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Unban appeal


Level 0
My player Ign: 1011101010010100
Server [Discord/SchoolRP]: School-RP

What were you banned for?: I was banned for "Rule-Breaking"
Why should you be unbanned?: Dear, SchoolRP, I know I was misbehaving during class and I broke rules and I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. I was only trying to make my friends laugh and I broke rules and disrupted the class. I've Re-read the rules and I promise it wont happen again. Sincerely, Tenten
Ban duration: I was permanently banned
Time of Occurrence: 10:30-10:50pm Saturday 5-9-2021

Any additional members involved: Evan M. Edwards, Jase j. Edwards, Raven Maxwell, Enamor R. Yori,


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Level 64
This is not the first offence you've committed, being banned and warned before. I will reduce your ban to 14d, after so if you keep on misbehaving the punishment may be worse. I am sure you can find a way to make your friends laugh without breaking rules and glitching.


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