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wufsbane bmd application?! WHAT!


Level 112

wufsbane (suneaterchan, DerekSanders)

Previous bans/warns/kicks:
I have a singular ban for metagaming. It’s a little recent and a little more embarrassing, and it’s absolutely nothing I’m proud of especially after harboring such a positive reputation on the server for such an elongated period of time. It was an immature and sporadic act that I can assure will never be repeated.

List any applications you have created on the forums:

Police Officer Application (IN A PRIV. CONVERSATION WITH SRAV)
News Reporter Application (IN DISCORD DMS WITH OPH)
Staff Application (PRIV. THREAD ON FORUMS)
Teacher Application


Shop Application x2
Police Officer Application x2
Shop Application

Describe your activity on the server:
I log on the server every day for the most part, usually for a couple of hours. I spend this time roleplaying with my friends and doing some crazy things. In roleplay of course. It ranges from werewolf LARP to having a character’s house ransacked by a rivaling gang. I’m pretty crazy.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????) and if you have a microphone:
SUN#0040 and I DO have a microphone!

Specify your country of origin and time zone:
United States, EST.

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?:
I have quite a handful of reasons behind my application today! You know, despite the fact that I’ve applied two times in the past to no avail. Under Samra and under Pros. Under Eli, too, if you count this.:

Anyways, what’s always held me back is either having too many large roles, or. . .simply just not enough experience in criminal roleplay. That all changes today, though. I have absolutely NO roles and, best of all… a HEAPING amount of experience in GangRP. I’m getting sidetracked though, so here are my motivations listed neatly.​
  • I need something to do. Pretty straightforward, if you ask me. I find that my activity on the server drops when I haven’t got something keeping me hooked, which… is generally expected, to be honest. However, I’ve had just about every role under the sun with the exemption of a few. What I can say for certain, though, is that I’m quite done with the school faction. During the remainder of my time as a player, I’d like to dive into the “city” aspect of SchoolRP–namely enough, the crime side. It’s always been a side of the server that has intrigued me above all others, and, quite frankly, I’ve always seemed to have the most thrilling fun while running around and doing silly gangster things. Some of the most fun events I’ve partaken in have been those that revolve around crime! I’ve always had a knack for roleplaying as adults and straying from the typical school shtick (it bores me now, I guess. You get two years of it, you get bored..) and have always found things like crime interesting. The ideas of yakuzas, gangs, and just illegal junk in general is the most appealing to me in roleplay. The… “villains”, if you will.​
  • The desire to involve myself in crime. As stated previously, I genuinely have the most fun when I’m on the edge of my seat and doing something insane. The sequence of events that happened fairly recently made up some of the most fun roleplay I’ve ever played a part in! I believe it truly showed me what this sort of role will entail. Butt-clenching, hair-raising, on-the-edge-of-my-seat-holy-shit-if-I-lose-this-roll-I’ll-die roleplay is just something that’s been calling my name over the past few months. Seeing friends of mine get involved in it only makes me want to become a part of it even more. A good friend of mine is a BMD and watching him do his little thing makes me want to be a part of it as well, and to benefit from it as well. It’s essentially my favorite genre on SchoolRP! If that’s even a thing. You don’t get the GangRP thrill anywhere else, and I don’t really want to join a meaningless gang (no offense, gang leaders..) I believe this might be the most perfect way for me to get the balance of what I wish to experience on SchoolRP. Not only do I want to be a part of it, though, I want to bring my own spice to it–to better it. The Suneater Mojo.​
  • I’m an avid writer. GangRP generally has the reputation of no roleplay, just rollplay, but I want to try and encourage otherwise. Of ‘course, it requires balance–you can’t write out a detailed action and expect to have the time to live, but most people don’t want to die to a one-liner either. I desire to bring more of a story-driven focus to the Black Market (which I imagine the new lead is doing plenty of, so rather I aspire to assist in doing so). My wish is that this will benefit the faction in the long run.​

