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Level 87

In the place where a town meets dawn's embrace,
Two sisters in life's endless grace.
Ikuko, the elder, with burdens to bear,
And Yuko, her sister, with a heart laid bare.

Like yin and yang, their souls entwine,
One with strength, the other innocent to the word's incite.
Ikuko, a flame, burning bright and strong,
But even the mightiest flames can't last long.

She carried the weight of the Gotō name,
Shouldering the burdens, enduring the pain.
But as time wore on, her light grew dim,
Her emotions became weary, her prospects grim.

Then came Yuko, like a breath of fresh air,
With gentleness, she 'banished' the despair.
Ikuko, weary, passed her candle's glow,
To Yuko, her sister, who'd help it grow.

Yuko, with tenderness, took on the role,
Nurturing the flame with a heart and soul.
Together they danced, a harmonious pair,
Balancing each other with love and care.

For in a bond of sisters, strong and true,
Lies the family's power to endure, to renew.
Ikuko and Yuko, forever entwined,
In each other's love, they'll always find.

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