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A Lore-Team Application! | RandomlyMissing

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Fatalified, Sep 1, 2020.

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    ~ My Lore-Team application! ~


    DISCLAIMER!I do not have fancy formatting skills so I will NOT be inserting fancy titles.
    I would like people to know that I have also put my heart and mind in creating this application, hence why there may be several slightly personal details (which I am comfortable with sharing) to prove my points! There have been a few changes / edits to this application as I have noticed a few irrelevant mistakes, please do not mind them. If you wish to continue, please make sure you have time and patience to read through the entirety of it. Enjoy!


    RandomlyMissing, my alt account is Demirani (I was formerly known as Missofit on my main).

    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?:


    What is your timezone/What country are you from?- Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?:

    My time zone is CEST (or GMT+2), as I live in Germany. I do have a microphone, it is therefore not the best quality since it is attached to my headset, but it is decent enough for me to communicate VIA discord!

    Have you applied for a community team? If so, link your previous apps:

    This is the first community team application I have posted so far, excluding the other applications like college or languages.

    Do you recognize you could be removed from community team?

    Yes, I fully acknowledge that I could be removed from the Lore Team at any moment if I do not step up to its expectations and requirements, and I will take full responsibility for what I have done wrong.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.

    I am an ordinary high school student, which means that the return of school will almost certainly influence my activity, progress and possibly my mentality during the more busy phases, like exam weeks (which will only happen twice as of this year) and important projects. I am perfectly aware that real-life responsibilities ought to be prioritized over anything else, although this does not mean that it will prevent or even stop me from working efficiently for the alternate responsibilities I have decided to handle during my spare time. This also gives me a motivation to handle my working schedule with responsibility and ensure my success more easily, which presents an advantage to all parties. As now as I am writing this application, I am ready to fully abide to the Lore Team’s schedule that is in my range and favorable time of the day, and to gladly dedicate my free time and hard work for improving the experience on SRP for the whole community.

    Another problem which may prove worrying for my development on the team is the still-existing language barrier. Unlike the entirety of the current Lore Team, I do not live in an English-speaking country- my native language is therefore not English. I have been learning the language for about four years from now and have made significant progress both speaking-wise and writing-wise… there is therefore still a certain amount of improvement that is required for me to involve myself in remarkably serious projects and situations. This language barrier could prove to be a problem for my first experiences in the Lore Team, but I believe that my time as one of their members could slowly resolve the issue.

    The third issue brings up one of the few aspects I have brought up in the first paragraph of this answer: my mental health. It is likely for me to go through emotional phases at times, which may influence my behavior towards others and the effort put in my projects, and usually the way I formulate my sentences. I do not believe this matter is too important, compared to the previous two, because I can determine what is good for myself, and what to do or avoid when overcoming mental troubles (I usually rely on my own distracting methods or spend time with close friends to let the matter fade away). What I just mentioned is the main reason why I am fond of friendly environments, and I do believe the Lore Team matches this environment perfectly.

    Last of all, an issue that I've hesitated about including as it is not a frequent matter and something that does not involve the rest of the team, only my activity… the issue here is the fact that I often travel to other countries during the holidays to visit family and relatives. I am bringing this up because it may influence my activity on the team and make me incapable of attending meetings verbally. I achieve most of my projects and work on my PC, which could prove troublesome when I need to travel anywhere… though I do bring a laptop with me in order to fulfill any eventual written tasks that present themselves, and possibly resolve the inactivity issue. The laptop I own is also capable of running SRP properly, with OptiFine.

    What makes you different from other applicants?:

    I believe that one’s motivation, devotion and interest does not make them different from any other: it is a normal aspect that each individual has for what they are interested in, so I will not rant about it more than needed or awaited.

    But what I just stated does not make me entirely ordinary: there are a few things about me that would make you at first question why I am interested in working for the Lore-Team, specifically. Unlike most applicants, and the team itself, I am not a native English speaker, as mentioned in the previous part of this application. I am from France: my native language is therefore French (although it does have very few similarities to English unlike certain languages that are not derived from Latin, which makes it a little easier for me to understand it). The French language is known for being overall complicated to grasp and memorize (like most other languages, which varies from every individual’s perspective), due to its vast range of vocabulary when used in literature. It is a very important aspect of the language and it's influenced my motives in various ways.

