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Always looking for faithful volunteers.
Those interested in volunteering or discerning religious life can apply or seek a consultation with us!

You can also, at the time of writing, find us in the SRP - Karakura Town Discord on the #business-roster.

Follow us on Onrain! @AOKofficial

TESTIMONIALS : Why did you choose to work with the Archdiocese?
Altar Server (Sakura Nakazumi)“When I was feeling very down after my partner passed, one of the Sisters prayed for my boyfriend, and sang with me; while another brought two baby foxes to my apartment. They brought me out of deep sadness, and I wanted to help others in the same way by celebrating Mass with them and spreading the love”
Religious Sister (Serafima Komnena)
After the passing of a loved one, I realized the vainness of this life and the necessity of death. Like Saint Mary of Egypt, I was wounded by love for the Lord, for what gives greater joy than to be His bride?
Religious Sister (Teresa Keating)A growing feeling inside me kept gnawing away, something inside me! I wanted to give something that is mine and mine alone.
Priest (Tommaso D. O’Walsh)Why not? I have a crazy history and a mild sense of stability is always a welcoming thing. The man upstairs has gotten me out of trouble plenty of times. Why not repay him?
Priest (Alois Tullybellton)Karakura may have a history of corruption, but look closer and you will learn of the ‘discreet’ practice of Christianity, and tales of the ‘remnants’ of Christian missionaries. There is no need for such ‘secrecy’ anymore, and thank God! I speak for so many when I say that Karakura really could use some more calls for peace on earth and peace to people of goodwill.


The Archdiocese of Karakura is a district for which the Archbishop of Karakura is responsible. The AOK is registered with Town Hall as a Christian Religious Organization that provides a range of pastoral and religious services, in addition to secular services such as childcare, aged care, and domestic services to meet community needs within Karakura.

Though employees charge for services, the organization is largely non-profit and involved in fundraising, providing both charitable relief and community.

All members of the public are free to join at:
  • The Karakura Church, or other locations where Mass is held from time to time. Simply assign yourself the CHURCHGOER role on our official channels to be notified!
  • Sunday School: Activities held after school hours for all citizens to provide opportunities for community, making new friends, and spiritual growth. Simply assign yourself the SUNDAY-SCHOOL role on our official channels to be notified!

What do we do?
During both Mass and Sunday School services, money is often collected and put into a Charitable Trust.

What Services are Offered?

Aside from offering charitable relief and semi-routine services like Mass and Sunday School, anyone can contact our employees.
The services you can request will depend on what employee you decide to call!

Our Nuns
Religious sisters within the Archdiocese are our public face.
They are tasked with hosting Sunday School services and collaborating to this end.

What exactly ARE Sunday School services?

Well… it depends on who is hosting them! But in summary, it is any activity held by a Sister after school. Such activities tend to be very club-like, and there is no actual restriction on what form they can take other than that they must not break the law. For example…
  • Taking people on a group fishing trip while reading stories from the Bible
  • Taking people to Karakura’s arcade, followed by Lunch with (1) Nun reading a story from the Bible
  • Hosting a concert with totally appropriate music (w2g) and party games (gambling, games of tag, etc. …)
  • Self-defence classes and exploring scripture/Christian teaching vis-a-vis Self-defence.
  • Cooking/Gardening and other club-like activities.
  • Sports activities; Singing Activities/Choir practice.
  • Ritualistic activities (e.g. burning notes, utilization of fishing rods to create a makeshift maypole, the donning of flower crowns, dancing … or all of the above)
  • Peaceful Protests [after liaising with Town Hall to organize such a protest]
  • Organizing an entire crowd to work on gym equipment, particularly treadmills to provide electricity/power to one of the Sister's Bitcoin Mines. Motivational music, water, and 'speech' were provided free of charge.
Where the vile gangs of Karakura exist to prey on lonely citizens by inviting them to commit crimes, the Church shall exist to invite them to do the exact opposite: to foster community through wholesome activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Sunday School is not the only ‘service’ provided by our religious sisters.
Any person is free to call them should they require:

  • Childcare Services: i.e. babysitters
  • Aged Care Services: i.e. babysitters but for the elderly
  • Domestic Services: i.e. maids, cleaners, cooks.
  • Intercessory prayers and general spiritual counselling: our Sisters will GLADLY make themselves available to listen to your woes.

