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Acceptance/LGBTQ+ club application


Level 7
Rich Kid++
IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name): Reedmarkable

RPName of Club Leader: Makoda Okiku 'Kiku' H. Dot

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#): Ai#8027


What is the Official Title of the Club: Acceptance club (Sums up to an LGBTQ+ club)

Your current Members RPName & IGN:
Blaire Hashirama | TSWinter
Haru Missy Kenji | HaruSanRP
Sergio San Angelo | QwQMeHarderSegsy
Eun 'Kian' Yoshi | BanterIsAnEgirl
Oscar 'Ar' DM. Aldridge | QwQMeHarderUncle
Myeong Hanasaki | OrangeRP

What is your Motivation for Creating this Club:
My motivation for this club is that we need people to know that Karakura is a safe place for anyone, no matter the sexuality or gender. Everyone in the club had dealt with and knows the pain of having to accept yourself proudly instead of hiding it from anyone and everyone, so we made this club for them to know they can be themselves and not pretend to be another. We hope that everyone knows they are welcome to Karakura and this club could help them understand that our school is safe for every person, meaning that every single person in the school is welcomed. The members and I, have all been motivated towards expressing ourselves in a way of showing that we accept ourselves and so should others. Many do fear and feel uncomfortable with sharing they are apart of the LGBTQ+ since they think others will hate them, never talk to them again, or not accept them. But here! No matter what we will support you since we know the pain of hiding.

What Events could your Club do?:
1. A pool party that all LGBTQ+ can go to and supporters, with snack stands and game booths. We could also do beach days where anyone who is in LGBTQ+ and/or supports can come, there could be stands for snacks and items, karaoke, contests, etc.
2. An event to learn about LGBTQ+ history so people understand what LGBTQ+ is all about. Something for people to go up on stage and accept who they are and say it loudly and proudly what their sexuality is and their pronouns.
3. A charity event for the EMS and KPD since they work so hard and so they can get more equipment instead of always keeping the same old things.
4. An event for all the LGBTQ+ faction members such as, teachers, professors, doctors, police, shrine maidens, etc. which they can express themselves and what they are within people either close to them or just within the faction they are in.
5. Pride day at school where we can have a day supporting LGBTQ+ to make it feel like home for others and help others come out to be accepted if they're scared to come out as they fear of rejection.

How could your Club benefit the School?:
1. This club can benefit the school by letting everyone in school know that Karakura high school/college is a LGBTQ+ friendly school meant for anyone and everyone within the school age range or even not within school. No matter what this club wants everyone to know Karakura is a safe place for everyone and anyone!
2. This club may help others accept themselves instead of thinking of themselves as someone they aren't and making themselves change since they don't know how to explain it to others they trust with it, and accepting themselves for who they are and what they want to be no matter what happens.
3. This may also help the school since it can make others feel like themselves and let them be who they would like to be instead of hiding it and being afraid that no one will accept them, but with this club we always accept anyone's sexuality and pronouns no matter what!
4. Acceptance club can help others feel more comfortable around the school knowing that the high school/college accepts anyone no matter what they are, they should know this school is meant for anyone and everyone and it shouldn't matter what they are since Karakura is also a safe place for all LGBTQ+ members whatever the case it

Could your Club benefit from a club room or space on school grounds? If so, how?:
I think it's best if we had a club room in the school as it'd help them become more comfortable as it'd just be us and the club members and the supervisor. I believe it'll help make them more comfortable in coming out and being accepted as they are; Gender & Sexuality wise, I also strongly believe it'd be safer for them as well as helping them become more comfortable as they are. If possible, we could decorate the room a bit with rainbows, pictures of the members, etc.

Does your club have a supervising Professor/Teacher? If so, who?: Yes, we do have a supervisor which would be, Momoko "Momo" Shimizu | Sithness, who is a Teacher.

Is your club global, or only open to specific students?: Our club is global, open to anyone at all! No matter what we don't want anyone to be or feel excluded at all, since we know it would be unfair.
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Level 186

- Congratulations! Your Club has been accepted. Next thing you need to do;

- Locate the Academic Discord and @WiffyBanter in #help. This will allow me to give you your Discord role. While doing this send me a DM to confirm you still want to run the Club and that you've seen this message.​

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