    Moving to Germany back in my younger years also influenced my ability to memorize easily, as I had to learn German in what seemed like much of a hurry. Slowly, over time, I started to notice that I felt a burning passion towards the knowledge of languages- more precisely literature itself. Starting from my first year of middle school, when I was 10, I had started to learn English on my own, developing a large quantity of interest towards the language, as it was used for many little, yet important things that I enjoyed doing…

    I have made lots of progress with English in the span of four years, and I would therefore like to improve it to larger extents by taking the opportunities that are available to me. Sharpening my ability to write and my knowledge of the English vocabulary is what I hope to reach during my time in the Lore team, as well as serving as an official Lore writer to make SRP an even better place than it already is.

    Here is a quick fact: Many people (usually my friends) know me for usually writing a lot when messaging on discord, sometimes way more than needed!

    What makes you passionate about writing?:

    (Quick note before reading: this section of the application may include the most rather personal details that I believe had to be included for my motive to be justified, since I take it seriously. If you believe you do not have the patience to go through it, I would recommend you not to.)

    There are a few causes of my passion that I have already brought up in previous questions, hence why I will bring them up here once again. I would first like to take a moment to note that passion does not have the same meaning for everyone, as there are little things that I think need to be explained before going further into detail. From what I have noticed, its meaning can range from a blessing, what motivates an individual to move forward and work towards who they want to become, and who they are. But it can also be considered a curse due to the very simple event of change. Passion hooks one’s very dedication, which can unfortunately become harmful for the involved individual when the very motive itself behind the passion is obstructed or changed to the worst, and it is something to be careful about.

    In my case, the explanation that I’ve just given about passion associates with the very reasons behind why writing is such an important part of my life, from my younger years till now, until my life makes its way to a new path. I am hereby explaining the entirety of the reasons behind my motive, that has led to the overwhelming passion I have for writing today.

    My motive was first born when I got introduced to reading, at a young age. My younger self was extremely fond of bed stories… there was not a single time where I wouldn’t insist for another story before ending the day. As I aged up, I started to find my own books to read as soon as I had available spare time, whether it was from the school’s library to random volumes found in the house’s living room. This lasted for several years, reading ended up as my favorite enjoyment because it delved my mind in different universes, one’s stories, and every single detail that makes reading enjoyable for an individual. Another reason behind my choice to dedicate my time to reading is the fact that I really liked, and still like to spend time on my own. It is a way for me to contemplate my day, my ideas, and meditate on my mindset.

    Soon after the younger years, when middle school entered my life, I started to gain interest in the spiritual, philosophical and hidden aspects of literature. This was mainly influenced by one of the subjects I take, French, which focuses on literature in the later years of school, including middle school.
    Writing is the main way for an author to express themselves: through their ideas and unlimited amount of meanings made by connections of aspects that are only found and analyzed when giving thought to their work, and it is a very important topic to me, one that I would like to focus on in the future.

    This aspect gave me a new motivation, which took me a while to realize as I was not old enough to understand, and too unfocused on the different perspectives of different people (which is now something I am insanely intrigued about).
    I became extremely hooked to creative reading and writing at the time as it became a way for me to avoid eventual troubles- or reality itself, my entire days were spent by doing so.

    I have heard the same repetitive comment from people in multiple encounters, I was aware that I was being considered asocial for never spending time away from books, which did reach to me. My motive was therefore too strong to stop.
    Reading and writing are my methods for understanding my surroundings, why things are and act the way they are. These two activities compensate my lack of manifestation in social groups and my uneasiness around things that are foreign to me.

    Over time I started to gain confidence in my writing skills, mainly by expressing my ideas on paper, usually as private writing. More ideas started to come to my mind, and I ended up finding myself storming with thoughts on how to develop them and bring them to life! My motivation for elaborating one single idea can last for months, even years, which would usually be enough to finish any project (the exception to this is listed in the next question), and it is why I believe my passion would be in good use for the Lore Team, and carrying this motivation.

