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Accepted art__class | Event Team Application


Level 6
Community Team
Event Coordinator


What is your Minecraft Username:
My main account is titled art__class, but my alt goes by fart__class. Comedic, no?

Describe your activity as a player of the server:

If my activity was to be placed into a graph, it would be titled linear - with a few dips and curves like a spline graph. However, if I were to rank myself on a scale from zero to ten, I’d place myself in between the eight and nine.

As a member of multiple elements such as teams, tailoring, and shops all revolving around the server like planets to the sun, I’d like to believe I’m quite active when I can be. In detailed formalities, my activity can fluctuate depending on the time along with the day. In length, I wrote my weekly time frames of availability, along with my OOC and IC responsibilities. When written out, it looks like I am quite busy, but in reality, I have learned over the past four years of playing SRP how to manage my time wisely. For a shorter and more direct timeline of availability, there is a chart below.

I hold two responsibilities: being a part of the sports faction and working three IC jobs. I am a part of the High School Cheer team, and the practices happen on Fridays and Saturdays, give or take there’s no OOC emergency with myself or the captain. Listed below on Fridays and Saturdays via the chart, there is a time of unavailability - as those are when practice occurs. As far as IC jobs go: I work La Casa Nostra, Dear Karakura, along with Yudokuna, so at certain times (which truly do vary depending on OOC availability of the shop owner) I would be working at those shops.

Despite how often my time on /seen ranges from three hours to thirteen, I also have OOC responsibilities to attend to. Currently, I am a university student, taking online classes which allows me to create my schedule and make it more flexible. 2 PM is when I tend to stop working on my university courses, but there will be instances when I cannot fully complete my assignments. With that being said, on Wednesdays and Fridays, I can log on roughly after 3 PM compared to my normal 2 PM. Along with my university assignments, I work for four tailoring servers: Euphoria, Misfits, Takagi, and Uemara. My time is split between working on commissions equally for the majority of them, though in Euphoria, creating magazines, and keeping my managerial position takes more. When I am online, there are a few chances I will dedicate time to creating pieces or designing magazines: but that should and will not be a problem when it comes to being needed for events.

Listed below are the general timelines (written in my timezone) that I can be a functioning member of society without sounding like a complete idiot on the physical server - though chances are I’m able to respond on Discord at any point in time.


Please provide any previous faction applications you have created, whether accepted or denied:
EMS - Nurse Application

EMS - Psychiatrist Application


Provide your Discord and confirm if you have a microphone:
My discord username is titled nahtuhlee. I do own a microphone, as I need to communicate with my teammates, shop staff, along with my fellow tailoring members. Don’t worry about lil’ ole me, I can talk when I need to!

What is your time zone?:
As I currently reside on the East Coast, by default my time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Are you aware that if you are inactive on the team you will be demoted?
With the collection of items I’m involved in like infinity stones, being aware of inactivity is a must. I fully understand and accept the potential demotion and ultimate removal of myself that will occur if I am inactive.

What is your motivation for joining the Event Team:

Motivation is something that I have recently been dwelling on, the idea of why I do what I do has become a big question for the ages. I’m a part of successful tailoring, incredible shops, and a sports team I adore more than anything, but why? There needs to be something pulling me to this server like the ocean shores are drawn by the moon, and I think after many months of wondering why, it’s become why not?

I. good under pressure
I enjoy the idea of being under pressure, as it truly showcases the potential uprisings or downfalls of humans when under situational stress. I’ve been put in these situations on occasion. One that sticks out to me like a sore thumb is performing an unfinished and unclean cheer routine in front of SLT: which tested my ability of remembrance and listening skills as I only learned said routine an hour prior. The moment may seem so small to others, but to me: I’ve been struggling with the ability to be placed in the spotlight and just thrown in like a piece of meat to hungry wolves. I seem to be getting better with time, and I fully believe that this can help in terms of the Event Team - as nobody is perfect when they begin something. Having been able to prove that I was capable of performing this routine, and having no mess-ups, demonstrated that I can handle any task thrown at me and do it with a grin. Why not test my luck and see if I can provide for planned or flash events, as the performance was my flash event?

