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zxxo's (2nd) doctor application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by zxxo, Aug 8, 2020.

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    - Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section -

    What is your current IGN that you're applying for?: I am pertaining the account zxxo for this role; although, for your consciousness, I have an alternative account registered as "cryptozoologyy" (now it's zxxoo)

    What timezone and province are you in?: My timezone is EST, (Eastern Standard Time) as I am districted in Florida.

    Are you authorized with Discord, if so what is your account I.D?: I do have Discord, as of right now I am currently as most operative on it. My account I.D is; zero.#4720

    How long have you assisted yourself on SRP, (School Roleplay)?: To my comprehension as of today, I have been taking part of SRP for four and a half, or five years. I am not completely aware of the actual date, though to sum it up I'd say four years in total.

    Do you have any current and or recent punishments, mainly bans or warns?: I ensure myself not to act unsophisticated or childish whilst on the server, this answer resolves to a hard no. I do not have any concurrent cases on my record.

    If you had applied for any other applicants on our server, please list all; including denied threads:
    College Student (1st) - Accepted
    College Student (2nd) - Accepted
    College Student (3rd) - Accepted
    College Professor - Accepted
    School Inspector - Accepted
    Police Officer - Accepted
    Black Market Dealer - Accepted
    Hospital Staff (1st) - Accepted
    Office Assistance - Accepted
    Office Manager - Accepted
    Staff Application (1st) - Accepted
    Staff Application (2nd) -
    Inactivity Denial
    Staff Application (3rd) - Accepted
    Several language / Character Authorization applications, [I feel as if these are unecessary to put, although all of mine have been accepted.]

    What is your motivation and enthusiasm for applying?: I have varies of individual reasons behind my impulse of applying for EMS; I've always been attentive within the medical industry as of in real life alongside online. Proceeding along with that thought, I've engrossed myself into doing real documented research about medicative, salutary and pharmaceutic manners to assist my acknowledgement within the position I wish to obtain. Having this thrill for such an active role makes me grap the thought upon applying for what I wish to acquire. Additionally being an ex EMS, second head exactly; I've been knowledgeable and proficient with my fascination alongside involvement amongst the Hospital entirely. I've forwarded my clench to this opportunity to today with consistent necessity for this role.

    What EMS position/orientation are you applying for?: As of my last time assisting in EMS, I am going to be applying for Doctor once more; it fits my knowledge more as I have an adjustable amount of apprehnesion within this position.

    What information / general knowledge do you know about with the role you're applying for?:
    As I advertised within my motive question, I am exceptionally cultivated and knowledgeable of medical approcahes, proceedings and the professionalism behind the entire medical industry. I'm organized with several scenarios which advanced me within my own RP, what I mean by organized is that I am rather more aware than most on how to heal injuries in my own hands. As of those years of clear individual practice, I have been vigorously aware of what performances must be advanced with. Recently, I've down my own personal research of pharmaceutic and medicative critcials. Within this position, my knowledge must be recognized by not only the players in need of my representations, though also my colleagues.

    Are you aware of any of the medical color-codes which are demonstrated for emergencies?:
    I am completely aware of each and every code as I have several Hospital documents from my last partnership within the role, I've studied them all last-night in cooperation of this application.

    Color Code Red
    - represents a fire is within the interior or close to the Hospital's property, it alarms the staff to execute the dangerous scenery with patients and other colleagues.

    Color Code Blue - represents a medical emergency is materlializing within the Hospital or there's an upcoming patient proceeding into the Hospital with an urgent, life-and-death contusion.

    Color Code Pink - represents a current, ongoing infant/child abduction taking apart from the Hospital.

    Color Code Orange - represents that there is a hazardous, intoxicant spill which may cause toxic fumes, fire, etc;

    Color Code Silver - represents that there's an active, armed figure / gunman within the interior or exterior of the Hospital.

    Color Code Violet - represents that there is a current abuser / physcial enforcement causing harm and combat to either a patient, client and or staff.

    Color Code Yellow - represents disaster, in other meanings, distruction of the Hospital that may be effective to our staff and or patient.

    Color Code Brown - represents severe weather upcoming, this includes tornado's, hurricane's, snow storms and or tropical storms that our staff have to be aware of to ensure patients and clients are kept safe in-doors.

    Color Code White - represents complete evacuation of the Hospital; this code will be announced in an urgent manner for whatever listed reasoning at that current moment.

    Do you acknowledge that each position has a set minimum age limit?: I am completely aware of this factor, I am currently already twenty-six; I will configure some sort of age-change with an Administrator/Senior whenever I choose to do so. That new represented age may be around 30-35.

    Are you aware that if you are inactive for an excessive amount of time, you will be demoted?: I am figured to this rule, I do also respect it; if I were to go inactive for longer than a month, I'd content the Head Physician with a resignation.

    List all the EMS roles and their mandatory proceedings:
    Head Physician
    is appointed by the government, alongside recommendation and approval; the head constructs and proceeds the Hospital into enforcement and control; They're in permit of the Administation most imporantly; alongside conserving the Hospital entirely into an efficient work-force.
    Clinical Managers is appointed by the head, they're practically second in charge, league of Clinical Lead's- they're in awareness of all Adminstration, keeping acknowldgement if they're correctly coordinating their position properly.
    Clincal Leads are in charge of the heads within each position department, they are in authority into ensuring that their represenitives are personalizing correctly.
    Surgeons are superior within procedure knowledge amongst patiences, they can patrol most measures and proceedings, however they may not participate themselves within psychological commissions.

