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xagti: Shop Owner Application

Discussion in 'Shop Applications' started by meneaterchan, Aug 2, 2020.

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    Nov 17, 2016
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    Previous applications:
    I have an old forum account that I no longer use, but some of my applications come from that account. Everything is categorized accordingly, and a spoiler is put over it because it takes up a large amount of space.

    School/Character Applications:
    Council Applications;♡-✔.7139/ - ACCEPTED♡.12173/ - ACCEPTED✘.2854/ - DENIED
    Language Application x6 - ACCEPTED x3, DENIED x3
    Character auth Application x2 - ACCEPTED x2
    College Application [discord] - ACCEPTED
    College Professor x2 [private convo] - ACCEPTED x2
    Club Application x2 [google form] - ACCEPTED x2
    Librarian Application; - ACCEPTED
    College Application; - ACCEPTED

    City Applications:
    Police Application x2; - ACCEPTED - ACCEPTED
    Hospital Staff Application x2; - ACCEPTED - DENIED
    Shop Application; - DENIED

    Previous warns/kicks/bans:♡.4257/ Accepted Acceptedᕕ-ᐛ-ᕗ.17494/ Accepted

    Shop wanted:
    Unowned Shop #4 which would then be named Rabu Kurabu

    Why do you want to own a shop?:
    I say something about this later in my application as well, but I wish to end up creating a sort of ‘hot spot’ for roleplay on the server, then going about how I am going to in that part of my application. But along with that, I wish to have this business as sort of a family business. Having an already sort-of written backstory and personality behind the character that I will use for this account.

    Although this may not seem like much in the eyes of some, with my months put in now as a worker at Sakura Daiso and then working my way up to shop manager has just made me more and more eager to post this application. With this being said, I believe my time with Sakura gives me a reasonable amount of experience with this, to begin with, with it also being enjoyable to do.

    What do you plan to do with the shop?:
    First and foremost I would have my already established list of items that I would like to sell set up, this would mean having prices placed in my shop so players know what I sell along with their prices. With this shop having no pre-built interior as it’s a new plot to be applied for. The first picture shows the layout I wish to have, which is the ice cream/purchasing area on one side of the store, and the other side being where I would most likely display the prices for items other than the sweets. Within the store’s grounds, along with the outside area, I would like small seating arrangements, if not outside then just the inside. The second picture will show the color scheme that I wish to have, still keeping my plans to what I want to sell in the shop set in stone, but having more of a modern, sleek touch to the shop instead of something as bright shown in the first picture, which is an American ice cream shop.

    — The ice cream scooping station will merely be for decoration for the build as the game obviously doesn’t have the number of combinations for ice cream models that would come from a scooping station, so it will just stick to what the menu has to offer.

    — The color scheme that would go along with the first reference picture.

    Then, of course, I’ll have a discord already set up so I’ll be able to effectively communicate with my workers. The discord will also be used to announce small events or promotions with the shop, and showcase what we have to sell.

    How will your shop be unique?:
    This may not be completely unique, as the Karakura Bowling Alley does already have an existing ice cream parlor; but this shop will be for the sole purpose of bringing a pure sweets shop to Karakura.

    I would eventually love to sell an assortment of ice creams, candy, and small toys at my shop; I would start off with basic models to sell such as the cones and ice cream sandwich, plushies, and one of my own customs, but I would eventually love to build up a collection of customs to sell at my shop. I don’t have the money saved to be able to purchase all of these customs at once, but I would slowly purchase customs like popular Japanese candies, small toys, and packaged ice cream, along with cupped and coned ice creams. Here are a few model ideas that I would purchase overtime if accepted.

    — 20+ Pineapple Dole Whip Float; Custom ice cream float which would be mixed with rum

    — Pino; Vanilla ice cream balls covered in a chocolate coating

    — 'Giant' Ice cream cone; Vanilla ice cream with chocolate & almond topping

    — HI-CHEW; An assortment bag of HI-CHEW

    My ultimate goal is to be able to create an environment of roleplay in my shop, that when people come to purchase a few things that they’ll stay with someone else they may bring to roleplay out either eating what they purchase or just a conversation between two characters. This ties into how the shop will be built but taking a bit of inspiration from MikeShotZ, setting up a Watch2Gether link that’ll be ‘played’ through speakers around the store, but really through /it’s. Music played will usually be calming Lo-Fi songs or Japanese/Korean pop music.

    One thing that would really only affect my workers, would be temporary themes that are set into place for a single opening. This would mean that I would get a special uniform made to go around the theme, then the Watch2Gether sent that opening would be music fitting to the theme. For example, Hello Kitty; If that were to be an opening them, they would get into uniform, put on the ‘Kitty Headbands’, and work as normal with Lo-Fi music to match. I would love if players we’re to slowly catch onto these, but it would really be a fun thing that I would do for my team.

    Then events will usually be holiday-themed, not your average Christmas and Halloween parties but small events that are for annual Japanese holidays, obviously, I would do my research before anything, and then would make small changes to my shop’s decoration to fit the holiday, and plan any small activities to do along with openings.

    How many employees are you planning to have?:
    Owner [1/1] ~ This being my own position, which I’ll be hosting the shop openings along with managing stock and employees

    Managers [0/2] ~ These will be people that I trust to host openings if I may not be able to, or do stock along with me; They’ll also be doing the duties of the regular cashier. I won’t fill these positions until my later time as a shop owner.

    Cashiers [0/4] ~ These will be the people who sell stock to players on the server, they’ll be trained beforehand in calculating the tax of what they make, along with being able to calculate bulk orders. I may add more cashier positions as time goes on.
    • Everyone who works will be getting 40% of normal items, and 50% of custom items that are currently not purchased yet; But will be if accepted
    I have a discord for the shop all set-up and running and the invite will be sent to the faction lead if accepted.

    I only have one other account that I will use regularly besides this one if I am accepted, but I know the duties that I am required of and I will, of course, try each month to meet what is required of me, and not fail to because of my alt.

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