Our Deacons
They tend to be college students. They can do everything our religious sisters can do, but, additionally, are also able to do the following upon request:
  • Baptisms
  • Funeral Services
  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Performing the Last Rites for people on their deathbed

Our Priests
Older folks who take a more central role as leaders within the Archdiocese. They can do everything a deacon can, and:
  • Anoint the Sick [usually for folks in the Hospital who would like a visitor]
  • Hear Confessions, which is by far our most requested service.
  • Celebrate Mass, esp. The Liturgy of the Eucharist, offering Eucharist Wafers and the Blood of Christ. They can also deliver it to homes for people who are especially sick.
  • Provide Spiritual Direction to troubled souls
  • Perform Exorcisms

Can I work with the Archdiocese?
Information about #applications can be found elsewhere [Discord link above].

It should be noted, however, that answering the call to religious life is treated rather seriously by the Archdiocese. Those wishing to become Nuns or Deacons can not simply apply for such a position as of the 18th of April 2024. Instead, they join FIRST as altar servers and 'serve the Archdiocese with distinction'. They can express an interest in religious life, of course, but they are not welcomed into the position immediately. They are... INVITED to religious life.

[Adults], older folks, however, can apply to immediately become Priests or other senior positions of leadership due to being more sought after.

Information about the various roles can be found below for anyone considering them:

Altar Servers: Mere volunteers. The assistance they provide is limited to helping with Sunday School services through their attendance and just broadly spreading awareness of such services OR, similarly helping with Mass. Assistance at Mass is what altar servers are most prominently known for, and they are provided limited training to accomplish this. Their phone numbers are distributed to church employees so that they might be called upon to provide whatever assistance is deemed necessary.

Deacons/Deaconness: FORMERLY altar servers who have served the Archdiocese with distinction and expressed an interest in becoming a deacon. They are ordained individuals who serve the church and people of Karakura through their word, worship, pastoral care, and charity. A deacon may baptize, preach, perform marriage ceremonies (for those lawfully wed already) and funerals but cannot preside at Eucharist or give absolution. They may also host Sunday-School activities alongside religious sisters working for the Archdiocese. Typically, people who have chosen to serve in this capacity are college students hoping to become Priests in the future.

NB: Both Altar Servers and Deacons are provided special attire to wear WHEN they are actively working for the Archdiocese in some way (e.g. assisting during Mass, Sunday-School services, etc).

Nuns: FORMERLY altar servers ho have served the Archdiocese with distinction and expressed an interest in becoming a Nun. These are individuals who dedicate their lives to religious service. Unlike priests, however, they do this in a very specific way: by actively going out into the community of Karakura and hosting Sunday School services, forging strong bonds between people. They also tend to live communally to some extent, and interact with one another due to the fact, on average, there are more of them than there are Priests at any given time.

Priests: Individuals who have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders. People who dedicate their lives to religious service by training themselves to perform certain liturgical functions (Mass) and familiarizing themselves with the Church’s Sacraments (Baptism, Confession, etc.). They are looked to for leadership given the moral overtones of their sermons, the unique services they provide, and the fact there are relatively few of them at any given time. In the same manner in which our Nuns announce and host after-school community meet-ups (Sunday School), our Priests announce and celebrate Mass with interested members of the community and make the best of their training to ensure this is an engaging and rewarding experience.

NB: As both Priests and Nuns working within the Archdiocese have taken certain vows and chosen religious life: their attire is often worn on a more regular basis, even when they are not providing a service. Though, of course, not at all times... and the rule is not a strictly enforced one.

If you are looking to join the Archdiocese to make money, then it’s probably a terrible idea to join given both Priests and Nuns take vows of Poverty, agreeing to forfeit much [though not all] of the profit they earn as employees to the Charitable Trust and the Church broadly as tithes. Our sisters and priests generally do not complain about this, naturally, for theirs is a community service: they prefer nothing whatever to Christ.

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven - Matthew 5:12

Do you have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the Archdiocese and may be discerning religious life?
Do you simply want to volunteer as an altar server?

Immediate openings are available!

We are particularly in need of ADULT members: namely, those members who are not KHS or College Students. We particularly are hopeful for:

  • [1] Preferably elderly woman who is willing to lead our religious sisters in religious life, assuming miscellaneous responsibilities that are mainly administrative in nature: i.e. making sure our Sisters are providing community service on a relatively routine basis, and are not dangerous, disreputable, or otherwise unfit.
  • [Several] older men or women to join the Priesthood: celebrating mass and providing the more sacramental services.
  • [1] An ancient human being (old) who possesses either knowledge of Roman Catholicism or is willing to learn about certain aspects thereof. This individual would be given, among other things, a Papal Tiara and the heavy responsibility of spiritual leadership (e.g. signing off on OR writing encyclicals, doing the very same things Priests/Nuns within the AOK do).
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Well done! I'm supporting the mission and this message wholeheartedly.
Join the Archdiocese!

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