What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?:
Elaborating further on my last point, I'm an avid writer and that's probably my strongest point here. I prioritize the story over anything else, ensuring that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved. What does it matter if someone involved feels its unfair? I like to believe I'm open-minded and can hear out others' opinions and stances on a situation. As this is a faction that can very quickly become a controversial mess of contradicting opinions, I do think this would be beneficial for it as a whole. As a current, I feel this is something the mainstream GangRP lacks and it's something I wish to bring to it, and that's that. It's not only something I can uniquely provide to the team, but the server in its fullest. I can also uniquely provide different ideas and concepts. As a writer, I dabble throughout all sorts of concepts on the daily, and some of which could even apply here or be used to an advantage here. One of my favorite parts of the server is its events, especially crime-oriented, and I can provide those heartfully. As boastful as it sounds, I am pretty creative.

Another, but slightly minor thing, is that I've been apart of many crime-related events, some of which were large scale. From the club heist event to even the recent black out, I've had my fair share of experience. I know that a concerning factor in my application is my lack thereof of experience, but I wish to change that. Besides, it's not like I'm completely unexperienced. I have had my moments of running around with a mask on and katana out and lying to cops after slicing their colleagues eyes open... Hell, I lied so well they just let me go despite the evidence of attempted capital murder! I'm just a natural, what can I say... I've committed many crimes in SchoolRP and most of them I've gotten away with. I'm really good at evading. Trust me. I also have 100 swim speed.

What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:
Throughout my time on SchoolRP, I’ve been a part of a variety of teams; whether it’s a sports team or even the staff team, I’ve had my fair share at it. I was apart of SchoolRP’s staff team for nearly three years, and throughout my reign I’ve gathered a handful of very valuable skills; the most prominent being communication skills & giving (valuable) feedback. I’ve also been a part of a few sports teams, and have led the Spartan Cheer Team for quite some time. From there, I learned important leadership skills. Leading a faction and being a part of the SLT also came with its benefits. I took part in a lot of event planning, even going as far to do the entirety of the builds and nearly all of the planning for certain events all on my own. In summary, I have some good communication skills and can step up to do work in teams where it’s needed. I’ve done plenty of events myself in the past, being that they’re my favorite part of the server. My experience in coordinating them myself is vastful.

What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:
My suggestions are relatively simple and straightforward, and are essentially the same points I've frequented on throughout this application. Story. That is all. More story-driven actions, events, etc. Lore-rich events, too, which again, I have no doubt hebwig is already on the case about. So I suppose now that this suggestion is a little silly.
To be more specific, I think that long-lasting events are the best. Only if they have substance, though. Events that build up over the course of a few days, even weeks, that leave behind hints that will intrigue and capture players' interests. Usually these sorts of events (in my opinion at the very least) do best if they have an objective. I think it's self-explanatory what I mean by that. . .my personal favorites are mysteries that need solving, and what better way to do that than with crime? Events that can also pull in players that may not typically find crime to be their cup of tea, too, I think would be lovely. I'd love to help coordinate these sorts of events. I think I'm getting repetitive so... to summarize, long-lasting, lore-rich events that captivate players and involve the most unsuspecting. Spice it up a little!!

My other suggestion which, again, is pretty obvious--is a general sense of balance within the faction. It can't be all of "this" or all of "that", our playerbase is mixed. A good balance in events and such would be ideal... While one event may not cater to one group of players, it will cater to others. Not everyone will like something and I think the playerbase needs a little bit more of an understanding in that.

My final suggestions at the very moment (I am very sure there will be many more to come in the future) is more INTERESTING ways to commit crimes. Just saying that doesn't really do much though, and it's something said pretty often... I think. It's all about killing, then people complain about it, but there aren't actually any other methods of crime that people care about. Just introducing an idea doesn't quite mean that people will find it interesting or want to do it straight away though. Perhaps events revolving around a different unique crime might grab interest and encourage others to do their own unique song and dance. People like to play princess. That, and just. . .other possibilities. It's a little too strict right now, on the creative side of SRP, and I feel it limits people or they feel limited. Lifting these limitations and/or shining a light on the fact that people can think outside of the box would be awesome. With a little bit of leniency of course, players get their ideas shut down a lot and it really sucks.

