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viviian's Event-Team application.

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by cloudkiss, Apr 26, 2020.

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    viviian’s Event-Team application

    IGN: viviian (viviian2, and sheislesbian are my alts)

    Explain your activity on the Server: I am extremely active, and I am on for a long time every day. Before AR Check went down, I remember having almost 50 days. I have always been very active on SRP, and will usually play for around 6-14 hours a day. I am usually on as soon as I wake up from when I go to sleep, playing with my friends or doing stuff with my team. I have been extremely active since January 2020 and come on at least every day for a minimum of 4 hours. Though now I am usually on or available all day, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep considering the corona-virus and lockdown.

    What previous experience do you have working in a team?: I am the captain of the College female volleyball-team and have been on the team since November 2019 and have been dedicated to the team for as long as I have been on it. Though this is all the experience I have had, I know it isn’t much but I’ve always been dedicated and a hard-worker on the volleyball team and have always put my best efforts in. Being the captain of this team will not distract me as I can balance out the schedule, such as planning my practices at different times from events and other types of events the volleyball team may do. I have had to do this in the past because of sorority events or other events so it wouldn’t be an issue.

    What makes you different from other applicants: What makes me different from other applicants is that I am EXTREMELY active and will put in 100% dedication. I am very creative when it comes to things and always have creative ideas coming to mind and I am a quick thinker. I have always had an interest in being on the Event-Team as it seems like lots of fun to plan these events and do something fun for the SRP community! I’ve always enjoyed going to Events on SRP and seeing what happens, and I would like to help with contributing to planning the events and putting my own ideas in there to hopefully try and make them better. Also, considering I am the volleyball-captain, being a part of the team requires me to work with lots of other individuals and make sure we all work together as a team, making sure we all get along and everything goes smoothly. This is something that separates me from other applicants since I know how to work in a team, smoothly and confidently already and have had to do it for a long time.

    Another thing that separates me is that I am a very confident speaker and have a good quality mic that allows me to be heard clearly. I am not afraid to voice my opinions in things and will use team-work and compromise to get the best result for said event. I am willing to listen to others ideas and maybe add stuff to them to make it more exciting and let others do the same for me. I will always be open to listen to suggestions when I say anything because what’s best in a team is listening to each other and making sure to try and get the best result and allow others to voice their opinions even if you don’t think it’s a good idea. I am able to collaborate with others, making sure new events will be new and exciting for the SRP community. I have always been able to talk to new people without being shy, and being calm and making sure I talk to them nicely and give a good first impression. Making sure to keep that first impression up. I am able to go into lots of detail of the idea’s I have because my creativity flows quickly and I have new ideas coming to mind as I speak. Meaning I will always have something new to suggest, that will be exciting and fun for the SRP community.

    Thirdly, I am also a very creative person and can come up with fun and exciting ideas quickly. I used to be and still am very good at creative writing, always coming up with very creative ideas for stories and such and it used to be something I was very interested in. I loved writing them because I loved getting to plan out the story and come up with fun ‘events’ that would happen. Though I wasn’t the best writer and I didn’t enjoy the writing part. It was mainly the things I would plan out in the stories that gave me the motivation to do it. I have always been a quick thinker since I was young. I already have lots of fun things coming to mind and I am constantly coming up with random creative thoughts. When I get a random creative thought for an event, I will make sure to expand it and add more detail to it before suggesting it for an event. Though making sure not to plan the entire event without getting others opinions beforehand.

    Another thing that would separate me from other applicants is that I will be extremely dedicated to being on the E.T and will constantly be able to help out, and now that quarantine is happening, I have much more free time and I am online from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I have always been dedicated to things that require it. Making sure to pay attention and always help with planning things, helping others, etc. I never slack off unless I have a reason to (Personal issues, something I need to do, etc.) and will always alert who I need to if I will be taking any sort of break. I am very mature when it comes to this stuff but also have a goofy side to me, so I will not be extremely serious constantly but will be serious when I need to be. I can assure you nothing will distract me from being on the team and I will put in my best efforts to the team and make sure I am active with the team and SRP as a whole. I have been extremely active with the SRP community since January 2020, as in December of 2019 I was extremely busy IRL and took a large, needed break from SRP. I will continue being extremely active in SRP because it is something I genuinely enjoy and want to make things more fun for the community itself, making sure people enjoy the time they spend on SRP with fun events happening that are fresh and exciting. I have enjoyed the time I’ve had so far in the community and would like to expand the number of people I talk to and become more involved with the SRP community as a whole. I feel the Event-Team is a great way to do this as it’ll let me plan fun events, thrilling events, etc. For the SRP community. I would like to collaborate and communicate with the SRP community, seeing what things they would find fun and things they would possibly change. Letting the community and having their feedback I feel is very important because it’ll improve their gameplay and the time they spend on the server greatly. Making things much more enjoyable for them, which is what I find most important. I want the events I come up with and help plan to be extremely enjoyable and fun for the community, meaning I will have to be active with the team. I know how difficult being on this team is but I am willing to put in all my efforts and dedication to get the SRP players an enjoyable time. Making sure they’re enjoying the events that go on.

