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Cassiopeia Marie | Biography WIP


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Cassiopeia Helvete-Marie
"I must admit, jealousy and greed run through my veins, but I've taken it to a whole new level."


First Name: Cassiopeia
Meaning; she who chooses to excel.

Surname: Helvete-Marie, though, by birth, Avıa
Helvete, a name given through a loving family. | Norwegian; hell. "Dra til helvete."
Marie, a name given through a chosen family. | French;
Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter.
Avıa, a name given through a broken family. | Hebrew; God is my father.

Aliases: Dove, Cass, Pinkie, Pinkie Pie,
Momm-, Peia, Star, Casso-pee-ah, Cats-Sell-Pizza, Pizza
"Having taken into consideration how little amount of nicknames and such I was given over the years, I asked Nadine, my twin, to come up with some more. . They were not helpful."

Dove | Ah, yes, my old gang alias. Juno chose it when we started our crime spree in Karakura, he said it was poetic. .symbolism of my free spirit and beauty. Beauty now ruined.

Cass | Everyone calls me this one, it's just my name shortened. I believe it was first used back in boarding school, when I made my first real friends.

Pinkie | Monika always knew I hated the nickname, yet insisted on using it. .

Pinkie Pie | A nickname used once, by some. .strange tall woman. I liked it, sort of-

Momm- | Something I've been called a lot. .oddly in public. .by strangers- mostly women. If it's a compliment, and I'm just blanking out. .thank you?

Peia | My mother called me Peia, it was her special nickname for me, one I used to hold dear to my heart. However, mother, if you're reading this, your little Peia has grown up, she has learned about all the horrid things you've done, and she wishes for nothing more than her innocence you stole to be returned. To go back in time so she could live in ignorant bliss.

Star | Juno's nickname for me, his star. . his shooting star.

Casso-pee-uh | Kyouko's called me this for the longest time. .I swear it's because I took his TV privellages away. .

Cats-Sell-Pizza | Also one of Kyouko's. .I think it's just making fun of Kyouki's nickname for me.

Pizza | Kyouki's nickname for me. I'm not sure why. .maybe she just likes pizza.

Date And Time Of Birth: August 21st, 2001
"3:05 PM to be exact. .Nadine following shortly after."

Place Of Birth: Boreaux, France
"A little country home just on the outskirts, practically surrounded by fields of flowers and trees. Quite the beautiful site, I would have loved to go back someday, had my brother not burned the house down in retaliation to my father's strict ways."

Sexuality: Pansexual
"Huh? Oh, yes, sorry love. . My husband asked me to specify I'm more 'Soba-Sexual' as he calls it. . Odd name, I know, but he likes to let everyone know I'm off limits."

Race: European-Asian mix

"Not sure what much you wish for me to say here. .my father is from European decent, and my mother is of Asian decent. She moved to France to be with my father after his exchange year ended. That's how they met, you know, ya-da, ya-da, all that 'love at first sight' crap."


Strengths / Weaknesses

- Stubborn
"Once I've decided something, there is little to no chance you can change my mind. .and even if you do, I wouldn't admit it. Not because of anything you've said or done, it's just a mentality, a mindset I cannot bring myself to admit when I'm wrong."

- Pink?
"I know not many people will agree, but the girly sort of look I have achieved has caused people to underestimate me, giving me the upperhand, giving me the chance to prove people wrong. A big part of that 'look' is the pink. A soft beautiful color that resides in many flowers, symbolizing love, and the love I have for those around me. . Even if I can't show it."

- Anger Issues
"My blood easily boils. . it's not that I want to snap, I just bottle everything up to the point of snapping. I know it's not healthy, but if anyone knew what goes on in my head. . that'd make one of us. . I have no understanding of what is going on up there anymore."

- Motherly
"My motherly instincts. .not just having adapted from being a mother, but from practically raising my siblings in the right way, the way a child should be treated. I guess you could say I had to grow up early, for their sakes, not for mine."

- Greedy
"I know you're confused. . I am too. .but I just can't seem to let them go. I can't not love them. . They mean too much to me, and as pathetic as it sounds, I cannot stand seeing them in love with someone else."

❀/❁ - Protective

"Mostly over my family, which, you'd assume a positive thing, however. .in this case, it's not. well, in my eyes at least. I have and will continue to do whatever it takes to keep them safe, even if it drives me to murder, insanity, numbness. . I won't rest until I know everything is okay."


— - ˏˋPhysical Features ˊˎ - —

- Height and Weight
"For the past three years, I've stood at the height of exactly six feet. I've heard all the jokes, all the comments. . I understand I'm tall for a woman living in Karakura, but I'm not THAT tall. Oh? Huh? My weight? For the most part, I've kept around 150lbs. Did. .did that answer your question?"