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?:
Surprisingly, yeah. The majority I can name off of the top of my head if it ever comes up. Of course, at times I'll doubt myself or I'll even just straight up forget and will need to double-check, but I know exactly where to find them efficiently if it ever comes up. Being staff for such a long time came with its benefits...even with such rapidly changing rules.

Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?:
YES... O_O.

Are you familiar with that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?:
Yes. But fret not! I'm great at evading kill permissions and being arrested. Trust.

Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition to the black market to others?:
Yes, I learned my lesson last time...

Full Legal Name:
Kimitsu Touhei-Koji
Criminal Alias: Wolfsbane
Age & Occupation: 36, formally unemployed.
Gender & Marital Status: Female (she/her)……………….. & widowed……

Ethnicity & Race: Japanese & Asian
Known Languages: Japanese, Russian
Former Associations/Occupations: Karakura News, Vice Principal of Karakura High School, Senior Vice Principal of Karakura High School, Vice Dean of Karakura Community College. Twitch Streamer Dilfslayer3000 & IKIGAI administrator ds3k.

Highest Level of Education:
College (PhD)

Physical/Mental Ailments:
Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Ironic.

Known Family Members:
Touma Koji (SON)
Nozomi Koji (DAUGHTER)
Alex Koji (LMFAOOOOO, deceased)

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail:
Kimitsu is relatively short in comparison to others, but could be deemed as average height at precisely 160 cm (5’3”), and she weighs somewhere around 59 kg. Her somewhat shorter, dark-colored & mildly wavy hair manifests frequent misconceptions, invoking the belief in many that it’s black! However, her hair is dyed a deep green, kelp-y color. It’s parted in a particular manner that presents a good amount of her forehead’s surface area, but there is an evident lack of care in its style so unkempt, wavy bangs typically brush over that same area. Notably, a beauty mark is present beneath her lips and a faded horizontal scar extends over the bridge of her nose.

She typically maintains a feminine appearance, showing elegant & delicate care in her facial region with her “softer” features. On the contrary, Kimitsu holds a piercing and sharp gaze in her brown eyes, naturally. Even if she’s a weaker, smaller woman, her haughty gaze and sharp tongue makes up for it. She generally wears modest clothing, with the exception of a few outfits. More often now than not, though... Kimitsu's appearance lacks general care. Unkempt hair, uninspiring outfits.

Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail:
Despite her associations, Kimitsu can generally be regarded as a kind and considerate person. Compassionate, well-tempered. . .what's not to love? More often than not, she harbors the ability to stay level-headed in even the most stressful of situations. Generally speaking, she carries herself with a composed and well put-together countenance. . However, that does not take away from the anxiety and paranoia that she carries with her on a daily basis. She generally keeps to herself and keeps her troubles concealed as to not burden those around her. Despite her outwards appearance, there's something much deeper within. . .and its more than just a few hidden struggles and flaws.

Her relations with others are complicated. While she’s generally reserved with her emotions, it’s difficult for her to go about alone while feeling so strongly. Most times, she’ll mask them with stupid humor to ease the pain. Even though she’s had difficulty with establishing bonds in the past due to, you know, straying from those she’s incredibly close to is a stressful and horrid task for her. As though her frequent exhaustion and apparent insomnia(?) isn’t bothersome enough!

With an overwhelming amount of sympathy and empathy, she’s rather perceptive. It incites her to butt into conflict (even that of which doesn’t involve her) to attempt and resolve it with words. Kimitsu being incredibly understanding also results in her going out of her way to push others onto a better path with the belief they can “save themselves”. . .a bit of a hero complex, if I do say so myself. It truly makes you wonder, though. . .what could've led such a woman to an occupation like this?

Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail:

Practically born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Kimitsu Touhei was conceived in none other than Wakayama, Japan. She lived what could’ve been considered a “normal” high-class childhood, drowned in the love and affection of her two parents Aoshima & Tashiro Touhei.

Aoshima, her mother, had been rather sickly and weak. Unknowingly to Kimitsu, this did carry over genetics-wise. . . .but even with Aoshima’s conditions, her unconditional love was not any less. Tashiro was a world-renowned jeweler or something like that, racking in a large sum of cash on the daily. Aoshima, with such conditions, was often left home and sort of bedridden later on in her life. Notably, she’d been an artist.

Tashiro, with knowledge of Aoshima’s state, pushed himself as hard as he could to pull in as much money as impossible. All was to ensure his wife lived the happiest, longest, and most comfortable life she could -- Needless to say, that may have been partially where Kimitsu developed such selflessness. That expedition for money became a downward spiral, encouraging Aoshima to forge famous and pricey paintings (which. . .worked, surprisingly) It's rumored that she had also stolen paintings as well, but. . .where's the proof of that?

Growing up, violent acts were no secret to Kimitsu. Ties that her parents were involved in exposed her to those ordeals on the daily, pushing her to be insensitive to it for the most part. From such a young age, too. It wasn’t something she was even old enough to comprehend. Confusing, but there wasn’t much Kimitsu was able to question.

While Kimitsu was subject to protection nearly constantly, this promoted recklessness at times. For example, the one time she went flying off of the balcony and wrecked an entire painting. Yikers.

Eventually, that mission led to her parents’ demise when she was around eleven. Some rivaling organization sought out Tashiro. . .well, Tashiro’s blood, in other words. Needless to say, both Tashiro and Aoshima were mercilessly assassinated in the comfort of their own home. Coincidentally, Kimitsu was shielded by an excess of plot armor and ultimately survived. That came with the price of watching both of her beloved parents go up in flames before her eyes. Not just her parents, though. Everything she'd ever known--her home, all of her belongings, her childhood. Each and every shred of it was gone in a matter of seconds, and that's when she was given the first taste of just how cruel this world could be. Still, though--at such a young age, it was important for her to keep moving forward. She couldn't quite fathom the severity of it all.

From that point forward, Kimitsu Touhei was a self-proclaimed orphan. In-fact, she was an orphan! Unfortunately for her, there’d been no relatives her immediate family were still in contact with (due to their illegal affiliations) so, yeah, Kimitsu was completely on her own for the rest of her life!

. . . Until she wasn’t. Thankfully, the ruckus of her home’s explosion caught the attention of many (especially considering how it’d been such an expensive, well-known home in the area) and a certain policeman aided the young girl in the time of need. Unbeknownst to the said officer, he was viewed as a ‘hero’ in Kimitsu’s eyes and pushed her forward on some insane venture to. . . .become a cop. WHAT?! Yes, yes. That's correct. Young Kimitsu's childhood dream was to become a cop. In a time of such dire desperation for Kimitsu, the one person who stepped forward and offered her real compassion and care was some younger officer in the force. Being so impressionable, this. . .really stuck with her for a while.

Losing her parents at a ripe young age set off one thing in Kimitsu’s head. . .and what was that? To become better, to make sure that tragedy would never affect anyone else. In other words, it initiated her slight hero complex. Years in school were spent alone, since a fear of developing bonds came with the loss of her family; the fear of losing people like that again. While she would never want anything like that to happen to someone else, she didn’t wish it upon herself again either. What better way to avoid than to just… never get close to anyone? Again... Never take it seriously, never get hurt. Never get attached, never get hurt. You never feel sad losing something you didn't care about. She just wouldn't care about anything from here on out. Easy, right?

