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wethecreature's Lore Application | #3


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List your discord name and tag (name#0000): (Please note, communication and discord access is vital, and not having access to the site is a dealbreaker for the team)

Additionally, do you have a microphone and can speak via discord?
I prefer not to use a microphone but I can still be in VC and use Discord

Your time zone and current country of residence:
PDT / MST, United States of America

Link any previous community team applications if applicable:
Event Application #4
Event Team Application #1
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Event Application #3
Lore Team Application #1
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Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?

List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
School, Health, or Family Issues. If something might block my progress on the team, I will let the coordinator know immediately.

What makes you passionate about writing?:
I have been writing since I was young. I'm passionate about writing because it lets me express my creativity and show my ideas. Writing allows me to build characters and worlds that allow me to just have fun. Over the years I've grown more passionate about writing through roleplaying and it has sparked my enjoyment from when I was younger.
Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
I have a good experience with this. I write a lot of short stories and I am also addicted to RP. I've done some poetry before, and I also have an unhealthy addiction to lore. (I rage when I don't get answers).

In your own words, give your definition of lore:
It is the construct of a world and is a big part of world-building. Lore is the foundation of any fictional world. Although mystery is also a great factor in a good story, lore is needed, or many things will not make sense. If a looming question as to why something is or isn't doesn't get answered ever, then the rules of your universe or the reasons for your character's actions will not make sense.
If my character is afraid of something very specific or is triggered by something very specific, and your character or you are asked why, and you have no answer at all, even in the back of your head as a secret, it is pointless and doesn't make logical sense.

  1. You are expected to write in the third person, and narrate in a reliable and neutral tone. Do not focus your prompts specifically on one character’s perspective, but on a bigger picture.​
  2. There is a 300-1000 word limit that applies to both prompts. Because of flow, if you need to go a little over or under, you are permitted to, but as soon as a prompt is 100 words outside the limit, you will be automatically denied.​
  3. The effort and quality of both prompts will be taken into consideration when we accept applications.​
Summarize a character conflict, roleplay conflict, or event that you experienced (server-wide, personal, etcetera- there is no bar for how ‘interesting’ or ‘impactful’ it is). Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

Ryuijin sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. She had found nothing yet. She had been searching for paranormal activity in this damned forest for hours. Yet still, nothing. Her frustrated thoughts were interrupted by a young man. He looked at her, bearing a warning. “The shrine workers told me to leave. I think there is a spirit around here.”

Despite how one would expect a normal person to behave, Ryuijin was overjoyed. This would be the lead she finally needed. She began walking through the trees towards the shrine, but she suddenly stopped in front of the stairway leading to the monastery, interrupted by an eerie whistling...

She walked cautiously in the direction of the whistling, her curiosity getting the best of her. As she followed it to the red tent near the edge of Ochiba, she found a girl sitting before a campfire. She waved to the girl. “Did you hear that whistling?”

“What whistling are you talking about?” asked the girl. Ryuijin checked herself. She must’ve not gotten enough sleep. She stepped closer, she was safe here.

“Sorry, I must’ve been imagining things.” she apologized. A person walked behind Ryuijin, passing the two. She turned around to see what was going on and saw the person pass by. It was just another citizen. As she turned back to speak with the girl, she noticed something very odd. The girl was gone. It was as though she had vanished into thin air. Ryuijin checked herself again. What was with her today? Had she really imagined that entire conversation?

“Hello?” Ryuijin yelled out. She refused to believe that she was going insane.

Ryuijin froze as she felt a sickle wrap around her neck. She was being held hostage. A bead of sweat dripped down her forehead as she was slowly turned by the person keeping her hostage. Before her stood a young boy, yet something about him made her very scared. Maybe it was that he had a sickle around her neck.

The boy released the sickle, but Ryuijin did not move. He lifted up her Reporter ID, staring at it. “Ah, a media presence.” he said, interested. “I know why you came here. You came to learn about spirits, about us.” he continued. The boy disappeared, and Ryuijin checked herself again. This felt too real. “Are you... real?” Her hair stood on end and she jolted away, just in time for a sickle to fly past and hit the tree that she was in front of just moments before.

The young boy... the spirit laughed eerily, echoing through the forest. This was her chance. Ryuijin began running out of the forest and to the shopping district. When she finally was outside, she looked back. Right at the boundaries of the forest stood the boy. He stared at her, before disappearing into thin air. Her lead had been found.

