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IGN of Club Leader (In-Game Name): Oriqx_

RPName of Club Leader: Orien ‘Oreo’ S. Lacrosse

Discord Tag (Discord#0000#): Oriqx_#5498

Permanent Discord invite to the club discord: Click Me!

Why should you become a club leader over other applicants, what abilities or ideas do you have that could benefit the club you'll be in charge of?:
Why I ought to be picked over different candidates is straightforward, I, in my eyes, have a great sense of leadership. I know how/when to make a move in a gathering. I accept that that is an extraordinary expertise to have while being a club chief. All my life, I've been able to take charge in gatherings such as school projects, captaining a sports team, etc. I feel that I'll be able to show my leadership skills in SchoolRP if given the chance to.

This sort of roleplay will refresh the SchoolRP community as a whole. From my insight, different clubs aren't quite so intuitive or dynamic as my club conceivably will be. To indicate, I'll make an honest effort to have club gatherings however much as could reasonably be expected. The occasions that will be exhibited for said club will be incredibly interactive experiments.


What is the official title of the Club: Debate Club

Your current members RPName & IGN:
(minimum of 5)
[1]- Mizuki Itadori | Mizuki_78 | Club Member
[2]- Aetius Silvius | Iphone80 | Club Member
[3]- Toki Tamari | LadyNorse | Club Member
[4]- Noa H. Lacrosse | HazzaStyless | Club Member
[5]- Takes ‘Senshi’ Shibata | DestructionRP | Club Member
[6]- Alexandra ‘Crios’ Hunter | _SarahMay_ | Club Member
■ ━━━━━━ □ ━━━━━━ ■ ━━━━━━ □ ━━━━━━ ■ ━━━━━━ □ ━━━━━━ ■

The club supervisor's RPName & IGN: Keiji Nohara | Iphone76

What is your motivation for creating this club:
(150 Words)

Inspiration for beginning the debate club is to permit the students of Karakura Highschool and College to have a possibility for an after school club that they can rely upon on the off chance that they weren't to like the clubs that are recorded in the Karakura Academics discord. Another reason, being I believe that a good percentage of people that are looking for a club to join would appreciate the fact that the debate is always a choice. Seeing as my club has been filled up with members oh so quickly. It is undoubtedly true that there are huge opinions on topics that are verbally shared through /looc, /ooc, and even through regular dialogue between characters. I feel that it’ll be a better way to express those opinions through a controlled area. Last reason for my motivation to create and develop this club is the fact that this will be something good for me, myself. I’ve basically been talking about others throughout this whole section, but this was also very beneficial to me. It’ll allow me to try something new, step out of my comfort zone a little.

-And this just seems plain out fun.

What activities could your club do?:
(Work out one club members only activity & one school club event)
As I am hoping, for both Highschool and College students to get involved in the debate club, I think it will be a great opportunity to have a debate tournament between Bobcats and Spartans. Whatever that debate topic may be, I think it will be a significant event for the club to perform.

In recent times, there has been a show of more and more court cases occurring in Karakura. As our characters are still in highschool/college there isn’t a way for us to get involved in those court cases. Court cases are basically a big debate, back and fourth conversation from attorney to attorney. So the actual event would start off with assigning roles to members, reading a scenario, then we’d have our own little ‘court case’.

In primary school years, I remember one classroom game that I enjoyed more than the other games, Would You Rather. My hope is that we'll be able to implant that game into SchoolRP and play, possibly in the gymnasium. For Would You Rather, once the students have chosen a side to stand in, they'll give a brief reasoning for why they chose that side. I think it'll be great to hear multiple opinions on the same topic and sort of come to a conclusion that works in everyone's favor. Now, I think it will be a very engaging , very interactive school event that would entice a good amount of people within SchoolRP. This would allow the SchoolRP community to have a fun time preforming this event.
These are just ideas that are wanted to be developed first, believe me, there will be more.

How could your club benefit the School?:
This club will be beneficial to the school by sculpting students to be a better version of themselves as they go off to adulthood. Giving them the skills to possibly follow into the law and order field when they grow to the required age. It advances critical thinking and imaginative reasoning for the students, which are very important skills to have in life.

How would your club use the club room the club will be assigned?:
As I’m assuming the debate club room would be fairly large, I’d suggest that we separate the room in two, while still having the room to use as one. The two separations will be for the different groups, Group A and Group B. Those groups consist of Highschool Students and College students. Now, the whole premise of the debate club wouldn’t be divided up into twos, but a good fraction of the time would be.

What will be the requirements for future members, if any?:
Only requirements for future members would be A. to be in our discord, B. fill out the application which is found within our discord, C. their characters be over the age of 16.
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Level 35
Congratulations, you've been accepted to found and lead the Debate Club. DM me at sophia#3114 for your roles to be set up.

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