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Level 22

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Link(s) to all past and present applications on the server:
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Describe your activity on the server:

In short, my activity on this server alone lasts far longer than it should; on weekdays, I am consistently online for 4-6 hours at most, with much more variability on the weekends. I do have a job from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until whenever I get home (4-5 p.m.), yet I still find time to incorporate SRP into my days. Even with the other factions I am now in, I set out an equal amount of time for each of them to meet their quotas and other required activity, leaving enough time for me to spend time with my friends and do whatever else I like.

List your accounts and roles on this server:
┋ [Grade-12] · [Adult]
heartlollies ┋ [Psychiatrist] · [Bear]
diaphonous ┋ [Caretaker] · [Grade-12]

Are you aware that inactivity can result in removal from the council?:
Yes, I am aware; I will be active and committed to this role if accepted.


What is the student council and what do they do?:
The council are groups of students—college and high-school—that help keep the school in order. I, personally, consider them as school faculty and staff mini-mes or helpers; the student council all together use team work in order to help organize school organized events, provide a positive student role model for other students looking for guidance, and help faculty by keeping students in check. They are able to hand out detentions to students who are deserving of such—alongside watching over detention at the end of the school day—and can report incidents to school staff if a situation is out of their own authoritative control.

What motivated you to apply for council?
I previously was in council, estimate being near a month and a half or so ago. I applied and was accepted in November 2023, so I was in council for roughly four months. In that amount of time, short or not, I had an amazing time participating in events and projects that were put together with the help of council and its members along with other school staff who helped organize them, which is one of the main reasons I am applying for council again. For example, the valentines day event was so fun to participate in, and I really want to involve myself in things such as these once again!

Despite the fact that I am re-applying in a such short amount of time, I am hopeful that I will be given another opportunity to rejoin the council. I replaced my councilor role with being a caretaker at the time, which I definitely wish I didn't do. I didn't have any other accounts to use as caretaker because I was in other factions and didn't want to leave those, so this was the decision I chose was best at the time. I assumed that because the roles have alike responsibilities, I would be able to keep contact with those I spoke with as a councilor, so everything would be fine. I very quickly realized how many differences they actually have, and how much I missed being able to connect with my councilor friends as a councilor. As much as I enjoy being a caretaker and intend to stick to that role, council was also super intriguing to me. I enjoy student roleplay and staff roleplay as a whole, and working as a councilor is a mix in between both of those, so the role is perfect in my eyes.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to put my creative mind into creating things that people will enjoy for themselves, which is also one of my top reasons as to why I am applying for councilor again.

Are you aware that you’ll be having to use your creativity and teamwork ethic within the student council?
Yes, I am one hundred percent aware; as I said before, getting able to use team work and my creative ability is one of the main reasons as to why I am applying.

Can you list the roles in the council along with other roles that might be important to the council?:
PRESIDENT: Council presidents are at the very peak of the councilor list, having been chosen to manage other councilors, new or not, to ensure they are carrying out their tasks appropriately. Being a councilor alone takes a high level of responsibility, and being president requires even more! The presidents have proven themselves worthy of being at the top of the list of councilors, and they are without a doubt role models for the rest of council as a group. They have the power to apply for or make changes to the councilor group of which they are president in order to maintain the peace and safety of the overall community.

VICE PRESIDENT: Similarly to presidents, there's quite a significant amount of responsibility when it comes to upholding this role. They're kind of like a heir to a throne, one who's next to be president once said president isn't the president anymore. They help the presidents with similar responsibility, keeping all of the councilors in check, watching over and keeping the councilor environment safe and sound. They could almost be considered as a second president, since those duties are pretty similar, vice or not. They work together like two pieces of a puzzle, teamwork is very essential to the all of the council after all!

COUNCILOR: At the bottom of the chain is the roles of councilor. Alongside helping plan school events, issuing detention, and serving as role models for the students, they carry out the typical tasks of any councilor. Even if a councilor is at the bottom of the list, they are extremely important roles that play one job: maintaining the school's order. It takes even the smallest cooperation from councilors to keep the school safe and secure, which is why having them in the school is so vital.

