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Yakuza ; Kitsune Clan - Unverified Status Application


Level 3


(As of 8/22/22)
LotusRp - College B, Age 20
GaelRp - Professor [AP], Age 30
FlowerRp - Grade 8, Age 14
AsaKaiRp - Grade 7, Age 13

Previous bans/warns/kicks:
One ban in late June, accepted appeal early July. No active warnings.

List any applications that you have created on the forums:

ACCEPTED Latin Application
ACCEPTED JSL Application
ACCEPTED Gaelic Application

ACCEPTED Professor Application
ACCEPTED Mandarin Application
DENIED Gaelic Application
ACCEPTED Gaelic Application

PENDING Caretaker Application

Describe your activity on the server:

I am extremely active on SRP when I am not busy with my online college classes, though my schedule is extremely flexible. I am able to decide when I want to take my oocly classes so I am able to hop online at any time or for any occasion. I would rate my activity on the server as a solid 8. I take breaks from SRP once a month for 3-5 days but other than that I am online around 6-8 hours per oocly day. On SRP I am a clan leader, a professor, college student, greenie roleplayer and applying to become a caretaker. I take SRP very seriously, it is something I have put countless time, effort and love into every single roleplay and character I have made.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????):

Specify the link to your gang's Discord:
Yakuza ; Kitsune Clan | SRP

Specify the amount of members currently in your gang:

As of 8/22/22, Kitsune Clan current has 18 members with 16 that are active everyday and 2 that are on inactivity due to oocly school.

Specify one (1) idea for an event your gang would do:
Going around Karakura, I have noticed a lot of comments stating, "(Insert gang/clan) ON TOP", followed by debated or activity proving why. Why not hold a tournament to decide? The event idea my clan has come up with together is the Kitsune Clan running the 'Kitsune Clan Crime Tournament'. In my time on SRP, I have read a handful of applications for unverified status. Most of which, their idea for events always list suggestions of kidnapping, torture and ransom demands. Always these basic ideas that every gang, clan and cult do on a daily, just this time, it is a more important figure in SRP than a regular citizen of Karakura. I find this suggestion to be very basic and frankly, boring. What I am suggesting is similar to the idea of a purge, though, its set up as a tournament. Contestants will have 3 oocly days to gather a team of any amount, any social status, or even decide to compete solo. Then, on the day of the event, they will have 24 continuous icly hours of all crimes being legal. The goal of this tournament: Commit as much crime as possible. The rules of this event are quite simple.
1. Every crime is legal for 24 continuous icly hours.
2. Anybody of any social standing can participate. (EMS, Government Officials, KPD, Faculty, etc.)
3. You may have a group of any amount or be solo. Though, this group must have a name and some sort of identification. (Attire, Pins, Mask, etc.)
4. You must show oocly proof of your 'activity' during this Crime Tournament. (Screenshoots or clips)
5. Any and all weapons are allowed, excluding guns and tasers. These weapons will be hidden around the city for first come, first serve. (No customs)
6. There will be no EMS available until after the 24 icly hours, though, there will be med-kits available around the city for those injured.
7.There will be three places in the end, first, second and third. The prices will be:
1st place - 2 custom slots, 1 million yen
2nd place - 1 custom slot, 500,000 yen
3rd place - 250,000 yen
8. No perms or punishments will be gained/carried out OUTSIDE of this tournament. If you kill in this tournament, you will not be punished or harmed when the tournament ends.
9. Lastly, you must understand this is NOT an event that will be voided after the 24 icly hours are up, you WILL be sacrificing your character if you so choose to participate. You are only allowed one character for this event, no respawns, no entering another character.

What is the name of your gang?:
The name of our clan is the Kitsune Clan, named after the mythical white fox the founder dreamed of during his recovery from the Battle of Midway as a Japanese Imperial Naval Cadet.

What are the themes/morals/beliefs/motives of your gang?:
The Kitsune Clan was formed after the founder recovered from his injuries gained from the Battle of Midway as a Japanese Imperial Naval Cadet. Masaura Imai saw the damage it brought the people of Japan and was furious with his government. He formed the Kitsune Clan, a name after the mythical white fox seen in his dreams, to help the people. Whether it was legal or illegal assistance, the Kitsune Clan would bring dedication and honor.
Within the Kitsune Clan, it is a family, where everyone shows respect to those of higher-ranking and earns their respect in return. There is nothing given that is not earned, nothing taken that is not deserved. The clan upholds the Yubitsume tradition, which is the amputation of a joint off the left pinky finger. This finger is then presented to the Oyabun as a sign of respect and sincere apology for the wrong-doing of the brother (member). Another tradition this Yakuza upholds is the bowing in respect to your elders/higher-ranked officials. When the Oyabun, Wakagashira, Saiko-Komon, Shateigashira or the Kyodai come into view, it is seen as honorable to bow. One other thing this Yakuza puts into place is the Sakazuki, known as "sake cups". It refers to the formal swear in ceremonial process between the new member, current members and the oyabun.

What differs your gang from the rest of the unverified gang roster and other applicants?:
Most gangs seen around Karakura have one or two simple goals in mind: Chaos and Power. The Kitsune Clan doesn't care for the chaos of citizens nor the idea of endless power. The morals we hold are simply to help others that are in need, regardless if it is legal or illegal contributions. We bring a different view to criminal activity, acting as the quote, 'Robin Hood' figure of Karakura. We are there to help fight injustice, corruption and make the streets of Karakura a more peaceful place for those of normal social classes to live out their lives without the worry.

What reputation does the gang uphold in-character at the moment? Where are they most actively present?:
The Kitsune Clan is known to be seen as the 'Robin Hood' figures of Karakura. You will see us around town in our black and white kimono attire with ballistic masks, assisting the people in the illegal ways. Or, you may see us casually in our everyday clothes, paying for your medication or a new item such as a smartphone. Around the city, you will see our symbolistic white fox graffitied on the walls of Karakura, signifying that we are here, we are present, we will not hide.

Write a paragraph describing your gang and showcasing what they are capable of:
The Kitsune Clan is an organization built for the people. Whether is it legal or illegal contributions, the Kitsune Clan will bring dedication and honor to those in need. Founded in the mid 20th century after the end of World War II, Kitsune Clan dedicated their aid to the people of Japan in effort to heal the country from the devastation of the war. Now, in the modern day in Karakura city of Japan, the Kitsune Clan is made up of honorable brothers and sisters in arms with the mindset focused on the phrase, 'For the people.'

Extra Note:
I know this 'extra' part isn't listed within the format for applying for unverified status. Though, I know after I post this, all of my clan will be coming to read this application and I just wanted to take a moment and put in this application how thankful I am to them all. They have worked their butts off, just as I have, for everything that has made this clan what it is today. Completing activity, developing characters, being patient with me as a leader- LOL! Most importantly, they put countless oocly hours into this clan alongside me and I just wanted to show my gratitude for every single one of you. I sincerely love all of you guys and I am so happy to be your leader, so happy to be a part of something with you all. No matter what the outcome, this is so much fun to just be in! I love you guys <3​
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Level 85

Thank you for taking the time to make an application. Sadly I'll be denying this one this time due to a few reasons, if you would like to know you are more than welcome to message me on discord so we can chat and hopefully work out what the gang can work on to get accepted next time!​

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