ones skilled in medicine, treatments, and symptoms of something while also calling the shots for nurses to do things. They are usually accompanied by nurse practitioners.

The nurses of the hospital are employees that are usually skilled in the basics of medical knowledge such as ordering prescriptions, performing physical check-ups, connecting intravenous tubes, and overall assuring the best care of a patient.

The psychologists of the hospital are especially important in a setting like Karakura where crime runs rampant and trauma is frequent. They help in nurturing patients through their mental problems while also prescribing them in the case they need it.

How does your character act during their shift and not during their shift?:
During her shifts, Ayame is laid-back but still careful when it comes to more high-pressure situations. She’s honest when giving news or advice to someone and her honesty actually makes Ayame rather honorable in the eyes of her colleagues. Alongside her honesty, Ayame is much of a realist and likes to get her hands on problems just to solve them. Anything that could work her brain for just a moment is something worthwhile, she’ll say.

Outside of work, Ayame is much less outgoing but much more relaxed. Considering her children are already young adults, she has much more time to herself and uses it for peace. Occasionally, she will go out with colleagues and friends; if not, she will simply spend the night at home with her husband and youngest daughter.

Reflecting over her quality of life, Ayame would be very proud of herself and her family. To be an oncologist and the owner of a household at the same time is not one easy task, but Ayame thankfully makes it work. She hopes to spend her years of retirement (which is just a little more than a decade to come) as peacefully as she does now, beside the one she loves and the friends she made along the way.

Describe your character’s personality / personification in summary:
Ayame is generally quiet in the face of crowds and heavily focused on work before fun, but she is very laid-back in settings where she can feel like such. Although she seems more like a big-picture oriented person, her carefulness can be seen throughout her work in emergency care and as a doctor treating harsh cancers. Outside of her job, though, she’s a person that anyone could go to for advice or just for chilling. Her true age does not really reflect her mental one despite possessing wisdom.

However, Ayame was not always as careful as she is today. In fact, she was much more careless prior to having children and being promoted at the former hospital she worked for. These dramatic shifts throughout her life led to the adult that she is today.

Describe your character’s appearance:
Ayame, much unlike her personality, is actually rather weak and it shows through her body. She’s lanky and clearly aging, lacking the feminine curve that many other adult women have. Despite lacking in the appearance department, she definitely believes her personality and smarts make up for it. Always in baggy clothing and a smile of lolling, Ayame isn’t too presentable but a good example of someone who has experienced life fully.

Does your character have any past / current mental and or physical illnesses we should take acknowledgement to?
This section of the application has since been removed due to it being a major spoiler to the character. I apologize for any inconvenience that came as a result of the edit.

Character Background:
This section of the application has since been removed due to it being a major spoiler to the character. I apologize for any inconvenience that came as a result of the edit.

Section One: Personal Details

Characters Full Name:
Ayame Yamabuki

Characters Title (e.g, Mr. Mrs. Miss):

Characters Given Name(s):

Characters Preferred Name:

Characters Age:

Characters Gender:

Characters Religious Domination:

Characters Marital Status:

Characters Nationality:

Current Location / Designation:


Section Two: Academic Details

Years of Residency:

Working Experience(s):
Oncology & Cardiology Nursing, 20 years.

Academic Degree:

Emergency Room/Trauma Nursing, Pediatric Nursing

Nursing Science & Practicing, Blood and Heart Disorder Care

Native Languages:

Other Languages:

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