So, here comes high school. Word gets ‘round that she’s Kimitsu freaking Touhei. A surname like Touhei could’ve gotten you killed! And boy, did it almost get Kimitsu killed. Countless times. Attempt after attempt, but somehow, she unintentionally escaped death each time. Part of her considered it to be a curse. Why wouldn't they just get her already? The same way they did her parents. Why was she forced into moving on without anyone to catch her if she fell?

For a while, she's harbored a grand amount of dexterity. Flawlessly, she's avoided trouble, injuries, and even death! Except for that one time she got her stomach ripped right open! A beach day gone wrong -- albeit she was at the beach alone. Some unexpected weirdo with a knife attached to a paintbrush. It wasn’t the badass scar that kept Kimitsu from re-experiencing the beach for years after that, but the fear that she’d get shanked again! It. . .it really doesn't make much sense. Sometimes, it even leaves her wondering what the heck prompted such a thing. Like any logical person, she relocated herself to Kagoshima, Japan midway through high school.

Kimitsu found herself in yet another dangerous setting, even outside of Wakayama. A misfortune really. Murphy’s Law, if you will. Just... "for fun", Kimitsu pursued a relationship with someone. It was a big step for her, and an even bigger leap of faith. A short-lived, shallow relationship with some sociopathic boy who went by the name Hisashi Kurosuyokui. It was cut off before any real progress could be made once Hisashi was brutally murdered by his best friend. Either way, they wouldn’t have gone far. Hisashi gave up too easily for Kimitsu. Too weak of a guy. Regardless, though--it stung. Once again, something Kimitsu wanted to hold close to herself was ripped away, just like that.

She needed someone strong, given her prominent weakness- in many areas… Back on track of her school life, Kimitsu continues her journey to law enforcement. That’s until it all failed horribly. Weakness was mentioned, right? That’s just when Kimitsu met her match. There was no way her wellbeing and health would let her persist with a job like that, sooo. . . it failed. That being said, Kimitsu fled the country. To Russia.

Settled down in some run-down, cheap… and unforgettably dangerous and high-in-crime area, Kimitsu had to get herself back onto her feet, somehow. You know- you’d think that, with her parents & inheritance and whatever, she’d be rich as friiiick right now! For some reason, she wasn’t. Her parents, with their unexpected death, didn’t have a will. Kimitsu’s name was not written anywhere. Anyways, a molding motel soon became the place Kimitsu was able to call ‘home’--even if it was short-lasting.

Boom. Gets a job as a night guard security guard person somewhere, gets some money, almost gets jumped a few times. The usual. Then she meets this lady- Tall, blonde, hot Fyodora. No, not Fedora. These two spend a lot of time drinking tea at a library, one of the only relatively nice places within that general vicinity. It's needless to say that these two quickly developed a close bond, one that Kimitsu vowed to herself she'd never experience again. Afterall, if you never take anything seriously, never get too attached--you can never get hurt. But this all went down the drain for Fyodora. Kimitsu admired her, she loved her, even. It was a shame that it turned out unrequited.

Everything onward from there was history. Fyodora taught Kimitsu things she could never even begin to imagine. Self defense, and even some. . .more valuable skills. Emotional skills. Fyodora is a cunning woman, one that even could've been considered heartless or without an ulterior motive. That was all different for Kimitsu, though. To her, Fyodora'd been a work of art. Everything she fought at in the past, shutting herself out, she trashed it all so quickly. She was so, so convinced Fyodora would be the one. The one good link in a chain. Then she vanished one day without a word.

Kimitsu eventually comes to arrive in Karakura, though the exact date is nothing more than a blur to her. It was also nothing out of the usual for herself. The same daily occurrences, except this time, she landed herself a pretty safe job. It was a massive step up from her previous occupations, and she was grateful for it. Something about watching the youth grow and directing them in. .you know, a good direction was something that brought her a lot of joy. It brought her satisfaction, even, like she was doing something good in her life for once. Despite the reputation that Karakura holds, it turned out to be Kimitsu's holy grail. Third time's the charm, or something like that--that's what she told herself when she let her guard down a third. . .and final time.