II. breaking into more factions
But that wasn’t enough in my eyes. It’s easy; anyone can remember to move in pixels and be in time with the music provided, it’s like mental math. I needed to think of why I still desired to apply during this round of applicants. I fully acknowledge the fact that I have never been a part of factions outside EMS and sports, but even during my time at EMS was when I was a mere child in 2020. I’ve grown in age and maturity as I am now twenty, the applications in the past are now a distant memory. I have been involved in SchoolRP since 2020, and it has become apparent that I need to break out of the stereotypical JockRP and MedicalRP that I boxed myself into at sixteen - almost seventeen - years old. In my eyes, there are only so many swirlies to team members and medical shots I can provide for four years until I become burnt out. It was only a matter of time until tasks like mine got repetitive and certain things I once perfected began to tear at the corners. Despite all of this, I am capable of joining this team and letting my creative freedom run wild, as I would no longer be bound by the limits of JockRP and MedicalRP (to an extent, as there are still limits to SchoolRP). Why not break my SchoolRP experience box at the age of twenty, and see just how different life can be with a community team instead?

III. community-driven

As you’ve come to read this application, you’ll begin to notice a pattern: I desire the urge to give back to the community in any and all capacity. With my work at EMS, though limited, I provided medical attention to citizens of ICLY terms, whether it was giving people shots, stitching up wounds, or X-rays. As a tailor, I provide different varieties of outfits - ranging from requested winter wear to auctioning whatever my heart desires - along with dedicating my time to creating fully readable and accessible magazines. Creativity comes into play when mentioned with auctioning outfits and magazines, but more on that later. However, life for me was not always like this. As a teenager on this server, circa 2021, I was naive. I roleplayed in situations just to gain personal benefits only refusing to give anything back. I wish to prove to myself as well as fellow event members that I am capable of giving back to this server in more ways than one, as it’s been three to four years of inconsistency. I’ve started to do such, by providing outfits for fellow members with tailoring, and even selling some of my customs to shops. If I were to be accepted into this community team, it would check all of my boxes - Being involved in the community and giving back by hosting events with fellow members and leaders. Why not add another notch to my belt, and prove that I can give to the community in terms of Roleplay events, and not just move in the somewhat silent shadows anymore?

What makes you a suitable event team member:

As I have previously listed in my motivation response, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out my reasons as to why I am applying, and why I continue to be pulled by this community team in specifics to join. Maybe it’s the OOC messages from my fellow friends promoting the team, or maybe it’s the idea of being behind the scenes rather than in the scene. No matter what: something is pulling me, and I’d like to believe I found the reasoning behind the madness..

I. responsibilities - old and new.
It’s no secret that I hold a collection of roles that revolve around this server. As I’ve listed prior during this application, I tailor, am a part of a sports team, and have a history of working with EMS. However, in four years, it truly doesn’t sound like a lot when written out, it seems quite linear and stagnant, when in reality my experience has been far from that. In the past, I was also the College Swim Captain, using the IC-alias Violetta Hirayama circa 2021. Under that character’s belt: I worked at Club Luxe and held my position as captain for longer than a year. It may have been over a few years since my college captain days, trading my swim jacket for a cheer uniform, but I mentioned this due to the reliability when it comes to responsibilities. My server history, as well as my current history, is filled with examples of being able to hold responsibilities and being trustworthy. With my old captain role, I was able to host practices consistently and manage an entire ten-member roster, while hosting town events such as parties at Club Luxe. As I am writing this, I’m also on my way to becoming a manager in La Casa Nostra, which is going to allow me to run the shop without the supervision of Senior Admin, Tippe. (Update: I'm a manager - who cheered!) This puts me above the other applicants as I was trusted enough to manage a college team, along with running a shop without the owner. This further proves that I am quite a good fit for the team, and will accept the responsibilities with pride.

