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glaciered's psychiatrist application


Level 65
Authorization Team
Current In-Game Name (IGN) : glaciered

What timezone are you in?: GMT , I'm in England.

Do you have Discord, if so what is it?: genocide sero#0249

Specify your activity on the server and how long you’ve been associating yourself on Roleplay Hub: This month is to be my 4 year anniversary of playing on the server. Throughout those four years I have had, for the most part, kept up a consistent activity pattern. I may be off for a week or so at this point in time as I am poorly.

If you have any previous bans and or ongoing warnings, list them: I cannot remember my bans, but I know I may have had a few warnings this past year which I cannot remember the reasons for. I have not had a ban in 75+ days *staff could not find any. I do not have any current warnings.

List and categorize your current and past applications: I can provide links/photos of these, there are just so many.
School-related applications:
x2 Library assistant application - DENIED
x1 Teacher application - ACCEPTED
x1 Professor application - ACCEPTED

Character auth. applications:
x1 Russian language - DENIED
x2 Russian language - ACCEPTED
x1 Spanish language - ACCEPTED
x1 Korean language - ACCEPTED
x1 French language - ACCEPTED
x2 Albanian language - ACCEPTED
x1 Icelandic language - ACCEPTED
x1 PTSD application - ACCEPTED
x1 Prosthetic hand application - ACCEPTED

Police/EMS applications:
x3 Police application - ACCEPTED
x1 Forensics application - ACCEPTED

x1 Staff application - ACCEPTED
x1 Shrine maiden application - ACCEPTED

What’s your motivation to apply for EMS, how will you benefit our medical team?: Roleplay, and the experience. I am applying because I think it would be fun. It is not yet something I have tried and I would love to indulge in the wonderful world of medical roleplay. I do have a lot of respect for those who sign up for these roles as I can assume it comes with some challenging or stressful situations, I am not new to such things as I have worked 'alongside' EMS as an officer. My admiration has lead to curiosity, which has once more lead to an urge to be part of your team. I have thoroughly thought through all of these roles and have seen the one specified below to fit me best. I am not applying on a whim, I am applying on a consistent urge to try this out. Despite not meddling in such a type of roleplay before, I think I would be fairly good at it due to my rather motivated approach and willingness to learn. All I'd like is a shot at this role, for I could surely be of use if my roleplay skills are approved and seen to be fitting for the role. I have not yet been part of the hospital team and I am absolutely in awe at the amount of progress made in this short amount of time. I'd like to be part of the history you make next.

What medical role are you applying for? (e.g: Doctor, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Surgeon.): Psychiatrist

Specify your knowledge of the role you’re applying for?: If I am being completely honest, my knowledge of the job is not quite as large as I'd like it to be. Though, that is also why I am applying. Even though I am trying to learn more once actually accepted, the vague idea I have is as follows: A psychiatrist should be a safe space for people of all ages. If taking care of a patient you should never make them feel uneasy or as if you are to betray them. The sole purpose is to listen carefully and propose rational resolutions. I personally think that a psychiatrist should not give stereotypical advice but something more creative tailored to the patient. You spend the session with the individual learning their character and hearing them out in order to then satisfy their despair or simply make it easier on them with structured advice. They are not only there to rant, but to get the help they desire. Both must be provided.

Are you aware of the basic color codes for medical emergencies? If so, specify all the ones you’re conscious of with their meanings. Since writing this application, I am editing it for I have learned the codes. I may or may not have missed a few.
BLUE: Patient Emergency
PINK: Child or Infant abduction
RED: Fire
BLACK: Bomb threat
SILVER: Active shooter
WHITE: Evacuation
BROWN: Severe weather
VIOLET: Violent individual

Do you take acknowledgment to the fact that if you’re inactive for a long period of time you will be demoted, and do you respect this fact? Of course. Activity is no different to any other role and I will attempt to split it between my alts to the best of my ability.

Categorize all the EMS roles and specify what each of them does:
I am assuming you mean group and define. I'm willing to learn more if I've completely butchered these.
Head physician - Head of the hospital, decides what is final and makes drastic changes when needed. Deemed to be experienced in many of the sub-categories within the hospital.

Clinical Manager - Second in command, perhaps. I think it would be like a captain to a commissioner. They assist in managing the hospital.

Clinical Lead - The leads for the types of employees below, I assume they would be in charge of their own category as to not push all of the work on the Head Physician.