    I also have a good attitude towards new players, older players, and any players. Making sure never to be toxic towards them and always willing to help others with my knowledge of the server. I will make sure to always have myself in check and acting properly with good behaviour but making sure to keep my goofy side to not seem too serious and not ‘scary’ to players. I want to set a comforting environment for new players and make sure not to seem rude or anything of the sort. I would like people to see me as an easy person to come to about questions or such, but I would never leak information that would spoil the event. Only helping them with times, where it is and such, basically just things that would be told in the announcement of the event. My friends have said I am an easy person to talk to. I have never had a toxic attitude, unless it is a joke with my friends, though we all do that, I would never do it to someone who I know doesn’t understand the joke. It’s a weird sense of humour we have, but it’s never serious and we all know it’s a joke

    When I set my mind to something, there’s really no stopping me from doing it. I am passionate about everything I do and in turn, that means I put in effort into everything, whether it is important or not. I make sure not to get distracted and keep my mind focused on that task until I feel it is complete and I am satisfied with it. This means I will put in 100% effort and dedication to everything I do on the team, making sure not to get distracted or slack off. This can be backed up by me being the captain of my team. At the start, I will admit I wasn’t the best but as soon as I set my mind to it I got everything done, jackets, uniforms and putting much more dedication into planning my practices and such. I make sure not to slack off because I enjoy the position I have. This would be the same for the E.T, I know I will enjoy it and will make sure to always be active with the team and make sure I can go to every meeting, help with all events unless I am genuinely busy. I will try my best to make time for everything and make sure I stay active with the team.

    If I get accepted I have many ideas to improve the event team, one being, I think it’d be a fun idea to include the SRP community in the events that happen more, letting them give us feedback and maybe things we could change, or events they’d see fun. I think involving the community would make things much more enjoyable for them though not letting them in on anything that will actually happen. We could do polls for events and they could choose what event they’d find the most fun and we could do it at some point in the future. Though all they’d know is that it’d be say a murder mystery event, though they would have no details on what would actually happen during the event. I think feedback from the community is extremely important considering the team plans these events for them to enjoy and have fun during. Though, this is just me pitching ideas I think could improve things. I already think the way the event-team works is wonderful and very organized. Though I think being more active with the community and getting feedback would just be a little bit better.

    Again, I am extremely active and will put FULL dedication into the Event-Team, putting in 100% effort and making sure I attend everything I can and help with everything I can. Always having new event ideas to suggest, and help improve other events, giving my opinions on things. I am willing to help others and willing to let them help me improve and add more detail to my ideas, making sure when it’s finished it's a polished and organized idea. I will stay active with the team because I find that the Event-Team is extremely important to SRP and I know I will enjoy being on the team as it is something that has caught my interest for a while now.

    Another thing that separates me from other applicants is I understand what the Event-Team does very well. The event-team is a team full of dedicated individuals who put in amazing applications to be in the team to ensure they’re dedicated and will put in their best efforts and understand the difficulty of being on the team, and also what the team does. They plan out events and have meetings where they will pitch ideas for the events, planning them out carefully and making sure it's enjoyable for the community. Making sure the event turns out smoothly and organized. The E.T is very important to SRP considering it plans all of the servers fun and enjoyable events, having fun events often, keeping up the standards for the team's events and even raising it with some events. I think the Event-Team would be extremely fun to be a part of, being able to plan such exciting events for the SRP community.

    I have a very good understanding of how to work in a team and how to calmly collaborate with my team members to get the best possible outcome. For these reasons, I have many things that differentiate me from other applicants, in a very positive way.

    Provide a detailed event proposal that would be seen by the Event-Team:

    An event during the Karakura summer where during school, or after school, there’d be a summer pool party where students and school faculty would get together and chill around the pool. Students would be provided with a selection of free food and drink including, water, different types of fruit and veg, healthy snacks. There would be stands where they could buy other food and drink, including, ice cream, energy drinks, pizza, hotdogs, burgers and more.

    Students who come would be required to show up in some sort of swim attire (Swimming shorts, swimsuits, bikinis, etc.) either underneath their clothes or just showing up in it. They’d have pool floaties, pool noodles, etc. sitting around the pool (Obviously item-rped) (Pool floaties could be turkey pool floaties or just put on a skin)

    During the event, there would be fun little activities throughout the event, such as swimming races, musical chairs, dance competitions and more! This event would be just a chilled out event for students to meet new people, interact with their peers and staff, getting to know each other more and make memories with friends.

    There would be multiple different areas around the pool (Bleachers may have to be removed, only if this actually happened though.)

    1) The first, a DJ stand and a dance floor, where there would be POP music blasting, giving a good vibe throughout the event. Students could have dance-offs on the dance floor, or just dance around and have fun, making memories with friends.

    2) Secondly, a BBQ where the burgers, hotdogs, etc. would be served, there’d be small benches around and tables where students could sit and eat their food and have nice conversations with their peers, enjoying their meal.

    3) There would also be a Photo Booth that is under-water themed where students would get beautiful and fun photos taken with their friends! There could also be props at the side they could use (Glasses, hats, etc.) And then their photos (Screenshots) would be posted in the #screenshots channel in the RPH discord!

    4) A swimsuit contest would take place! Where students would get a prize based on whose swimsuit looks the best, and who has the most creative and unique! Sort of like a best-dressed competition! There would be 3 winners, meaning 3 different prizes
    FIRST PRIZE: 25,000 yen, free turkey float, an icecream sandwich and hotdog!
    SECOND PRIZE: 15,000 yen and a free turkey float
    THIRD PRIZE: 5,000 yen

    5) Students would be provided with water guns and split into 2 teams, (Male and female mixed teams) They would then go head to head, in a water gun fight, if you got sprayed you would have to go sit out, the team who gets rid of everyone in the opposing team would win the game and get a reward token.

    RED TEAM: Would wear a turkey float

    BLUE TEAM: Would not wear any turkey float

    This is just a fun event I thought of off the top of my head and decided to add more detail to it! Obviously this might not happen in the future but I still feel it’d be extremely fun and something new for the SRP players!

    Thank you for reading my application! If you need any details, have any questions or any issues, my discord is viv#6666, feel free to DM me!
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    Great application. Very well detailed and I trust you will make a great fit to the team.