II. creativity and my past creations.
Being creative on a team that’s dedicated to creativity is like putting a fish into the water: It’s going to be successful and is expected. Whilst writing this application, I’ve been remembering all of the events that have occurred over the years, whether it be a flash event like an ice cream truck or planned events like the Lunar New Year. No matter what - all of these events have one thing in common: they rely on the people of the team, along with the creativity their mind allows them to have. It’s beginning to get repetitive when mentioning, but, I have dabbled in creativity in more ways than just ICLY. In SchoolRP alone, I have been able to host events such as costume parties, create parts of cheer routines, introduce team events such as water polo, and invent new and improved magazines: all going down without a complaint or concern. Drawing your attention to water polo: this was purely a creative decision as there were only so many things the swim team could do at the time. The magazine allows me to invent new layouts of pages, give the community different ways to introduce auctioning outfits, and even showcase some artists. Coming up with events that have yet to be done before can be strenuous and takes a toll on mental health, however, I quite enjoy the tasks.

III. conversations and fellow event members.
The final reason I came up with is my ability to communicate, and the difference between when it’s time to be serious and the time to be foolish. I pride myself on fluctuating between the two, able to crack a joke in one minute and then talk about a serious matter in the next - as I’ve done the exact switch in managerial calls for Euphoria. I am fully under the impression that I am easy to get along with, which could be quite useful when it comes to communicating. Whether it be planning events or being in contact with my potential event-team members, the idea of being easy to talk to is one I wish to get across accompanied by creativity. It also helps that I’m friends with some of the members of the team, Tippie, Englandography, and bheom, three of the contenders for the team, and I truly believe I thrive better when I’m with my friends. Despite the familiarity of the members listed, I am more than willing to communicate with new (in my eye) team members. If I were to be accepted into this community team, I’d continue my easy-going nature in both public and private settings.

Please provide three detailed event suggestions that would work for our server:



School Members; Sports teams & Staff

School; Center


It’s not a secret that Spartans and Bobcats have had a century-long feud with one another. Like Hades vs Zeus, the rival schools seemed to always be going up against one another; whether it be in sports, faculty, or even the simple banners at the front of the school’s entrance. Spartans believe that they’re the best, while Bobcats claim their spots of originality. No matter what: the rivalry is apparent and alive.. but why not make it more interesting? Why not take time out of the school day to promote this feud if classes were starting to become a bore?

As a student entered the school gates, their eyes began to widen. Over the speakers came a voice, promoting some class, but it was evident something was brewing in the center of the school. Standing in a line were a few of the captains from the local college and high school on a piece of large plastic. They all looked a bit out of place like they knew what was about to ensue. One nervously picked at their nail beds, some bickering with one another as it’s expected, and a few even held a smirk: that was soon to change. Hundreds of students surrounded the area, and a small tent-like structure was in the middle of it. Some of the local teens and adults were beginning to take yen, and in return handed others whipped creme pies.

The student began to rush forward and soon pushed through the crowd to the front of the makeshift lines. There, a random college student began to be let through, and spun a tin filled to the brim with whipped cream around his finger… he seemed to know how to play baseball or looked like he was about to try out. The male walked forward, eyeing every single captain before stopping at the one in charge of high school male volleyball.

The captain held a smirk as if he were challenging the mere college student. His stature seemed to be filled with confidence, and his arms crossed over his chest. The student stopped his tin-spin and glared at him: passion and annoyance in his tinted eyes. From the college male’s lips, he barked “IMAGINE LOSING TO THE FEMALE TEAM.. YOU MIGHT NEED TO APPLY FOR THE JANITOR POSITION THE WAY YOUR TEAM COLLECTS DUST ON THE SIDELINES!” before winding his arm back. Just before the tin fell flat onto the concrete and his money was wasted, an arm swung forward, and suddenly - SPLAT!

The whipped cream from the tin began to fly against the captain's face, and even onto the wall and dripped down to the plastic by his shoes. The captain’s face was covered, and the pie-tin fell to the floor. As the crowd gasped and giggled, the college student only walked off, wiping the rest of the cream on his jacket and laughing with the rest of the crowd. The captain began to protest, but alas: his complaints fell on deaf ears. The captain was roasted, and silently waited for the next student to slam a tin of pie onto his face. All for rivalry, he supposed.