The first few times, it was hard--no doubt about it. It's always hard to lose someone that you love. Once, twice, thrice. It only took four times to shatter her entirely. Though. . .that's more than most people could've withstood, right? She's persistent, she's always been. Just... not anymore, I guess. She knew a lot--knows a lot. More than she should. That would only ever come to be used to her advantage, though.

Beyond it all, sympathy, compassion, love and hope for the future. . . .She's just a woman seeking vengeance, isn't she?

Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black market dealer:
I'll be writing this in the form of a narrative as its typically what I comprehend roleplay as.. Hopefully it suffices.

Leaned back against a wall of decaying stone bricks was none other than Kimitsu Touhei--of course, she was hardly recognizable in what could've been called a stereotypical gangster 'fit. Arms flat at her sides, she craned her head around. . .and her heart sank to her ass. This wasn't her client.

"The hell're you doing standin' around in the sewers like this, punk?"

Some tall--six foot, maybe?--guy came into view. Clearing her throat and pulling herself into composure nearly gracefully, Kimitsu had lowered her voice to something just beneath a whisper. . . "Bird watching." It was hard to even hear a distinguishable voice, at that point. Despite the nerves rapidly crawling through her veins, the masked woman made sure to not show the slightest change in countenance.

Scoffing, the man threw his head back in a self-possessed fit of laughter. "Yeah, right, 'cause there's birds in the sewers. Are you fuckin' blind?"

She responded with a shrug of her shoulders. Smooth, languorously. It was no difficult task for her to maintain such calm. A rhythmic noise began to echo in the small area in which the two shared, and. . .soon enough, the other realized she'd been tapping her foot, oh-so-patiently. That or, it was just a nervous habit she was never quite able to get rid of.

The unknown, probable-gangster failed to ever get a rise out of Kimitsu, as persistent as he was with sharp remarks and clever retorts. Sure, she got close to throwing a punch every now and then, but there were more important matters at hand. Besides, it wasn't worth sharing with the world that her heart had very easily been beating out of her chest in that minute. It was just a symbol of her bravery. . . .probably so, at least. Perseverance; her blessing. . .and curse.

Soon enough, such individual parted ways with an unresponsive (and irritated) Kimitsu, and the real customer at hand arrived. Some. . .short, blonde boy. His youth was evident in the way his eyes creased when he smiled, his softer, delicate hands. Higher-pitched voice marked with purity. This was almost going to be harder to deal with than the nuisance from just a few minutes ago, but. . .she continued on. Perseverance.

As she pressed a pocket knife into the teenager's palm, she cupped her hand over it, and stared pitifully through the small indents in her inconvenient mask. She would've knelt down, but this was no toddler, and Kimitsu is short. Shorter than she'd like.

Standing idle, Kimitsu had exchanged a few whispers with the customer she loathed for.

"Don't hurt anyone, okay? There's. . . .no going back once you do." And then, with a pat on his shoulder, she dismissed him, and quietly wished to herself for him to stay safe.

Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black market dealer: (If inapplicable, put N/A)
Ummm well her husband was the last lead but he's dead I guess... This application was essentially inspired off of IC events that, if they didn't happen. . .this otherwise wouldn't have been posted haha.​
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Level 123

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the black market dealer role; unfortunately, we (as a collective decision) have chosen to deny your application.

- While your dedication is appreciated (and we would love to see you re-apply), your character would likely not be permitted by the current roster of black market dealers in-character due to her involvement with the former lead & Ikigai, along with the fact that you have not been heavily involved in the crime faction on the server. We prioritize people who have a good grasp on GangRP; and while you definitely have the writing skill, other dealers have concurred that they have not seen you in the midst of combat roleplay as much. In addition to this, your suggestion is partially "more events." This is something that has been mentioned several times in other applications, the Crime Discord, and the Feedback section of the forums. If you choose to re-apply, consider using a different character & have more experience in exploring the criminal aspect of writing, along with making your application more unique to others. Take care!​

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