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:

    I do not have any official experiences with lore, or writing in general, but I am one of the people who are extremely fond of anything that has to do with stories, hidden meanings, or simply lore. I have been introduced to role-play video games at the age of 5 (my family was playing a game called Overlord), and have played many roleplaying games ever since, like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Diablo II and Path of Exile (which were particularly interesting lore-wise, because there is a hidden story behind the entirety of the game’s universes. It gave out an intentional mysterious vibe to the people who played the game), and my passion for role-playing led me to playing on SRP as of today.

    Apart from these technical aspects, there are a few notable attempts that have been made by me in the past. I had started a project led by my own imagination and a few sources of inspiration from my favorite books and stories at the age of 11, although I did not want to let anyone know about it- not even my family, due to the young fear of being judged, which I have recovered from by most parts. The project had reached over 25,000 words at the time being, which were abruptly reduced to nothingness, as I made the decision to cancel it after a few weeks of writing. I had lost all pride and interest after reading through what I had created- one reason being the Writer’s block: a writer’s common problem, and another reason being the lack of detail and organization.

    This project was started again several months after the first attempt, because I saw potential in the idea that I had elaborated for such a long time- I did not want to give up on it without giving it another try. I had reached the age of 12 when I revamped the entirety of the project, making sure to add more detail to each aspect I had presented with words.

    The story had a fantasy- and supernatural-like aesthetic added to it (as it was one of my favorite genres back in the time): connections between the real universe and an alternate, purely imaginary universe, mixed with unnatural phenomenons, masses of mythical creatures- some being hostile livings like dragons, sirens, and much more. The world I had created would merge the human lifestyle with an overwhelming aspect of wilderness, in which the presence of a human protagonist would reassure the readers, preparing them for an inner adventure in the imaginary world’s many mysteries.

    Another experience I have with writing is the private diary I’ve held for a year and a half as of now. Ever since the first day, I have loved to take a seat during the evening to write about my day, and most important of all, express my feelings and thoughts. Even though the first half of the spoken-of diary was written in French (the second half in English), I believe that it has increased my abilities of expressing myself clearly with words of my choice in both languages. It was not a school project or anything the like… this diary was a purely motivational and voluntary experiment of mine, that I had wanted to try for a long time.

    Last of all: What is lore to you?:

    To me, lore has a meaning that exceeds anything in importance in my life. The word “lore” could also be used as “backstory”, although there is a difference between the two, lore being a more complicated topic. Lore is the origin of everything, it is what made things the way it is today, the root of all ideas, ideologies and opinions, a form of development that applies to the past of the whole world just as much as its future, which is why I find it so fascinating to study and explore: it is unlimited. The aspect of lore is what made me and my surroundings to the way we are, what pushed my ideals and motivations forward, hence why I believe it is a large topic… it involves everything I can think of. It defines everything. The understanding of an individual’s mindset and their lifestyle was made and determined through their lore, or in other words, what has happened and changed them in the past, and that is a topic I desire to delve in, as understanding why people act the way they do is something I personally prioritize. Lore is the background of what is visible and perceivable by us, and without it, absolutely nothing would have meaning, and we would have never evolved to this day on forward.




    Write a 200-400 word story for a day in the world of Karakura.

    TOTAL WORD COUNT - About 860!

    The sound of a falling object would draw Akari out of her slumber. Groaning as she switched sides under her comfortable bed sheets, she would slowly become aware of the ticking sound that resonated in the little, dark room. She’d open her left eye, struggling to stare ahead of her. 6:27AM. . . Ugh, and it was a Friday, too. More rumbling dragged the violet haired high schooler’s attention, as she slowly turned her head around, telling her twin Karasu to relax with an annoyed tone.

    *SLAM!* Akari jumped in shock, instinctively grabbing onto her teddy-bear plushie as she shook her head around, searching for the origin of the bash. Behind her and her bed would stand a petite female with straight, newly combed brunette hair, who had just slammed the room’s door wide open, one foot inside. A warm smile would animate her face as she joyfully claimed:

    “Surprise, missies!”

    It was her older cousin, Aya Nagamine, who had allowed the two girls to reside under her roof in Block F until they were able to obtain their very own home. Akari, struggling to remain awake, would then pick up the very distinct smell coming from the kitchen. Could it be… Pancakes? She swiftly rushed out of her comfort spot, skipping steps from the ladder as she hurried out of the room, pushing her cousin out of the way as she let out a slight gasp. Freshly baked pancakes would lie on the bar kitchen’s counter. Aya was automatically forgiven.