  • An announcement of school occurs, but someone - whoever wishes to make an announcement - cuts through to talk about captains and pies.
  • Members of faculty, teams, and students make their way to the center of the school by the pillar.
  • Faculty members, team members, and students begin purchasing creme pies opposite the captains.
  • Once purchasing a pie, the student or faculty goes to the gated area to be let in: going one at a time.
  • The person then chooses a captain to throw the pie at, and say a roast within the SRP rule boundaries.
  • The pie gets thrown, and the student has then moved away.
  • The cycle repeats until pies run out, or until a period of nothingness occurs (Lunch, Break, etc..)

  1. Sport Team Captains (College and High School)
  2. A small carpeted place being built in front of the school’s center pillar, fences, and barriers.
  3. An inventory of pies.
  4. Members sell the pies (1K yen each.)

WHY HOST IT: Rivalry is slowly starting to dwindle within the sports faction and it’s apparent we need to host an event to bring the competitive nature of our teams back. The Captain’s Roast has the IC motivation to bring the beloved competition between the college and high school back with a bit of fun banter involved. Not only is it unlimited to those with school access, but faculty can also poke fun at the students by throwing a pie in their faces. Along with these reasons, the banners around the school finally can hold more meaning to newer players, and get them more involved than just teams doing JockRP - they have a chance to start mini arguments with one another.



Town; All members (KPD, EMS)

Planned; Occurring in intervals.

Outside of Power Plant


Another day in Karakura and no blind eye could deny that the town was starting to become discouraged. Hundreds of civilians held onto their devices with furrowed brows and their shoulders sunken. All across the island, the relationship with the outside world has become fuzzy, going in and out of connection for hours - even days. Some criminals have gotten away scott-free and loved ones have not been able to contact their families due to the god-awful wifi. It’s even begun to affect the local cops and medical staff to the point that they cannot complete their daily tasks with how their voices get mumbled over the radios. To top the already disgusting birthday cake, the wind has begun to pick up, causing papers the local Dean tried to hide to fly through the air. Private conversations were hushed due to the roaring winds outside, and there was nothing to stop this terrible week. Carly Rae Jepson was right, being in this town truly was like calling people, but with a giant maybe.

I UNDERST–ND THE LACK OF CONNECTI–ON IS DISC–URAGING.” A voice rang from the speakers, the crackle and pops blaring throughout the concrete jungle that went from Business Park to the Akihito Estate. Young children began to cover their ears at just how awful the sound was, while adults flipped off the surround-sound system in a fit of rage. The voice broke through the speaker once more. “WE’RE TRY–NG OUR BEST TO F–X THE IS–SUES. I’D EVEN L–IKE TO SAY WE F–” and the silence that followed was deafening. All of the crackling voices stopped, and big red error signs covered the phone screens. Conversations that were in full swing were silenced, white noise the only response to both the caller and receiver. Pure and utter panic began to seep into the rather tense atmosphere. Citizens all over Karakura began to frantically press their fingers to numbers and contacts, but everything was shutting down and nobody was there to guide them like the streetlights guided cars. The only thing that broke the silence was a loud crash somewhere in the distance, but, Karakura was a connected society: they needed to talk to one another online.

What felt like centuries - when in reality was merely hours - a new voice broke through the panic-stricken town. “UH- DOES THIS THING WORK?” A hoarse voice coughed over the sound system, the static channeling wavered, the voice sounding like a turning vinyl on a broken record player. “IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, HEAD TO THE POWER PLANT… THE CELL-TOWER IS KNOCKED DOWN!” A beat of silence. “...AND BRING SOME CAUTION TAPE, KPD!” The deep-sounding voice called, and the speakers went dead. Like a flock of birds, the citizens of Karakura began to sprint, walk, or drive, to the source of all of Karakura’s power. The red-and-white tower that once stood proudly in the white-walled confinement had fallen horizontally: the wall was broken and rubble began seeping through. The once-clean area had electric sparks and random metal scraps rolling around in the wind. True to their word, the Karakura Police Department began to block off the area with caution tape, and Emergency Medical Service began to drag away any of those injured. The scene was set in a disaster and with the blockage of the tower: no one could enter or escape.

