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wethecreature's event application #2


Level 13

Describe your activity and potential punishment history as a player of the server:
If I were to rate my activity on the server from 1-10, I would rate it at around an 8. I am on a lot, though not always for a long stretch of time. Usually around 1-3 hours. School may become a problem for my activity, but I would alert the rest of the event team about the obstruction to my activity immediately. I have no punishment history.

Please provide any previous faction applications you have created, whether accepted or denied:
Accepted - Wethecreature's Monastery Maiden Application | SchoolRP

Denied - wethecreature | Event Team Application | SchoolRP
DENIED - Lore Team

Provide your Discord (REQUIRED) and confirm if you have a microphone:

What is your time zone and country of residence?:
MST, United States of America

Are you aware that if you are inactive on the team you will be demoted?

What previous experience do you have working in a team that would outshine other applicants?:
I am currently a member of the Shrine staff, I have been in some small gangs and yazukas, and on other servers, I have been part of a team for planning a series of events for a Roleplay story, as well as being in a team for the same server to collect lore of the server and its past history.

Are you currently part of any Community Team? If so, which one and do you think you are able to manage your activity in both?
No, I am not part of the Community Teams currently.

Please provide a minimum of three (maximum of five) detailed event suggestions that would work for our server:


The Witch Doctors


"Ring around the rosie,
pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down."

Coughs would fill the winter air. Hmmm... probably just a common cold, yes? No. A sickness unexpected, one that nobody had thought would be the sickness plaguing them at such a time. A form of The Bubonic Plague, or The Black Death, had suddenly made its way into Karakura. It would start off in one person, before slowly spreading like a virus. People would take cover in their homes, avoiding the outside as though there were rocks falling from the sky that risked hitting them. People thought it would be alright. Maybe? No. While the EMS had people's trust to keep them safe, that trust was waning, as many deaths occurred right in the hospital beds of that very hospital that they performed inside of. Some people, now not trusting the services of the EMS, whose jobs were to keep them alive, turned to something... less traditional. They turned to The Witch Doctors. Dressed in costumes worn by the Plague Doctors back in olden times, they would distance people, cutting them off from the outside world, as well as performing rituals not-scientifically proven. Yet, people who were rumored to have the plague were completely fine after leaving the witch doctors. While the authorities assumed this was all a lie, and that the people who got cured by the witch doctors never really had the sickness at first, many people began turning to the witch doctors as a last resort. Now, it was EMS vs. The Witch Doctors. Who will win? Well, that is up for the players of SRP to decide! If the EMS wins, then The Witch Doctors will get what they deserve for their staged curing of the plague that wasn't really, causing many deaths. But, if EMS loses, they will have to try to regain the people's trust by trying to find a cure for this odd sickness that shared such a similarity with The Bubonic Plague.

WHAT I WILL NEED: People to play the Witch Doctors, volunteers to get sick (unless somehow there is a sickness plugin implimented)


Religious Study (Academic)


Shintoism can be called the dominating religion within Karakura, with an entire shrine built to it. But what if the youth knew even more than just that small fraction? Why not learn about other religions. Expand the options and expand researching and learning capabilities for the children of Karakura. They can learn about Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, and more. It will be similar to career day, but rather than different businesses and jobs, it'd be priests, maidens, rabbi, cantors, and other believers and researchers of the different religions. All religions will be presented in the most outside perspective as possible, and no cult-like religions will be presented. (Unless Triad breaks in or something).



WHAT WILL I NEED: Different booths for each religion in the gymnasium. Event Characters or already existing characters to run each booth.


Ball of Blood


Do you love to dance? But about romance? What about dance and romance? What about dance and romance... and BLOOD? Yes, the rumors be true, as the children hath been telling! We all love a good murder mystery, yes? Well then why don't we have a ball themed around it? A ball is being planned by the school and some volunteer students. A fake murder plot is going to happen at this fancy, royal themed ball. While queens and kings and romance and dance will be going on, actors will walk around school and secretly be conducting a murder plot. Special effects will be highly used to pull it off, and it will be the most thrilling night EVER.

WHAT I NEED: A group of student volunteers, coordinated faculty, builders to turn the gymnasium into a fancy ball, and for everybody to be given a rubric for how to dress up.


The Sky is Green (Alternate Universe)


Everybody is on edge. Weird inscriptions in public areas, odd creatures seen in CCTV footage. People gone missing with no evidence left behind, and worst of all. Green lights flashing in the sky. The aliens are coming. Despite the governments statements about the fact that they were just testing their weapons, yet this was contradicted when green lights came from inside the town hall and suddenly half of the government officials were missing. The government did not have this under control. It was the people's jobs to deal with this. As fixed green lights in the sky grew larger each night, people began barring off their houses and gathering weapons, while criminals would take this as the perfect time to commit crimes. And while a bank robbery was being committed, the first strike was struck. The bank was hit by a huge ray of light as it crumbled to dust. More rays of light came down, crumbling things to dust. Then the actual creatures came down. Aliens. The aliens were just as a Martian is theorized to look like. Their heads were larger than their bodies, but their core strength held them up. Humans tried to stay calm, but it was too hard. People began to fight the aliens, trying to destroy them, and they almost won, but then the tides shifted on the humans, as the aliens rose again. Their mothership was greeted by 2 more on the sides, and Karakura and the surrounding parts of the world were obliterated. The Aliens had won, and then everybody's character woke up wherever they'd fallen asleep, hmm, must've been a dream...

WHAT I WILL NEED: Half of the participants to be given a skin and to play aliens, while the others play their already existing human characters. I am uncertain what the details of the event will take, probably just EVENT Messages, and other RP tools that already exist like that.

Additional notes (You may leave this blank):
Thank you for reading my application! I wish luck to the other applications!

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