Create a folklore tale based on an existing area in Karakura of your choosing; tell us a story! Show us how creative you can get. Be sure to follow the above guidelines.

The following story is an excerpt from the book "Tales of Karakura" (pages 203-205)


In the forest of Itsyboshi, the great Takagi Castle stood tall, surrounded by the palaces and castles of those who came after the great mothers and fathers of Karakura. While the Itsyboshi Court resided in the Itsyboshi Forest, there was also another forest opposite to them. This was called the Ochiba Forest. At its very edge, right before the forest touched the sea, there were mountains. Upon the mountainside, the Glass Palace stood tall. Slid into the crevices of the mountainside, the palace shined as though it were a star, earning it the name of the Second Sun. Not many saw the palace's construction, nor who lived within. Not many people ever dared go inside, afraid to disrespect such a serene piece of architecture.

The palace was massive. Perhaps even larger than the Saiky Palace and the Takagi Castle combined into one. The palace wrapped around through the peaks of the mountains and contained long passages that went deep inside. Made of glass and crystal, the commoners of Karakura were unsure of how the constructors, (whoever they were) were able to build such a huge place. Some feared the place, believing it was of great religious significance. Perfects belonging to a Kami, or more sinister, a demon.

Many people have found themselves lost in the dense forest, with their minds lost just as much. Some of them end up in places they wouldn’t expect, as did the young boy Asahi. Asahi had wandered from his house in an attempt to get away from the drama of his family. The forest was serene and unchanging until this serenity was interrupted by a glow some would deem otherworldly.

He stood there before a grand staircase leading to the Glass Palace. Asahi was drawn to walk up it, as though it was pulling him along. Although the staircase was made of glass, it was as stable as thick stone, allowing the young boy to walk up the staircase without fracturing its structure. His stomach dropped as he looked up, realizing the true scale of the building. The palace, although built into the mountain, shot up into the sky.

As he stepped into the palace, he felt overwhelmed. Carved into every nook and cranny were intricate pictures and designs. Every part of the interior was adorned with decorations and numerous architectural techniques that only a skilled architect could manage. As he moved cautiously through the hundreds of hallways and passages within, he noticed statues of humans. These statues were carved from crystal, with many details cut into them. Their eyes glowed like the palace at dawn and seemed to follow Asahi wherever he moved. Something about this place was far from natural.

He kept walking on and on, each hallway adorned with scenes carved into its walls. He then stopped in front of a massive doorway that led into a grand hall. On the walls there was one massive scene. It depicted Chiharu Yamatsumi along with a group of mountain spirits fighting a tall man wearing royal robes. A tall man who sat before Asahi on a great, crystal throne.

The tall man looked upon the boy with an unreadable expression. The man’s face was of an ethereal blue, with tiny shards of glass attached to his face. The man wore a teal robe adorned with gold. He came in at a height of around seven feet and seven inches, perhaps a bit taller or shorter. His eyes were green abysses that unfurled Asahi’s body and studied his soul. This man was no mortal.

The man stood up, towering over the young boy. He bowed a bow of respect, before slowly lifting his head back up. Then he spoke, his voice sending a million thoughts through Asahi’s head. It was as though every word the man spoke was a piece of a melody so powerful that it meant everything and nothing at once.

“Hello, lost child. You have strayed from where you belong, into my intricate labyrinth. I believe your soul led you here, drawn by the glow of my palace. Now, young boy. Asahi. Do you know my name?”

Asahi looked up, shaking. This man... this... being made him uneasy. He shook his head.

“Ah. Unfortunate that they hide away all the good tales. I am Ushinawareta Mokuteki. Those who have... lost purpose, those who are lost, and those who are gone, they find me, whether it be through the sands of time guiding them in my direction, or of their own will, they find me. When they find me, I give them a purpose. I take a liking to... beauty... and... serenity. I allow the lost ones such a fate. To become beautiful. To become... serene.”

“So, tell me. Have you lost purpose, Asahi?”

The young boy stepped back in horror. What would this creature do to him? He did not want to know. He ran on and on through the hallways of the Glass Palace until he found a window. Before even looking where it went, he climbed out of the window onto the side of a steep cliff. He slowly used the jagged rocks coming from the mountainside to get down and run through the Ochiba Forest back to his home.

The next day, he returned, and there was nothing carved into that mountainside. All that was left were three shining shards of glass, lying on the ground.

I will be writing a little document for one of the prompt characters that I'll connect to my folklore if you want to read it. Not part of my application just some extra stuff I'm going to do.

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