But no dark and grim evening lasts forever: there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, quite literally. A green and white construction truck began plowing through the tunnel but stopped directly at the edge of the horizontal tower. A head poked through the open window, and the car’s power was shut off. Four workers, decked in construction gear, began to get to work. One of the workers entertained the crowd, trying to make sure nobody crossed over the electrical sparks. Two of the other workers go to the corner of the rubble, unlocking the fenced gate and shutting the power off for the time being. The final worker begins to lift the bigger pieces off of the ground, trying to rebuild the once-broken tower on their own. The other workers scan the area and realize just how many civilians came to see the ruckus. With a projected “SO…CAN ANYONE HELP A BUNCH WORKERS OUT?” voice to the crowd, the caution tape was beginning to be ripped apart, and shoes began to stomp over the broken barrier.

The citizens of Karakura began to touch the now rather stagnant pieces of metal and started to work together to lift the fragmented pieces. Some of the Karakura Police Department began to lift the bigger pieces of scrap to the construction workers, trying their best not to make any of the citizens become injured when it came to the heavy lifting. The three groups lifted the pieces to the truck, and up and down the pieces went: the cell tower being put into place. As the construction of the red and white cell tower continued, the tower that was once destroyed began to see the light of day as it rose into the sky. It was beginning to all come together: the reconstruction of the red and white metal, the wind beginning to cease, and the town was in a less negative mood than at the beginning of the week. As the final metal scrap was drilled into place: one of the construction workers wandered to the unlocked gate and focused their attention on the electrical box. With the flick of a switch: the city of Karakura’s power was restored. Phone calls between society began to be connected, and the criminals that were once getting away scot-free were behind bars: the phone screens flashing red were no more. The town’s connection to the world was restored and somewhere in the distance: Maia Steele was blasting Call Me Maybe.

    • A server-wide announcement goes out, talking about how the WIFI and connection to the mainland have been spotty.
    • Suddenly, the person speaking gets cut off and all of the phones begin to not work
      • Texts can go through, but phone calls cannot
        • The calls begin to be unheard, breaking up, etc.
    • After moments of panic set in, an announcement blares over the speaker once again talking about how the local power plant's cell tower was completely knocked over
    • People begin to flood outside of the power plant, noticing the amount of rubble and damage.
      • Pieces of the cell tower are on the floor, blocking the exit of Karakura
      • Caution tape is beginning to be wrapped around the area, etc.
    • As people begin to realize the rubble is still intact, some members of a construction company begin to make way
    • The members start to pick up the pieces and build them together
    • The workers realize how many people came to see the tower, and begin to enlist them to help with the rebuild.
    • The pieces slowly begin to get picked up, and power is restored

  1. The plugin in the sewers (that makes the connected calls go bad) is all over the map
  2. Build team (the cell tower in power plant to be destroyed, barriers to be set up, and )
  3. Rules outside of the plant are to be voided for the event.
  4. KPD, EMS (if needed for those injured), and Event members to play “construction worker”

WHY HOST IT: As I’ve run across the map or driven up and down the street, the area by apartment block H always seems to be unused and untouched. With the exception of those who do GangRP, it seems to be a ghost spot. Every time my character interacts with friends near the power plant, I’ve always wondered what the point of the red-and-white tower out of the corner of my eye was about, and with the event involving power and connection: this tower now has a purpose. This tower could be seen as a Wi-Fi tower or sorts, connecting this island with the main one. With this event, the area around the powerplant would be changed and even edited: another key point. As the rubble fell from the tower, the wall of the power plant would have been destroyed - as the carpenter characters are more focused on the restoration of the tower, not the wall. This event allows another way of access for either GangRP characters or KPD/EMS to patrol or bust a crime, as the wall is now open for quick escapes or entrances.




