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Hello! I'm YonioTheNacho, (Also known as Yonio), a member of the SchoolRP 3D-Modelling team! In this thread, I will cover everything you'll need to know if you're uncertain of which modeler you should choose before requesting your custom item, and hopefully, I can convince you to choose me when it comes to the models I'm the most proficient at!

Before we get to the actual portfolio, I will make it clear which are the requests I will be keen on taking, which will usually be the ones I'm the best at. In any case, you can always request anything and I will try my best to fulfill it, but it might take longer than expected, or perhaps there's simply another modeler who's better at certain items than me!


- Masks
- Toys / Plushies
- Toy Weapons
- Real Weapons
- Glasses
- Drinks
- Hats
- Fans
- Hair Bows
- Phones
- Food

- Vehicles
- Backpacks

- Guitars





This section will be updated each month to showcase the model that I'm the proudest of during that month.
This should also help you decide if my style is the one you're looking for!

Welding Mask 'Wyborn' (made for FeelinAnxiety)

Thanks for taking the time to go over my portfolio and check out my style! We deeply appreciate your
support for the RPH community, and hope that you're pleased with our services! See you in DMs!

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