    7:30AM. Asu, Ari and the college student were sitting by the kitchen’s table, enjoying the moment between sips and bites of a lovely snack. Her sister, a rather tall female with wavy bubblegum dyed hair, would have packed in a simple Nitro energy drink in her backpack, claiming it would suffice for their casual, yet not-so-ordinary journey. Aya was indeed perceivably shivering out of excitement after a failed attempt of containing her emotions… She had let them know about her brother, Kuniko, announcing his arrival in Karakura during the early evening. The two cousins were ready to be introduced to more family.

    The following hours were spent like any other school days. Race from their home to the school gates- which Aya won the most times, constantly thanking her countless hours of intensive practice. The school’s entrance, though, was always busy: hordes of students entering the complex, all leaving the few curious minds behind, who usually dared to peek at the grounds they could not penetrate… sometimes with what seemed like envy. Of what? We will never know.

    A blonde female would run up to Aya, jumping at her as the three students were walking the path that led to the school’s reception, blocking their sight from the ongoing match in the football pitch.
    “Sas!” Aya said, a note of surprise and joy in her tone as she wrapped her arms around the councillor, embracing her. “Dear lord, full of energy, aren’t you?”
    Akari watched her cousin run off with her best friend, as she let out a long sigh, turning towards Asu.
    “Class time.” She whispered, frowning at the idea of it.

    . . .

    Hours had passed, Ari was starting to feel exhausted. First and second periods of science with Ms. Iris were not the most pleasant. Screeching children at their door, ashamed troublemakers sent out, as usual. Then the short-lasting break, where she met up with her sibling, sitting under a lunch table reading their most recent possession: ‘101 Puns’, from which the author was unknown to them… shame. Third period they had spent together, studying drama with Annie Mondai, no scenes were made, luckily for their extremely shy and introverted personalities.

    Later freed from their responsibilities, they had joined Aya at her team’s lunch table. A purple haired, kind looking lady would sit at the brunette’s left, contemplating them with curiosity as she zipped her sport attire open, revealing a rainbow-colored jacket along with a clean, white tucked-in top. In front of Aya would rest two figures in the same, colorful uniform, and the similar cornflower-colored locks. At their left, in front of the girl named Eva would stand another female- who seemingly stood out for her posture, who had grabbed her bag, waving goodbye with a friendly smile and shiny, warm mint eyes.

    Akari had noticed the same people on her way out to the parc, accompanied by Karasu. Two silhouettes were racing on the tracks, both cheered by the same team students. They were practicing.

    . . .

    Late evening... The two pairs of siblings celebrated at their favorite bar in the city, swinging hollow trunks of glass, most filled with liquor as they let out cheerful yelps. The expression on Aya’s face had not escaped Ari’s thoughts, as she was presently sitting at the edge of her balcony, staring at the night sky as she was thinking back.

    CREDIT TO THESE USERS AND CHARACTERS ! :ShiniCupcake [Akari Yoru] , FantazyKitty [Karasu Yoru] , peachybbyx [‘Sas’ H. Dot] , RandomlyAccepted [Eva Kaneko Dot] , nyctophqny [‘Zuo’ Horiuchi] , etonnant [‘Zue’ Horiuchi] , DarlingShadonk [April Roselie], HighlightedTwin [Ms. Iris] , CherryRP [Annie C. D. Mondai] , ConMeraki [Kuniko ‘Niko’ Nagamine] .

    Additional note: The character ‘Aya Nagamine Allaire’ is my own, and the character I currently roleplay as.


    Write about your favorite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classrooms/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?

    TOTAL WORD COUNT – 900 :’)

    You would unexpectedly find your mind merging in a new environment. .

    …Brilliant, infinite extents of pale grains would spread across the shores, disappearing in the vast waves of glistering yale waters as they streamed over the surface, repetitively swallowing little masses of shiny pebbles with textures of fossils as they flowed. You would be facing the south coast of the looks of a tropical land, staring with astonishment at never-ending depths of the seas. Sudden, brisk breezes would howl towards you as they caught you short, filling your mind with the cool, salty scent of the foreign habitat you had landed in. You exhaled throughoutly, narrowing your teary eyes from the fresh gusts, the sounds of the storming swells crashing in the land filling the remaining space in your head.