Town; Government and SLT


School Gymnasium

The calendar in Ye Saiky’s office was filled with different itineraries and tasks, as being the Principal of Karakura High was quite a draining task. However, in red ink was circled a date - Ye Saiky’s birthday. Something in the air is beginning to brew, and from the amount of hustle in the Karakura Gymnasium - it’s evident that this was a positive thing. The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, Iwao and Byeol Ahkihito, were seen in the corner making sure the bowl of punch was not spiked. The local Dean - whom some of the sport’s members called Rick - was seen tying balloons to the corners of chairs: though some of the pink and purple inflatables were seen at the top of the glass ceiling. Some of the beloved (depending on who you ask) student council members were controlling the DJ booth, making sure that all of Ye Saiky’s favorite tunes were in the queue. Even in the corner, the cheer team was practicing a routine so that they had no mess-ups during their big birthday performance. The birthday party for the old fart was beginning to go perfectly, and hidden in the corner of the decorated room was a gigantic tiered cake: of course, it would be there. Though Tori Saiky seemed a bit too close to the cake for comfort, alas: It was nothing out of the ordinary to see her causing some sense of mischief. The music was blasting through the speakers, and Ye & Co. were socializing on the dance floor: it was a party fit for a king.

The king in question was slowly led through the side gate and took the stage, in which a stool decorated in neon colors was his throne. As he sat down, some of his family members and fellow faculty members followed his lead. Though one of the faculty members, Vice-Principal Kaede Saiky, walked up to the microphone stand. Tapping it once or twice, they began to speak into the amplifier. A speech about how Ye has done so much for the school, and how he has been a great leader, friend, and companion followed her taps. As the speech drowned in, it was evident in the way Ye Saiky held a stone-cold expression he liked but was just a little awkward when it came to showing it. As the VP stepped back and into a seat, one of the many Saiky last-named relatives strolled up to the podium, taking the spot. Yet another speech was heard throughout the speaker, honoring all of the accomplishments and achievements the beloved principal had gotten under the name of Lord Saiky. As the relative backed up, the Bobcat Cheer Team proceeded to waltz forward: and the DJ booth began spinning a soundtrack that was quite fitting. The team of multicolored hair would perform to their heart's content, ending off in a pyramid and cheers of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YE SAIKY, NOW TAKE AWAY OUR DETENTIONS!” with shakes of their pom poms.

Soon it was time for the main event: the cake-cutting. Due to the scale of the desert, it was unable to be lifted by one person, instead, a handful of faculty wheeled out the edible centerpiece. The decor of the cake was tinted black and red, with gold accents such as confetti and candles. Each layer was different from the last, one was marbled while the other was a solid color. At the top of the cake, a sparkler was waiting to be lit: like the star at the top of the Christmas tree. After sitting and listening to the speeches and watching the routine of the students he helped run: The man in power stood up from the stool and wandered over to the ten-layered cake. As he stood face-to-face with the dessert, the Saily Princess seemed to wander over: Tori Saiky. The girl had a few tricks up her uniformed sleeves, but what exactly was it? Only the blonde knew. Tori lifted herself onto the stepstool and was handed a lighter… the first ingredient to the recipe for disaster. As the candles and sparklers began to light aflame, the voices all blended. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU….” The voices sang out, and the candles blew in the wind with the power of the voices, the sparkler at the top began to create a firework pattern. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…..!” A voice powered through, trying to poke fun at the sparklers.

However, the recipe for disaster began to unfold. The sparklers began to fizz and go quiet: it was like a dud as the flames were put out. The voices in the gymnasium started to go wavy, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Y….E….” ranging in different pitches and tempos: as most birthday songs do. As the sparklers at the top of the cake went out: Ye Saiky’s eyebrow raised. The stone-cold principal doesn’t tolerate funny business at all, so his eyes pan to the Saiky Princess who immediately begins to giggle. As he strode forward, he spoke: “IS THERE SOMETHING COMEDIC, MS. TORI?” - It’s clear in this line alone that Lord Saiky had a history of scolding Tori as she was the root of all mischief in his eyes. Tori Saiky immediately straightened up in her position off to the side and looked straight at her superior. “I JUST FOUND IT FUNNY, WHY? DO YOU THINK I DID IT?” She accused, and you could point out the exact moment Ye Saiky went from letting loose at his birthday bash to immediately shooting daggers at the blonde cheerleader. “I CAN FIX IT, YE, DON’T WORRY!” Tori shouted out and immediately began to climb up the step ladder off to the side, fishing the lighter from the faculty member. Straight away, some of the family members and faculty wanted to put a stop to the girl’s antics - as this was all occurring on a stage in front of a collection of Ye Saiky’s friends: common decency. This was Tori Saiky, she didn’t care.

