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Level 6
IGN: ReaperLove
Previous bans/warns/kicks: chat flood/spam
List any applications that you have created on the forums: Re-Height Application : Approved , Height Application: Denied, Application for Third Lang: Denied , JSL Application: Approved , Korean Application : Approved , Spanish Application: Denied

Describe your activity on the server: I would say my activity on the server is a 10/10 I'm on every day unless I have a oocly emergency.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????): Reaperlove#5301
Specify the link to your gang's Discord: Specify the amount of members currently in your gang: We have 26
Specify one (1) idea for an event your gang would do: 1 idea that we had for an event that everyone was interested in while talking about making an event for us was making a bank robbery the way it would work is we would have 2-3 cars parked outside as our getaway cars and 4-5 citizens as our hostages whil having the cops in stand by as the citizen would come as a insurance that Kpd would give us a free passage way soon as we got in the cars safely the cops would have a free chance for a cop car chase since I'm also a big supporter in having cars be more involved in Gang RP

What is the name of your gang?: Ketsueki Clan
What are the themes/morals/beliefs/motives of your gang?: We are a Yakuza and we follow the same beliefs of the Yakuza code such as 1. Treat your ‘oyabun’ with respect at all times and 2. Don’t steal from the everyday man , 3. Don’t disrupt the harmony of the gang or touch the partner of a fellow member, 4. Never involve yourself with drugs (meaning u can sell them just not consume them yourselves) and 5.Always act chivalrously, 6.never reveal the identities of higher ups. Our motives are pretty simple we want to show the world that not all Yakuza's are the same and we want to give a home to those who don't have one those who don't have a place to call home who have been outcasted from day to day society.

What differs your gang from the rest of the unverified gang roster and other applicants?: What make us different from any other is that we are always will to stand our ground no matter who the enemy is may it be a cop or a verified gang we would fight back as long as they come looking for a fight first we also have unique features like the medic unit which we brought into gangrp in a different way so those who want to be in a gang but aren't big in fighting we brought in without breaking rules medic unit basically helps on minors rushes ppl who where majored to the hospital report missing clan members confirm deceased they also would drag ppl with kps timer out of the battle field and rush them to to the hospital we have made many codes for them showing ppl how determined we are to make it work such as MJP - Major pickup ( Take to ems ) or .MEMS - Major ems ( at hospital ), MM - Member Missing, D33 - Person Deceased and this way we can have a spot in Gang Rp for everyone
What reputation does the gang uphold in-character at the moment? Where are they most actively present?: Our reputation that we hold is one that if u mess with us we will hit back and hold our ground we have a fairly decent reputation with us fighting back and forth with Akihito and having running with Bonten and other Gang's and so on we are known to always have active members every day.
Write a paragraph describing your gang and showcasing what they are capable of: The Ketsueki are a [Yakuza] gang that was founded in 1985. Until today, this gang was made up of different activities. Fights, Kills, Intel, Security and last Medic no. The Ketsueki, when they came to Karakura, hid for a while, but over time the Ketsueki saw how the government worked, ignoring the people of Karakura, leaving many homeless. The Ketsueki leader, seeing this, did not sit idly by and decided to act by calling and activating all the members. To help the people of Karakura. They started from scratch, helping people by giving them money and welcoming them. They began attacking in the shadows, each seeking out people who worked for the government, extracting information from them without being discovered, so the ketsueki's worked for years, first extracting information and then attacking. The Ketueki's can work as a team devising unique strategies and extracting information from people. Not only that, few people in the Ketsueki work as assassins in the dark and they are the most dangerous in the hierarchy. The Ketsueki's in their way of working as a team and in their strategies are capable of counterattacking by observing the situation; their minds run very fast when thinking of a strategy, giving them time to counterattack their rival. Another Ability of Ketsueki's to collect information since they can camouflage well with the crowd and impersonate people with influence making the task of gathering information very easy making the KPD look like fools, and last ability they mostly attack in the shadows in other words they camouflage themselves in the dark being difficult to follow and impossible to search for clues to where they went.
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Level 123

Unfortunately, your unverified gang application has been denied. The reasons are as followed:

- A bank robbery is not a unique event and is suggested at least once a month by every person who roleplays in gangs or is involved in the criminal faction in some way. Heists have already taken place in the past and we're not too keen on inviting gangs that may have a rocky reputation to partake in such a wide-scaled event. It's not something we're looking to do at the moment as we don't see how it would involve any other players but the gang involved.

- The details of how your gang is unique is not really unique. This has been seen in the past with gangs on the server, especially the "we are always willing to stand our ground no matter who the enemy is," part.

- This application has poor formatting and isn't too formal. Please refer to the format and rules for how to change this if you choose to re-apply. If you do choose to re-apply, you may post your updated application after 72 hours have passed from the time this message was sent.​

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