- Hair color/style
"I got rather sick of my 'pristine perfect' brownish hair, having dyed it all sorts of fun colours, usually keeping it in a braid on the side. I think my favourite two colours I've done are green and the pastel pink I have in right now. .however, I haven't had my hair up in a braid in almost three years. .- I should change that."

- Eyes
"My eyes are naturally a bright blue, having been compared to the sky practically all my life. It's quite hard to see, but thankfully glass eyes come in a range of colours, and I was able to get one matching the colour of the eye I managed to keep."

- Abnormalities
"Do prosthetics count? My tongue is metallic, very obviously not real, which means I can't taste anything; a blessing and a curse. My left hand is missing. .wait, I need to count. . one. .two. .three fingers; my middle finger, my thumb and my pinky finger. My right hand is missing two fingers; my ring finger, and my pinky finger. My left eye is glass, having it been taken a long time ago. .due to a small mishap. Are we including carvings and burns as well? Yes? Okay.. we'll be here a little bit, get comfortable.

On my left upper thigh, my husband's name is carved into my skin, there was more to it, but it seemed rather. .excessive, so I had the rest burned off. 'Greed' and 'Pain' are written on my back in Japanese lettering, at the opposite ends of my spines. Five family names are in my right thigh, almost as a sign of allegiance; Marie, Kamata, Helvete, Elyon, Andante. Juno is carved into my right ankle, with a little star just above it. .he always called me his star."

- Voice

"My voice has been described as rather soft, though my French accent may cause words to sound a little off. . Japanese with a French accent is a little difficult when working together. So I do apologize."


ˀ Likes/Dislikes ˁ

ˁ - Juno Konami
"You taught me what it meant to be brave, how to fight, defend myself. .but you never taught me what kind of loss it would bring, you never told me how lonely my life would be by following your path. It took so much heartbreak, and betrayal for me to realize how wrong you were in life."

ˀ - The Lighthouse, on the beach
"You can see so much from so high up. .it's beautiful. I would love to go see the stars from above one more time. Maybe a date night? That'd be amazing. . Being able to hear the ocean crash against the shore below just makes it all the more calmer. Reminds you how small the world is, how small all the little problems really are."

ˁ -

ˀ -

ˁ -

ˀ -


° Relations °

• | - Nöemi Avıa [Life Giver] [DECEASED]
"I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. . until I learned how much you turned a blind eye to. Your child needed their mother, and you completely shut them out- kicked them onto the curb when they needed you the most. I cannot stand to hear your name. I can't stand to even think of you. The mention of you, the thought of you- it boils my blood beyond imaginable. I despise ever having shared a name with you."

• | - Gabriel Avıa [Lifer Giver]

"I will never ever forgive you for how you treated Nadine. You're scum. You're less than scum. You've lost all respect I've ever had for you. . if it weren't for my children, you'd have stayed out of my life."

▪︎ | - Nadine Marie [Twin-Sibling, By Blood. .Obviously]
"You deserved better. You deserved a real childhood, one where you weren't ignored and hated on who who you are, or how you identify. They always favored me, and I never understood why. .I always felt as though you blamed me for your treatment. .please know I did everything in my power to have them keep you around."

▪︎ | - Marceline Marie [Mother-Figure]
"The one person I'd ever even consider as a parent anymore, Marceline, thank you for everything. Thank you for giving Nadine and I a loving group to call family, a shelter almost- you've helped me more than anyone ever has, and I don't know what I could ever do to repay you. You're the most strong, intelligent, independent woman I've ever met, and I just wish I could be half of the person you are."

▪︎ | - Caspian Avıa [Brother By Blood]
"Caspian, my pyromaniac brother. . You always have a friend in me, Pooh. No matter what the issue is, I'll help you get out of it."

۵ | - 'Soba' Helvete [Husband]
"My beloved husband, my Hisa. You're my forever, so why do I get so nervous when I look into your eyes? It's like, butterflies can't stop me falling for you, and darling, this is more than anything I've felt before. You're everything that I want but I didn't think I'd find, someone who was worth the wait of all the years of my heartbreak, but I know now I've found the one I love. And I love the way you can never find the right things to say, and you can't sit still an hour in a day. I love everything about you."

▪︎ | - Brianna Helvete [Ex-Lover, Sister-In-Law]
"I know I'm not your favorite person right now, but at one time I was. I just. .wanted to apologize to you for everything. When I thought I lost you, I completely shut down. . I had no one I could turn to other than Soba, but I know you did what you had to do to be safe. .I just. .can't help but wonder what would have been if you didn't have to do it."
"I finally let you go."