SLT + SCHOOL STAFF: SLT and the school staff both work as very important roles to the councilors because they both equally have to work together to help watch over students. The council sits alongside the job of a school employee when it comes to taking care of the school, only with less authority. Councilors can go to employees, especially SLT in escalated situations, for help when it comes to dealing with situations that they don't have control over as they can do more than a councilor can.


While students gather for a school assembly, one student behaves disruptively, causing a disturbance. How would you manage the situation to restore order effectively while minimizing any additional disruptions to the assembly?
Nakanishi clears his throat, tucking his hands behind his back.
"Firstly, I would prioritize keeping my voice and actions on the low, to not create a distraction that would make the focus away from the assembly itself. I would quietly ask the person to stop their poor behavior and move on as one would. If the behavior continues, I would request to pull them away from the assembly to talk to them as a 1 on 1 to ask them to stop again, before returning. I would tell them the impact their actions have on the other students, especially if the assembly is important, and how they should be mindful of what they do. If this doesn't work, I would get a school staff member to deal with them better, since they have higher authority to stop them than I do."

A student refuses to take their mask off after you’ve brought up detention and they’ve run away! What do you do?
Nakanishi takes a moment to think, mumbling something under his breath incoherently.
"I would immediately radio for help from either a staff member or other councilors to assist me in catching the student and giving them detention. If I didn't radio, I'd walk around in search for any employee member and describe the student's clothing, assuming I wouldn't see their face, to ask if they can give help."
There's a slight pause of hesitancy, before he decides to add on further.
"I personally believe that chasing a student down, especially when they may be significantly faster than I can run, rather than prioritizing getting assistance when you're dealing with somebody alone, is very pointless. Instead of chasing them, I would radio for other council members or faculty to keep an eye out for them and to give them a detention slip. A staff member can easily intercom somebody to come to the front, which may be way easier than it would be to chase someone through the halls uselessly—endlessly, even."

A teacher observes concerning behavior from a student, including the creation of disturbing artwork and verbal threats toward peers. How would you collaborate with the teacher to evaluate the situation and intervene appropriately to address potential safety concerns?
Nakanishi clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth, bringing his hands to his side and lifting one arm to run a hand through his hair.
"Firstly, I would see what the student exactly made before I made a decision on what I was going to do. Depending on what it is, I would more than likely talk to the student first about what they did to see if there is any specific reasoning behind it. If a behavior from a student had been continuous and seems it could get to a dangerous level, such as actual physical harm coming from threats, I would allow faculty to get involved because it had reached a level more than I could personally deal with."
A pause.
"Though, if this is a one time thing and the student seems to be good otherwise, I would do my best to speak with them about the situation to give any advice that I personally could give and make sure they are alright."

A group of students asks for your permission to stage a protest on school grounds. Would you allow them to protest? If so, how do you ensure that the protest does not disrupt the school environment while upholding their freedom of expression?
Nakanishi straightens his back out, humming briefly a tune that was stuck in his head.
"Firstly, I would ask what they are even protesting about. If it was a protest with no valid reasoning, it would be an instantaneous no from me. Though, even if I deem the protest appropriate, I would ask school employees—preferably SLT—for permission further for this protest to go through. Of course, if said protest was permitted and was to actually happened, it would very obviously have to be under watch and with a specific set of rules rather than just an unsupervised protest that could easily turn into a fight."

A teacher/receptionist has told you that you are doing something that goes against what you were trained by your higher-ups. How would you react to this?
Nakanishi furrows his eyebrows slightly, just at the thought of this scenario. This question required less thinking about than the other ones did, so he responded near immediately.
"Firstly, I would ask exactly what I was doing wrong in order to not do it again. Once I discover what I did, I would immediately apologize to them or ones involved in the situation and make sure that my mistake was fixed before continuing on. If my actions were reported to anybody, such as my council higher-ups, I would explain the situation to them without making any arguments. If a punishment was given to me for my actions, I would take it as a learning opportunity rather than any form of punishment at all."

Please provide at least one detailed event that the council can use as a future event to showcase your creativity!