    A sparkling flicker of light would then abruptly draw your subconscious back to the present. Your sight focused on the spectacle of flaming myriads of light coming from the masses of yale waters, which had ignited with the presence of the descending orb of blazes, as its reflection on the glistering surfaces suddenly brightened, blinding your still narrowed vision. Closing your eyes rapidly as you stepped to your left, merely a few inches from your original position, you would notice a change to the ground… as you dared to look down, staring at your left foot that had rested on an outstretched fabric, flannelled with carnelian, plum and indigo stripes, your mind lit up… you were not alone. Ahead of you were multiple more colored sheets of fabric, all aligned on the sands!

    Distant, riotous shrieks would catch your attention as relief streamed through your mind, chasing worries to nothingness. You had perceived movement behind the masses of wavering tropical greenery… what seemed like a round object, swinging from one side to another. Three small, agitated figures would run, bouncing at each side of a raised, transparent barrier, pushing the object out of their range, and would fill in the silence with yelps of excitement. Close in the field’s surroundings, as you focused your sight on the left, would reside a larger building in which the interior was visible… a tall figure would be moving, handing a glass full of liquid over to the counter. You would now be facing north… yet you had no time to contemplate it more. The round object had suddenly appeared in your sight once again, flying beside the building, towards the west. The object had landed in an abnormally shady sea of pale sand.

    Thriving ahead of you would be the silhouette of the likes of a… tower. You frowned in confusion. What did a mere tower have to do, this close to a beach? Your intrigued thoughts were stolen from you, as your feet were slowly walking their way towards the ominous form, distinguished in the dusk sky. Ascending the steps, arriving to a flat surface of stone bricks, you contemplated the shape. Shut windows were covering its upper facades, shrinking as they rose. At the top would reside a cylindric shape made of blood red glass.

    You had stumbled upon an abandoned lighthouse.

    The worn door creaked as you moved the handle, taking a step inside the walls of faded color. The unexpected darkness would overwhelm you, leaving you with a sensation of frigid shivers. Hesitatingly stepping further in the abyss, you picked up the form of a white column, surrounded by a spiral of attached stone. Your mind was brutally flooded with feelings of stress. You were restraining yourself, breathing heavily as a storm of thoughts took over… as suddenly, a loud noise was to be heard behind you.

    Everything blacked out.

    . . .
    To be continued.

    ...I have made my amazement of Karakura’s beach obvious in this short story. To me, the beach is a landscape full of memories and mysteries, as well as an environment of freedom and relief. The beach is what gave me the most inspiration in the entire map. My character Kaemi originates from tropical grounds, in Hawaii, and I ended up noticing the similarity of the vibe that the beach gave out to hers and decided to elaborate this idea in further detail. In the first lines of the written paragraphs, you can compare the described beach to her homeland, and in the rest, a full story about Karakura’s beach. Tropical vibes are by far my favorite and always have been... The second aspect that has intrigued me about the beach is the noticeable yet forgotten lighthouse. Once walking on the shore, I noticed a slight detail. Why was the lighthouse built if no outposts could welcome any ships- and, why at the very edge of the shore, right before the peaks? This fact bothered me for days, until I decided to explore this part of the map. I found the lighthouse empty. Not even the outside of the small tower had anything to show (which is today no longer the case) apart from a sewer entrance, close to the lighthouse, underwater, underneath the mountains. What if the lighthouse was related to events that happened in the past? If so, then what exactly is left of the past in the beach? Is it also related? The entirety of the landscape and its theory gave a haunted aesthetic, which brought me inspiration to write and elaborate a story in hopes of helping others understand my thoughts.

    Additional information!

    I have been playing SRP since May 22nd, 2020... that is roughly three months!

    Estimated time taken for this application:

    12 hours & 20 minutes (excluding breaks).


    -Thank you for reading and considering!-

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    After a long period to think about your application, I'm sorry to say that as a team we've decided to deny you. The effort put into your application is appreciated, but there's effort put in the wrong places.
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