As Tori Saiky climbed up the ladder: the girl realized just how massive and tall this cake was. It was not a normal cake you were able to purchase at the local bakery - and it was well over five feet - halfway to six. Her eyes scanned the desert and where the actual sparklers were and decided this step-ladder was not cutting it. One foot after the other, little Miss Tori Saiky was now face-to-face with the almost top of the cake. Her lips curled into a smile as she realized she needed a final boost - and the girl quite literally jumped. While the sparklers were caught aflame, Tori landed on the table with pride. However… the cake wobbled, and suddenly the table began to collapse. “OH NO, OUR TABLE - IT’S BREAKING!” Someone shouted out and queued the laugh track. With the weight of the cake and Tori, and a force: the desert and Saiky began to take a tumble to the floor. Pieces of cake began to fly, the fire was put out once more, and to make matters worse: Ye Saiky was painted head-to-toe in the cake. Lord Saiky was livid and it was in Tori Saiky’s best interest to run as fast as she could - and she did. Tori began to make a mad dash to the exit, and Ye was quick to run after. An argument was sure to break out after the members of the estates cleared the room, but as “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YE SAIKY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YEW!” was heard from one of the cheerleaders: the party continued on. #HBDYESAIKY!

  • All of Ye Saiky’s friends and family members gather in the gymnasium - party!
    • The stage is decorated with a giant cake on a table
    • Music blasting from a DJ booth - controlled by council members (hopefully..?)
    • Streamers and balloons are decorated everywhere - some stuck at the top of the gym!!
  • As soon as time passes: Ye and some of the Saiky family go up to the stage.
  • Speech given by a member of the faculty (TBD).
  • Another speech is given by a Saiky family member (TBD).
  • Bobcat Cheer performs a happy birthday routine.
  • A member of the government faction begins to wheel in the cake, or whoever chooses to do it.
  • Ye Saiky goes up to the cake
    • One of his children lights the sparkler at the top of the cake (TBD)
  • Everyone begins to sing Happy Birthday
  • The sparkler malfunctions, and Tori begins to laugh at it
    • Ye Saiky eyes her, and begins a small argument
  • Tori goes to fix the cake
    • Steals a stepladder, and realizes she’s too short
    • Jumps up onto the table
  • The cake topples over
    • Cake goes everywhere.
  • Onto the faculty, SLT, Cheer team, everyone
  • Stage is covered, parts of the floor
  • Tori Saiky gets scolded by Ye Saiky (AGAIN!).
  • Party continues - but it slowly disperses after awhile
  • Tori Saiky is deemed to clean the gym with a toothbrush afterwards

  1. Ye Saiky, Saiky family members
  2. A stage, along with a few seats and tables set up.
  3. Party foods (sandwiches, cookies, drinks, etc.)
  4. Giant cake being built
  5. Fireworks, and someone in /vanish to set them off.
  6. Build a cake on the floor!

WHY HOST IT: Hosting a birthday event to commemorate our beloved principal, Ye Saiky, is something new that I have yet to see in terms of events. Yes, there are unofficial KPD and EMS parties, but they all seem to be casual and not to the scale that this escapade could bring. It seems to me that every party or planned event revolves around students or a theme: but never a person and their birthday. With this event, the idea of hosting to such a scale like this can create more open doors in terms of pushing the dances boundaries and limitations. Along with this, Ye Saiky is played by KimiNoUso, the owner of the server - and why not celebrate his character’s birthday? A token of appreciation. I believe that if we get the stone-cold principal character flustered in some capacity by his family member: it would add more character to their dynamic. Tori Saiky specifically, has been scolded by Ye Saiky before and is played in such a way that she would be able to handle the repercussions of such a tragedy. Despite being the princess of the Saiky estate, knocking down the cake could change the character in terms of her carefree attitude - as her personality has gotten her into trouble more than once.


Additional notes (You may leave this blank):

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit through and read this application. If my application were to be denied or accepted: feedback and comments are encouraged and appreciated as I would like to improve on my events for the future.
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Thank you for your application and congratulations! We're happy to welcome you as an event team member! You will receive your roles and all other information you need shortly.

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