    Doctors are in construct of handling appointments, schedules, mandatory injuries, alongside surgerical measures if a surgeon isn't in attendance for that immediate procedure.
    Nurses advertise themselves to exactly what a Doctor would do, though it's rather more configured by female Hospital Staff.
    Psychiatrist approve themself in the mindset of a client, they're mandatory for theraputic manners amongst the Hospital; they may assist Hospital Staff and of course patients in general, their real appoint is to configure either physical or mental stradegized movements for the client to proceed into their goal. Either that's conducting a grap of gratitude, a content life, away from dragging suicidal thoughts and or bodily configurment.

    - In Character (IC) Knowledge -

    How is your character during and off the job?:
    Senndokou Herrington, the applicant for Doctor, usually obtains a rather professional reputation, alongside administrating as an associate in the Myriad Tower's, he has an expanded knowledge within buisiness. Partaking in several jobs, he's grown to have more materialized words to proceed with, alongside having prosperous manners and enlightments. He has a rather straightforward attitude amongst his colleagues, to make sure they're conflicting correctly within their role, however he maintains that into a peaceful tone so it doesn't come off as aggressive. Having this advantage, he approaches into an increasing league, causing him to promote into his next appearance. Senndokou can be a massive manipulator, keeping a rather mischiveous personalization, he misleads a lot of civilians thinking he's more-so intimidating, or even menacing. With this quality, he has the ascendancy to keep things strictly in order.

    How would you describe your characters appearance?:
    Senndokou is a male who is currently 6'3" in height, and obtains a formal attire throughout working hours and disclosing hours; he tends to keep his hair soft and gray, however he ended up dyeing it a honey-brown, soon to be a black, his hair is messy, not exactly jelled in any sort of manner. His eyes are a soft, dark gray naturally, however he now compliments himself with hazel brown contact lenses causing him to have a match with his dyed hair-choice. Upon the right side of his neck is alongside the left side of his jawline due to him getting in an accidental armed crime; he was the victim however. His profile is fit and active, more-so skinny representation though muscular.

    Does your character have any mental or physcial illnesses we should be acknowldeged of?:
    Currently Senndokou doesn't, though a few months back he had been approached by an officer, soon enough tripping and injuring his right leg causing him to advance his walking with a cane.

    - Characters Background -

    (Permitted by the head to reconstruct my old background)

    Senndokou is rather unique in my eyes due to his natural personality and attitude towards things; along with his skills throughout different tasks. If anything comes upon him that he hasn't attempted throughout his 26 years of living, he will be active about it and try it; he seems to like to try different things to understand the skill of it and of course to grasp upon the experience. Senndoku is a creative, straightforward, optimistic and proactive with everything he really does.. Not many like to shift themselves into new roles once every 3 months.

    Senndokou Herrington was born in Seoul, Korea for around 10 years of his life before his family decided to move to Incheon, Korea for a better opportunities in working and for a better education for Senndokou. Senndokou went to two different schools throughout middle-school, during the natural school year he went to Incheon Global Campus. After the natural school year, Senndokou went into active legal governmental assassination school to be skilled with combat for his later future jobs.. He dreamed of becoming a legal hitman for the government to help hunt down the criminals throughout his cities. He took pride into both of his schools till graduation, graduating with perfect test scores and complete GPI's. After finishing both middle-school and high-school, he decided to go into two different colleges, one being from the start of his natural school year. Learning psychology, marketing and law enforcement. After the natural school year of college, during summer her decided to go back into a more 'interesting' college; it was for all beginners who wanted to become something which would be in the government profession; he chose to be two things in his first four years. An officer and Doctor; he wasn't quite finish with his schooling in the medical side throughout those four years, however he finished being an trained officer in college, moving on to applying to actually be one. He was accepted into a force, which was KPD, short for "Karakura Public Defender". He wasn't moved into Karakura, Japan just yet, he applied online. Senndokou was already known of the Japanese language as his language was somewhat similar already. After a few months of planning and saving a bit more, he was capable of moving to Karakura, focusing on KPD for a year or two before going back into college when he was around 24, after doing so he finished the remanding two years of medical practice in college, earning his medical degree. Senndokou finally reached his goal in education; upholding three perfect majors and degrees. Psychology, Marketing, Law Enforcement and the two he is currently in right now, Police Academic and Medical Degree.

    Section One: Personal Details
    Full Legal Name:
    Senndokou Sinjun Herrington
    Titled Pronouns: Mr. Herrington and or Dr. Herrington
    Given Names(s) Senn / Senndoko Herrington
    Preferred Name: Senndokou, whilst in duty, Mr. Herrington
    Current Age: Currently twenty-six
    Gender/Sex: Male.
    Religious Denomination: Atheist.
    Marital Status: Currently single.
    Nationality: Korean/Japanese
    Current Location: Karakura, Japan
    Section Two: Academic Details
    Years of Residency:
    Eleven years.
    Working Experience: Senndokou personalizes in professionalism, within the police enforcement he appointed his reputation with pure opitmism. He also carried into educating at the Academy as a Physchology Professor, alongside in management of store residences.
    Academic Degree: Masters Degree
    Year of Graduation: Graduated in the year of 2018.
    Major(s): Psychology, Marketing, Law Enforcement; along with Police Academic and Medical.
    Minor(s): Cultured Studies & Art, Engineering
    Native Languages: Japanese
    Other Languages: Korean, Jin are the main authorized languages, though he can speak several others.
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