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Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

IGN (In-Game Name):


Previous bans:


Describe your activity on the server?:

Normally 2-6 hours on weekdays. 5-8 hours on weekends or whenever I'm free. Because I'm being homeschooled right now, I can hop on anytime whenever I finish my work.

Which timezone are you in?:

The time zone I'm in right now is Brunei, which would be GMT8+.

Do you have discord? If so what is it?:

Yes, I do. chyeonsuk#0066.

Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:

Yes, I do.

List your current and past applications:

None. This is my very first time applying for an application ever since I started playing SRP back in 2017.

What experiences do you have with Detail RP?:

I do not have any experience with Detail RP and I would like to try it someday too.

What is your motivation to apply for EMS and how will you benefit our medical team?:

My biggest motivation is to help improve the EMS staff in SRP. I have seen most EMS staff are super inactive in-game. So, I would love to help around as much as I can for Karakura city.

Lastly, I want to help citizens to live for the best for their own health and physiques, to prevent viruses, diseases and a lot more.

Which medical role are you applying for? (e.g: Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist):

The role I am applying for is a Surgeon.

Specify your knowledge for the role you’re applying for:

Surgeons are responsible for the preoperative diagnosis of the patient, for operating, and for providing the patient with postoperative surgical care and treatment. Surgeons would help out during an emergency, for example when someone got into an accident, the surgeon would have to rush to the operation room to standby and wait to proceed with the surgery for the patient. During an operation, the surgeon must make important decisions about the patient's health and safety. It is an urgent matter for hospital staff to be aware of a lot of things happening in the city of Karakura.

Categorise all the functions of the EMS and tell us what each of them does:

Duties of Dispatchers:
• Answer emergency and non-emergency calls.
• Take information from the caller and send the appropriate type and number of units.
• Determine from the caller the type of emergency and its location.
• Give over-the-phone medical help and other instructions before emergency personnel get to the scene.
• Monitor and track the status of police, fire, and ambulance units on assignment.
• Work in communication centres called Public Safety Answering Points.
• Work between 8 to 12 hours and sometimes 24-hour shifts.

The Roles and Responsibilities of EMS Staff:
• Readiness.
• Safety.
• Advocate.
• Maintain effective communication skills.
• Have a caring and patient attitude.
• Ensure that patients receive care that is in their best interest.
• Ensure that patients receive continuous care and transfer.
• Maintain patient confidentiality.
• Maintain professionalism.

Clinical Manager

Clinical managers are the leaders of the EMS. Being the highest of the EMS roles, they are the ones overseeing the rest of their medical facility. Clinical managers work well to ensure the needs of the entire clinic. This Includes clinical leads, surgeons, doctors, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals that work in the facility.

Clinical Leader

The clinical lead is responsible for their specific subfaction, and the healthcare workers in it. The clinical leads will teach, help and oversee the other members they are responsible for ensuring that they and the rest of the team can maintain their standards in the EMS faction.


Surgeons are responsible to treat injuries, diseases, and any sort of deformities that only specific operations can do. They use a variety of tools, which varies from suture scissors to scalpels. A surgeon performs operations on a patient to correct physical deformities, repair bones and tissue that the body has endured.


Hospital doctors diagnose and treat different medical conditions, disorders, and diseases through medical skills and their extensive knowledge that they have gained through the training. Hospital doctors can work in numerous medical emergencies from medicine, infant delivery and much more. They are to treat those people who have been sent to the hospital or admitted through emergency circumstances.


A psychiatrist specializes in psychiatry, they specialize in and are devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are the doctors who evaluate their patients admitted into the hospital to determine whether the symptoms the patients are experiencing is a result of direct physical illness or mental things such as stress, anxiety and other things that factor into the illnesses.

Are you aware of the basic medical emergency colour codes? If so, with their meanings, specify all those you’re aware of:

Code blue: When heart or respiration stops.
Code brown: It's used to indicate severe weather.
Code clear: When it is announced when an emergency is over.
Code grey: When there is a combative person in the hospital.
Code silver: When there is a weapon or hostage situation.
Code orange: When some chemical hazardous spills.
Code pink: When there is infant abduction, pediatric emergency or obstetrical emergency.
Code red: When there is a fire emergency.
Code white: When there is a neonatal emergency or, in other hospitals, an aggressive person.

Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?

Yes, I do acknowledge that.

Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Hospital Staff role?

Yes, I do agree to be 100% dedicated to the Hospital Staff role.

Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorised to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?

Yes, I do acknowledge that matter.

Do you acknowledge that you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?

Yes, I do acknowledge.

In-Character (IC) Section


Tell us about your character, how they look, what makes them unique?

About my character,
For the first inspiration, we have the casual look that she would be wearing most of the time during the high school year. A forest colour looking jacket with a white casual tee shirt inside. Matching up with black sweatpants. She usually wears this whenever there's no school or work and whenever she is comfortable around friends and family. Second, she would has this black outfit that made her look attractive by wearing to occasions and events. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and double eyelids. She also has short hair that whenever she's outside, she would style her hair and it'll look silky and attractive. Her height is 6'11 and she weights 52kg.

What he's like on and off the job?

When she's on job, she is a very kind, caring, helpful and understanding person. She is glad to help anyone who is in need without any hesitation.

When she's off work, she gets into her comfy outfit, goes around the city to walk around and go out with friends to party or events. She would go by the beach to feel the wind or fish too from time to time. On her free time, she would go by the school and help too.

Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?

Her outlook on her co-workers is that she would tell them where to improve if they ever did anything wrong. She would understand them if they're in a bad mood or is having a bad day. She sometimes would bring snacks and bread during breaks to share with them too.

Yuzuki's plans for the future would be finding a soulmate who would live long with her until the very end of the world. She would love to travel around the world as well and would teach her children about Karakura, where she grew up in for knowing how beautiful the city actually is. If once retired, she would want to help for charity from a company or the school.

Does your character have any past / current mental and or physical illnesses we should take acknowledgement to?

She has social anxiety and eczema, but she is strong enough to face the world after what has happened to her before.

(Make sure this biography/lore has 100+ words.)

Yuzuki Asada was born in April 20, 1996.

She was raised in Karakura, the City of Japan, which she dearly love and cherish, even though her family blood is a mixture of Japanese and Chinese The bad side it that, she grew up in a really abusive family. Her dad, Kazuko, was an alcoholic and a drug user. Her mom, Niko, was a detective and her uncle, Yamato, was a surgeon. Niko died from an accident back in 2003 and she didn't survive. Yamato died from getting murdered by Yuzuki's dad, after all, it was accidental but Kazuko still got his death sentence and died. Niko was a proud detective, everyone respected her. Yamato is a surgeon that Yuzuki really looks up too, she wanted to follow up her uncle's dream and continue walking in that path for her family's name. She wanted to avenge her uncle and for what her dad did. Yamato died from blood loss during the murder, Kazuko used sharp pieces of glass to stab right into his chest and the EMS arrived too late for the rescue. Yuzuki studied really hard to get onto her uncle's level of intelligent and kindness of becoming a surgeon. In the year 2021, she finally applied for a surgeon application in Karakura and now she's hoping to get in. Although Yuzuki is very traumatised by what her dad did, she still has not forgotten about her mom and uncle. She loves and misses them dearly.

SECTION 1: Personal Details

Characters Full Name:

Chai Bei Wen Yuzuki Asada

Characters Title (e.g, Mr Mrs Miss):


Characters Given Name(s):


Characters Preferred Name:

Yuzu, Zuki or Chai

Characters Age:

17 right now, but I would like to be 25.

Characters Gender:


Characters Religious Domination:


Characters Marital Status:


Characters Nationality:


SECTION 2: Academic Details

Years of Residency:


Working Experience(s):

Used to volunteer working in 11/7 before.

Academic Degree:

Master's Degree and P.H.D

Year of Graduation:



Human Physiology and Biology


Chemistry and Physics

Native Languages:

Japanese and Chinese

Other Languages:


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We appreciate you applying, and we hope you're glad to hear your application has been accepted! Please refer to the Karakura Emergency discord upon seeing this​

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