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V's introduction! ♥♥


Level 7
Hello, I'm V well that's a shortened version of my actual name, please refrain from asking what my actual name is. I use she/they pronouns and I'm a demi-girl. I've been in the SRP community since around February so almost a year.. I have to say that SRP is really nice to make friends, in RP or not you have to accept people and I feel like SRP is the only place I can be myself and not be judged. I'm not talking about the me every day that seems lazy, I mean the real me, the me that can be goofy, sweet, kind and much more. This is a place where roleplaying can get my mind off things really quickly with a catchy lore and even making friends, real friends that won't leave you.. SRP is like another home to me, the place I can call home with no regrets. I hope you forever stay the same SRP, I don't just mean the people I mean the map, the map is really big and even though I forget where places are it actually helps me roleplay. The roleplayers are really nice as well if they don't support LGBTQ+ in RP that doesn't mean they don't in real life.

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