Nakanishi hands two stapled together pieces of paper to the person in front of him to read.
"I do hope you like it!"

What is that?! Hosted in the school's cafeteria is a student-staff cooking competition! Students and staff with interest in competing will come to a council member who is hosting said event to express their interest, in which they'll be added to a list of competitors for the day to come! There would more than likely be a maximum/minimum amount of people who can participate, since too many people would get messy. Multiple council members, and even the school chef(s), would be hosted as judges for this competition. All students and staff can come to watch and hang out, just to socialize and see how it all goes!

On the day of the event, students will all be provided a list of ingredients, no more no less, and are given one job: cook! All participants are given anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour (or more, depending on what once decides) to cook up a meal. Once the time is up—or all meals are completed—all judges are shown the dish, whilst the competitor explains exactly what it is to them. Once the presentation part is done, judges given a piece of each dish to try and taste. Judges are each given their own amount of time to judge, and then announce what they all collectively decide upon!

The judges are given 3 different categories to judge on, and different prizes will be rewarded for each one. One is being judged based on the taste, which meal tastes the best out of them all? Another prize is given out based on the presentation of the meals, which meal looks the best—the most appealing to the eye? And finally, the last prize is given out based on the distinctiveness of the meals. Is it just a plain old grilled cheese sandwich, or did they use the ingredients they were provided to make a meal so unique?
The amount of winners can vary depending on the amount of people that participate or if there is a tie between multiple people. The prizes involved can be yen, toys, stickers, reward tokens, and more! The remaining food could be used for food donations, in lunches on school days, or even eaten by people in the event at the moment—either way, no food goes to waste!


Nakanishi Shoji



Phone number:

How would you describe your personality?:
"Personally, I consider myself to be halfway between lively and casual. In most situations, I tend to be a chatterbox, but I also know when to ease up. Occasionally, I feel less inclined to talk than other days—but that is true for most people, right? I can be increasingly competitive, which is why I often see myself in finding opportunities to compete, such as mere game of dodge-ball. Though, I am not the overly competitive type, it is all in good fun. I enjoy a good sprinkle of competition every once in a while!"


What separates you from other applicants seeking your position?:
"Though some of the other applicants are excellent candidates for this role, I am interested in showing my ability to work as part of a team as well as my management skills in the school council. I am greatly motivated to work as a team, not only with other council members, but also with students who are passionate about what they want for the school, to make it a more peaceful environment. I am extremely compassionate and willing to listen to students; even when they appear to be going through something challenging. Unfortunately, I've seen that kids with a terrible record seem to be treated less favorably, which is something I'd like to improve to pay attention to them more. People always have a motive for everything they do, and I would love to be able to support everybody, no matter what—regardless of background."

Why do you want this position?:
"Given the amount of aggression, negativity, and hatred in the school, I would love to be able to help others in even the smallest ways, particularly by assisting in events that may brighten anyone's day. I want this position because I want to be able to see people, especially those in tougher times, brighten up like a star in a starry sky. I am a friendly person, and joining the council gives me even more of an opportunity to meet new people with as much passion as I have to help make the school more comfortable for people."

What interests you the most about student council?:
"Joining the student council gives a person such a different point of view on the school and it's community. Joining in to a group of people who all would equally like to contribute to the school and it's safety intrigues me so much, alongside the events that get to planned together on the way. I have always wanted to put my creative mind into something impactful, and I think that this is just it. A group of students, not too many, getting able to work together as not only the council, but as friends, is absolutely perfect."

What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?:
"I am a person who is very easy to approach, no matter what. I fully plan to approach students with a careful demeanor, making them feel more comfortable in the place that they spend such a large portion of their lives in. I hate to see other students in poor situations such as fights, so being able to help them out of those and into a better place is something I'd love to contribute. Giving out little things, such as positive affirmations and little stickers plus prizes seems to always make people feel better, which is just one of many ideas I would have being a council member!"



Level 198
Council Lead

Thank you for applying. Congratulations on your application being accepted. Please ping @[Dean] gotsnapped in ⁠#help channel in KA Discord for your roles. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message me at jawhyla on Discord.

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