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HamsterButt's News Reporter Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Tequila, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Tequila

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    Jun 29, 2020
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    [OOC Section]

    IGN (In-Game Name):


    Previous bans:
    No previous bans or kicks.

    Describe your activity on the server:
    I play everyday on SchoolRP, and mostly spend my days playing for hours a day.

    Do you have Discord?

    Do you have a microphone?

    List your current and past applications:
    Accepted College Application:

    What is your motivation for applying?:
    My motivation for applying is to take on new challenges in game as well as oocly. As I play SRP everyday for hours straight, I believe that having a 'writing' job involved while playing will also help me mentally oocly, as well as icly. As I love to write oocly, and am known to do it pretty well, I would like to apply it to my character in game because I believe my character has matured over the past months and has studied enough to be an 'intelligent enough' as well as a 'creative enough' writer. As I love to clearly express myself, I do this best when I am writing. I would really love to express my ideas and bring up topics that I believe are important for both me and other players. If accepted, I am really excited to create new reports with a creative side to them so that it isn't just an 'ordinary news report', but a story that people enjoy or look forward to reading. I want to let people know that writing / reading isn't 'always boring', but fun and addictive when you add your own creative perspective to it! As well as writing in general oocly, I love writing in quite detail for applications as I love to express what I have to offer as a person, as well as what my character can benefit and offer to other players. The most important fact however is to make sure Karakura citizens feel involved and connected to the stories the news reporter creates and provides. As well as informing regular players of what is going on around town, I believe my motivation is to help new players feel more welcome by already knowing the current or past events that have recently taken place in Karakura so that they are prepared to interact and have conversation with others in game. As well as enjoying writing my own pieces and reports, my motivation is for others to enjoy and look forward to my writing. I believe that reading a long report may sometimes come off as being boring or somewhat a 'chore', so I would like to create an environment where people look forward to new reports about Karakura!

    What knowledge do you have of journalist Work?
    I understand and know that journalists collect information that they observe during events, and different situations / occasions. As well as investigating a certain problem or new matter that is at hand, journalists often create a story in a creative manner for it to capture reader's attentions. However I believe that a journalist should never create 'fake' or 'additional' information that is false as this can drastically change a reader's perspective as well as the true details of an event. Whether it is a sports event, or entertainment, or chaotic political events, journalists love to write about anything at hand! I understand that depending on the person, certain people love to write only about certain topics. However I believe that being a Journalist / News Reporter means enjoying writing about any topic or event that comes to hand!

    Why are Reporters important to SchoolRP?
    News reporters are very important to SchoolRP to keep the citizens of Karakura up to date with current events happening all around town! They inform and let citizens know about sports events, politics, entertainment and all different sorts of occasions happening all around. The most important factor for new reporters in Karakura is for the citizens to feel apart of what is going around in town! To make sure no one feels left out, or with any outdated information!
    As well as helping icly, players can also be up to date with oocly events as well as stories which they can help apply to their character icly. News reporters are they to help citizens feel closer and united to one another as 'one', however they are also helping new citizens feel welcomed by understanding the current events and what is happening in their environment around them. As well as being 'united as one', I believe New's reporters are important for players to keep conversation between each other, or to even create new relationships! "Hey, did you hear about the incident where..." or "Did you hear about the upcoming event?".
    News Reporters are very important to Karakura and I have heard oocly how they are "less important" than teachers, hospital staff, or the KPD. I believe I would like to write my best to show that News Reporters DO MATTER! They help bring relationships closer, the town closer, and people informed of important affairs!

