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Athletics Club Application


Level 9

IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name):

Club President - yBonnu
Vice President - velvetkisscs

RPName of Club Leader:
Club President - Etsuko Saito
Vice President - Masami Shimodo

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#):


What is the Official Title of the Club:
Athletics Club

Your current Members RPName & IGN:
Iroha Ooebisu | Tourning
Yamato Y. Holland | Ne0nRider
Kim T. Yoshi | GemiLightning
K. “Max” A. Chu. | Pynkgh0stxe
Dominic Ramirez | Ratoniix
Felix Bradley | Ordinqry
Kichirou Emi | funnerRP
Nene Kamata | mochikisscs
Kiyoshi Matsuzaki | VanirSin

What is your Motivation for Creating this Club:
(150 Words)
Our goal for this club is to bring all sporty and outgoing students together to enjoy the sports and activities they love on the server! Our club contains not only plugin sports but also activities such as track, parkour and swimming! Thus we include activities which don't necessarily have or need a team. Of course you may be thinking.. "Why make an athletics club when school teams already exist?" It's a good question, now allow me to explain why! Firstly, Not everybody is interested in joining a team and/or are not "qualified" and that's okay! Our club is made simply to bring people together to enjoy the plugins and activities available on the server as a collective group, no matter the skill level. We of course will also help club members learn how to play all of the different sports to the best of our abilities. This may also help motivate students to tryout for different sports, and we encourage that too! Our motivation really is to bring the community of sport lovers into one place so we can appreciate all of the activities available together, for example baseball may benefit from this as a crowd of people are needed to play this sport which our club could provide and this may get more people interested in the plugin!

What Events could your Club do?:
Every week our club is going to hold a meet up where we discuss and then play sports and do activities together on the server. Our plan for events is field trips and also mini tournaments. Our club could hold competitions/tournaments for people who aren't in the club who would like to join in as well as club only events! We plan if given permission to do so, take trips to the Dojo for some fighting activities with our supervisor, trips to the beach for swimming at the water park and of course the ocean as well as volleyball, using the mini court as well as the 3 bigger courts located at the beach, we also plan to do hiking trips up the mountains, collecting the gems hidden up there! We would split our club members into teams and the first team to get all of their team up to the mountain first safely would win a prize. Another event we could hold is a marathon to support both EMS and the KPD! Our goal would be to raise 100,000 yen through donations from school members. Our club would part-take in the marathon and could possibly have other people sign up for it too, having a price of 2,000 yen to join which would go to the emergency services bundle! In the gym there would be food and water stands, we would also sell water guns for people to spray water at the runners through the run! We could also have some fun activities such as a dojo pit indoors in the gym, a couple of arm wrestling stands to go against some of our strongest club members and a dunk tank game! These would all go towards the EMS and KPD services. We would also hold a raffle for students to take part in too. An event for our club members would be we would split the club into two teams, run by both presidents! Each week we'd hold a competition to score a point for your team, we would tally the points each week and at the end, the team with the most points will get a prize! This would be for fun and add a bit competitiveness to the club! We would also make "sport bingo cards" for our club members. These would simply be for fun and give our members something to do throughout the week, taking screenshots of them playing each sport to tick it off of their bingo card. The bingo cards would be made new every week as to change things up!

How could your Club benefit the School?:
Like stated before our club could help bring recognition to sports which don't get as much attention as we believe they should get such as baseball and dodge ball! Motivating more of the students to appreciate and join in sports would also be a main goal of ours and this may lead to more students participating in tryouts and such! This would benefit the school's fitness teams and also get more people enjoying the plugins. Some of the games can seem quite intimidating to play, especially with team members lurking about! So this club may encourage some less outgoing people to try out some of the sports with others who won't judge their skill level and instead will help them improve instead! This club would do it's best to help boost the students' confidence in themselves and boost their skill levels in activities.

Could your Club benefit from a club room or space on school grounds? If so, how?:
For an athletics club, we don't think a club room would be a necessity for us, as we would spend majority of our time playing sports! However if we were to have a club room, we would use this to store equipment such as basketballs, floaties and water bottles. We would also make it a chill zone for our club members to take a break and discuss what they would like to learn about different sports or what they would like to do for future meetings. Though as stated before, a club room isn't 100% needed for our club, though would be used quite a bit if we were given one!

Does your club have a supervising Professor/Teacher? If so, who?:
Yes our club does have a supervising Professor, IGN: jimmier and RPNAME: Yuriko Imai

Is your club global, or only open to specific students?:
Our club is open to all students, college and high school. They can be on a team already as long as they are willing to take part in our activities then we will accept anyone who would like to join! We do take into consideration the reputation of our club and if we find some of our club members causing trouble ICly we may speak with them ICly about their reputation and ours!

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Level 186

- The idea of this club is denied due to the school having Sports Teams. I understand a lot of the times they're hard to get into, or they are full but to make a club that could take a lot of the teams ideas of events and activities it will make teams have less importance​

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