Surgeons - The surgeons, as in the name, would be needed for many different surgeries and severe procedures, most likely treating emergency cases. They are the most qualified and trained to deal with severe cases.

Doctors - I assume they take care of diagnosing patients and deciding what treatment they will need. I also believe they take on moderate cases which don't need urgent help but rather a check-up to see what is going on.

Nurses - Nurses deal mainly with check-ups, I believe. If a patient is not in need of urgent or severe care and it is something more causal, a nurse would deal with it to save Doctors and Surgeons for moderate to high cases.

Psychiatrists - Psychiatrists deal with mentally unwell patients or even those reaching to hysterical. They offer support and coach the patient into a better mindset. They can also be called to deal with unstable patients in a situation with police.

IC (In-Character) Information / knowledge

How does your character act during their shift and not during their shift?: Era is perhaps a lot more lenient off work rather than during her shifts. On-shift, she has a very headstrong and determined attitude. No risks can be taken to let anyone down. This does not mean she is aggressive towards others, she is rather empathetic.
Off-shift she may let her guard down slightly. With no tense situations or a workload, she is free to relax and spend her time how she pleases. A vivid joker appears within her.

Describe your character’s personality / personification in summary: Her character is fluorescent. If not putting her all into a task, she is loose and tranquil. A great sense of empathy can be found upon talking to her, it seems difficult to get on her bad side. Her emotions are explosions in a sense, definitely quite severe when looked into. If she is feeling something, everyone can tell. Despite her various endeavors within her field she has not mastered the ability to conceal her true colours.

Describe your character’s appearance: A potent woman with amazing posture, stood at a reasonable height of 5'9. Her chestnut hair resembles the warm colours of an autumn harvest, framing her heart-shaped face with it's velvet locks. Her bangs fall subtly to the left when not pinned back in a curtain sort of style. Her skin is bland and an arctic pale under certain light, though her slightly tan complexion shines through for the most part. She is not a porcelain doll, between her murky brown eyes and curved lips lie dozens of imperfections and rough patches. It does not take away from her charm, though. The woman is in good shape, if not more on the slender side. You can presume she deems her body to be a temple as it is free of any scratches or marks except a pale tattoo of a snake and a rose, covering a faded slash across her right upper arm.

Does your character have any past / current mental and or physical illnesses we should take acknowledgement to? She does not, her mental state has remained healthy throughout her life.

Character Background
(Make sure this biography / lore has 150+ words.) Era Bardici was born a great many years ago under a different lastname known only to few who may have left Karakura by now. A loving home and questionable family with a strange amount of siblings (brothers, in particular) was the place she'd grow up in until her teenage years. Albania was presumably a tough place to live in, though her family brandished a considerable amount of wealth to provide her with the best experience possible. Near the start of what is known as her highschool years, a select bunch of her family migrated to a small city in Japan, Karakura. Era's siblings chose a different approach to life than she did, it is not to be spoken about. A significant connection in her early life was to her aunt, Vivianna, whk had been a police officer at the time. It sparked something in Era, a desire to be on the front-lines of the cruel world. So she studied. She studied endlessly all sorts of criminology and medicine to earn a spot with all of societies war-heroes and stars in history. Eventually, her hard work payed off. A smooth graduation resulted in the opportunity to become part of the forensic team in Karakura. Unfortunately, it was not a success. It is debatable if this was due to her inability to fit the forensic team or simply the fault of the division at that time. Regardless, she fell into an uneasy state and decided to retreat to Albania to study further. Now, a hesitant yet determined Era returnd with the dream to work where she belongs, the hospital. Always being good with words and feelings, a psychiatrist application was the go-to. It is now being sent off as she waits for a response.

Section One: Personal Details

Characters Full Name: Era Bardici

Characters Title (e.g, Mr. Mrs. Miss): Miss

Characters Given Name(s): Stella

Characters Preferred Name: Miss Bardici, Era

Characters Age: 29

Characters Gender: Female

Characters Religious Domination: Catholic

Characters Marital Status: Single

Characters Nationality: Albanian

Current Location / Designation: Karakura

Section Two: Academic Details

Years of Residency: 13

Working Experience(s): Forensic CSI (I think, cannot remember, apologies)

Academic Degree: Bachelors degree

Major(s) Criminology

Minor(s) Psychology, Biology

Native Languages: Albanian

Other Languages: Japanese
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