▪︎ | - Andre Santarossa [Ex-Boyfriend, Close Friend]
"I don't think you know how much the news of your death broke me. I thought I'd never see colour again, I'd never see the brightness the world had to offer anymore. I never thought I could miss someone as much as I missed you. As much as I missed the scent of your cologne, the sound of your laughter, the look of your mesmerizing eyes. . When I found out it was all a lie, that you were alive, I was so relieved and so pissed with you, I didn't know how to express anything anymore. I didn't know how to do anything, other than what we did. Please don't leave me again. .Please. . I love you too much to let you leave me again. If you left. .I'd go numb. I'd be far too broken to be repaired."

"Perhaps in another universe, we're together happily, raising our child. . HYPOTHETICALLY of course. ."

"You've changed me for the better, and yet, no matter how hard I try, despite what you taught me, I cannot let go of the past. I cannot let go of us. I'm sorry for what I did, I'm sorry for the hell I put you through. I'm sorry you're raising our son alone, but it's for the best for us both. Just think of all the trouble it would cause if THEY found out. So why can't I just tell you still I love you?"

▪︎ | - Guztavo Koijin-Deasun [Friend] [DECEASED
"You weren't around long. .I'm sorry I couldn't help you more. .I said I'd only be a text away, why didn't you text me? I could have helped you avoid this, I could have saved you. ."

"Please. .tell me you arent going to come back from the dead too. Please tell me you're going to stay six feet under. ."

▪︎ | - Blitz Chinatsu [Sister Figure]
"I miss you, I miss our talks. . I miss getting along. I miss our friendship, where even when we hated one another, we couldn't stay mad at one another. Now all that's left between us is silence. I'm glad you've become happy, I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy. I'm proud of you. ."

▪︎ | - Hayden Helvete [Brother-In-Law]
"You taught me how to smile, how to control my anger a little more. You reminded me so much of Caspian. .and it took me way too long to even realize it. I'm still a little upset you took my tongue though. . however, it's past us. .I just miss tasting things-"

▪︎ | - 'Ark' Elyon [Friend]
"Why. .? Why is everyone coming back now of all times? Why are the ghosts of my past haunting me? Are you even real? Are you a figment of my imagination? Have I. . Have I completely lost my mind?"

▪︎ | - Milo Marie [Brother]
"Dear Milo,

My heart dropped seeing them bring your body into the hospital. .I had hoped you had just moved elsewhere for a better life. .a life where you could be happy, as that's what you deserved. Happiness. I just. .I want my brother back. .please. . Come back to me. I'd do anything to go back, just to see your face one more time. . You were always my favourite, did you know that? I know I didn't show it all the time. .but you truly were.
Love, your sister, Cass."

"You're back. .I don't understand how, or why..but you're back. Why are you back? How? Please- explain to me what caused this. .what caused you to lie to me about your death for so damn long? I blamed myself. I blamed myself for every moment you missed, every day I thought you would never see."

▪︎ | - Grayson Marie-Helvete [Son]
"You and your sister are so much alike, it's scary. For the first few months, your father and I couldn't tell you two apart, at all. . Yet, getting the incredible chance to watch you grow into the adorable two year old you are. . You're such an independent little one, so smart too- I'm so impressed. I love you."

▪︎ | - Teddy Marie-Helvete [Daughter]

"My sweet princess, my Teddy. . I cannot wait for us to have our next mother daughter day. I know you hate being the only girl out of you and your brothers, but trust me. .when you get to dating, you'll be glad you've got them to protect you."

▪︎ | - . . . [???] [DECEASED??]
". . ."
"If all works out, you'll never know I'm your mother, and I'm sure your father will take great care of you. I'm sorry."

▪︎ | - Callum Marie-Helvete [Son]
"My little Scottish Dove. .I love you, my sweet little boy. I will do everything I can in my power to give you a good life, one full of love, one full of acceptance. I promise to keep you safe. Please, please. .stop pulling on your father's hair, he's going to go bald before he even hits twenty-five at this rate."

• | - Juno Konami [Former-Mentor]

"You. .lied to me. You hurt me. I don't ever want to go back. . but I know you'll come back eventually if I don't hide them, if it comes to it. . I'll end you. .I want to end this. .please."

▪︎ | - The Chaos House [Friends, Family]
Monika | "Please, take care of them for me. Especially Nadine, you're the only one I really trust to keep them all safe. I don't have as much to say to you as the other's, as we didn't get a proper introduction until recently."

"I care for too many to keep this list going. .so I'll give some honorable mentions; Estes Matsuzaki, Ling Hisakawa, Taiyo Marie-Helvete, Angelo Kamata, Jirö Kamata-Marie, Moop Kamata. Those not mentioned. .I apologize."


Cassiopeia Marie's Life; 2001-????
Work In Progress.
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Cool biography

- GreedyI know you're confused. . I am too. .but I just can't seem to let them go. I can't not love them. . They mean too much to me, and as pathetic as it sounds, I cannot stand seeing them in love with someone else
For the first lines I thought she was referring to money.. That's what I would've been referring to in my case

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