    [IC Section]


    Tell us about your character, how do they look, what makes them unique? What are they like on and off the job? Outlook on their co-workers? Plans for the future?:

    Luciana Alvaro has long straight black hair, standing with a straight posture. She'd have blue eyes and would usually be seen as an approachable female. Although living in Japan, Luciana grew up in San José Costa Rica with her Mother who is Spanish, and her Father who is Costa Rican. This would explain the Costa Rican accent Luciana often delivers when talking in any other language. After moving to Japan, she studied hard and got into her dream institution / college Karakura offers. She speaks fluent Japanese and has many attributes which can benefit Karakura.
    The first attribute that makes Luciana unique is her child hood. Like stated before, she grew up in Costa Rica and has experienced many different cultures before coming to Japan. This helps her when writing about events, to write in different perspectives as she believes that being biased is never an option, and cares about others opinions around her.
    The second attribute which makes Luciana different from the rest is her commitment and effort for anything she starts or tries out for. Luciana is known to be a very hard working female with the mindset of: Anything you start, you must accomplish to the very end while trying your best! Luciana loves to create goals for herself and achieve them by trying her best and putting her 'all' to it!
    The third quality that Luciana can bring as an asset to others is her creativity. Luciana has a way with words to create an ordinary report or story into an enthralling, coherent news piece which includes multiple eye catching concepts which help readers enjoy and look forward for her pieces of writing.
    Out of work, Luciana is known to be a quite approachable female who loves to have a talk whenever possible. Whether it is with her co-workers, friends, family, or any Karakura citizen who would love to share anything from a story idea to just a casual normal conversation about the weather!
    Luciana's outlook on her co-workers:
    Luciana continues to believe that she will always be open as a helping hand if any of her co-worker ever need help in their reports or in any ideas for a next story! She is always up for a quick chatter about ongoing events for new ideas or to help others. If asked to work on a project with any of her co-workers, she would always be up for the project.
    For the future, Luciana believes that she would always love to be a reporter. however her love for new possibilities may change her opinion. As 15 news reports it the maximum, she may want to try out for being a possible future teacher, or volunteer to help out with any job opportunity that is open. However currently Luciana's only mindset is to be a news reporter as she is fully focused on achieving this goal.

    Luciana Alvaro originated from Costa Rica and Spain. Her mother is Spanish, and her father is Costa Rican. She grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she attended a public school until she was 14, which would make her fluent in Spanish. She fled to Karakura with her mother and siblings, fleeing from her abusive father who would take part in gang-related activities. She hoped to have a fresh new start with her siblings and mother in Karakura.
    Once in Karakura, she realised everything was much different in Japan than where she grew up. Learning Japanese and studying hard before she attended her 12th grade in Karakura, she changed both physically and mentally as she learned how to work harder and study more. She realised life would not always bring easy choices to the table, such as her abusive Father and the heartbreaking choice of leaving her childhood country behind.
    This helped her focus more on trying harder in school as well as life in general. Since studying harder in Karakura, she got into her dream institution / college that Karakura offers.
    Luciana always had the dream of becoming either an Teacher in English, Japanese, Drama, or a News Reporter, however where she grew up during her childhood limited her dreams and goals as this was impossible for her to do.
    Once coming to Karakura and working harder while putting all of her effort into her studies, her options opened up more and she became aware of the opportunity to become a Karakura News Reporter. Up till now, Luciana Alvaro has been studying as hard as she can in Japanese to become fluent. (She succeeded this goal and was accepted into her dream institution and can now easily speak Japanese however with a bit of a Costa Rican accent touch to it!)

    [SECTION 1: Personal Details]

    Full Name:

    Luciana Alvaro

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):


    Given Name(s):


    Preferred Name:






    Religious Denomination:

    Icly Currently discovering new religions

    Marital Status:

    Not Married.

    Costa Rican and Spanish

    Current Location:

    Japan, Karakura

    Phone Number:


    [SECTION 2: Academic Details]

    Years of training:

    Three Years of Training

    Working Experience:

    1 Year volunteering to write about

    Academic Degree:

    Bachelor's Degree

    Year of Graduation:


    Broadcast Journalism
    Theater Arts


    Literary Studies
    Musical Theatre

    Native Languages:


    Other Languages:


    Other notes:
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply as a News Reporter! I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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    ╰──➢ ;── [ACCEPTED] ──;

    ╭ ⁞ ❏. You should get door perms to the building soon. ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏.You will receive all of your roles eventually. ;

    ┊ ⁞ ❏.Contact me once you’re online for your rank on the server (And door perms). ;

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    Dm me on discord once you have read this message.