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Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Thankies, Jul 22, 2021 at 1:29 AM.

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    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

    IGN (In-Game Name):


    Previous bans :

    Erotic roleplay, staff disrespect, etc.

    Describe your activity on the server:

    My activity on this server is quite available, I can play most days during the week. My availability is able to support my schedule on SRP, by playing weekly and on most weekends.

    Which timezone are you in?

    My time zone is PST.

    Do you have Discord?

    Yes, my discord is madalynne#1453

    Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:

    Yes, I do own a microphone and I am able to talk and unmute.

    List your current and past applications:

    My past applications consist of, Office secretary, Student Council, and French.

    What is your motivation for applying?:

    My motivation for applying is proving that I can conquer issues I’ve had with the past and showing improvement on this server, as I find it a big opportunity to find self growth inside of myself.

    Motivation isn’t just a key word for this expression but knowing that applying to the Karakura police department shows that perseverance is possible and can be manifested if one tries their best to show deep down they have shown personal development.

    Lastly, my motivation is pushing myself towards working something that can be a self soothing skill, I have noticed that working with people online whether it be roleplaying, or just chatting it can be a calming thing to do and I discovered this isn’t all that has happened but it is part of something most important would be that my self esteem is growing and has been raised.

    Do you understand Japanese Laws and Basic Conduct?

    Yes, I do understand the laws of Japanese laws and Basic Conduct.

    What are the Police ranks?

    Cadet rank

    The Cadet rank is the lowest rank of them all. The Cadet rank is a starting to become more experienced in being an officer, you can rank up from this role and or be demoted, this is a starting rank for the police force.

    Cadets are tested on their well being and ability to see what they can achieve when being tested or training to see their skills, and see if they are challenged enough to rank up to the next level.

    Mind that they go on patrollings with officers when it is necessary most Cadet’s are to stay well under control and show politeness towards their superiors and employees, as well as citizens by sitting at the front desk and assisting them with whatever is needed as long as it’s appropriate.

    Patrol officer

    A patrol officer is the second level of the police force. Once the Cadet has passed all the tests and standards they may rank up and begin their duty on going for Patrol officer.

    This is a very important job as well as every other rank, but with the setting of this role you may also need to be placed with Cadets, and when this is happening you are also recommended to be a role-model and a supreme to them, this is important because you are a higher up to them. Learning off of your every action and moves, though it may be okay you make mistakes sometimes but do correct yourself when so.


    The corporal rank, the corporal rank is one of the foremost, third rank of the Karakura police department as well as higher than Patrol officer and Cadet, as we go along the ranks every one of them will always standardize a higher and more trusted rank than others projecting a system full of higher ups. The Corporals are to help host the training for the department, as well when doing this they are to make sure of it the lower department such as for example. Cadets and Patrol officers are doing their job correctly and maintaining a substantial work form. Corporals being higher than the lower department they are allowed to patrol alone.


    Sergeant rank. This rank will be represented higher than the Corporal rank, Patrol officer, and Cadet, as it took time to get to this rank as it is required to be able to take time into this position and be very active. Most of the time, the amount of effort you could put into this job will help you be able to graduate your rank to a higher staff, along with experiencing more knowledge.The Sergeant rank is the fourth rank and is too help Cadets train them and overlook, if no one else is able too, such as not available or has the abilities too. Sergeant’s are also to see if Cadets are enabled to pass the test, this comes along with the part of having some of the same perks as a Corporal but too overlook everything and make sure everything is operating in the right order.


    The lieutenant rank is something you can obtain when the head of the KPD believes you are working hard and putting your hours in and believes that you are outstanding from others and makes you unique as well as you are doing your job. The Lieutenant is the ranking you get when you earn the significance of getting a gun known as the Glock; this is because they have passed what has been tested and their training shows trust throughout the department; they would be hard workers.

    Vice-Head Lieutenant

    The Vice-Head lieutenant is a higher ranking it is numbered sixth rank and one of the second to the highest rank this is a rank you withhold when you are in the Department of Karaukra for a very long time, with being around this long you are trusted and a known member of KPD making you a role model for the lower ranked Officers. The Vice-Head lieutenant takes over the Head lieutenant but for the availability that I know is it is tooken and cannot be applied for unless they hand it over to someone else for instance you are a Head lieutenant you may give the vice head lieutenant the role. The Vice-Head can always participate for a minimum time such as temporarily they can be a Head lieutenant when needed. Being in this role you need to make sure you show enthusiasm in your job and be interested such as for this job you overlook all the lower ranks to make sure they do their job in order and symmetry.

    Head Lieutenant

    The Head Lieutenant is the seventh rank of the department being the most trusted; regardless of its name being the higher staff it is similar to the Vice-Head Lieutenant but since it is the head of the Lieutenant’s it is the head of the Lieutenant department. As the role they are to make sure everyone is doing what is assigned or needed to be done if given a task they are to do it; the Head has a lot of power since of it’s longing in the department they have been in.


    By the name, you could assume they own the department, but not quite the highest rank is Commissioner as you could tell in the next paragraph when the commissioner is not around they take over the important details and roles for them. When being a captain you are expected to show lots of trust and be able to take power in things that are happening such as operating the departments and make sure everything's in order.


    The commissioner rank is the highest rank in the department as they overlook the KPD and run it. Currently there is not a spot available as of right now because someone overtakes the role. Being the Commissioner role you are the ninth ranking and the most trusted in the department as people look up to you to make good decisions for the department as if any wrong move could lead to harsh punishments. They are well trained, and are treated with respect as they host the riots and plan for the riots and manhunts. They are too not to let mistakes slip easily as they are quite harsh for their own good and for the department of the KPD, there are also other rankings; those are for the police investigators though as they are not a part of the simple set ups of the rankings.

    What knowledge do you have of Police Work?

    The knowledge I know of the Police Work is greatly a piece of my life, and knowledge is pretty accurate from some of the laws in Karakura compared to California and though some are different I have reliance on my wisdom of this line of work.

    Why is Police important to SchoolRP?

    Police are important to SchoolRP, because it gives a sense of safety for some citizens in Karakura. It shows there is also trust in the community, and someone to look up to, sort of like a role-model showing a good perception and relatively a team to work together and show an example.

    Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?

    I do acknowledge that I could be demoted at any given time.

    Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?

    I acknowledge that applying for this role of a KPD police officer I will be dedicated, and show one hundred percent motivation towards this role.

    Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?

    Yes, I do understand this.

    Do you acknowledge that you’re subject to IC harassment, and you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?

    I acknowledge the fact that IC harassment will not be taken OOcly, whether dealing with a training session, or a situation with a citizen or employee.


    In-Character (IC) Section


    Tell us about your character, how she looks, what makes him unique?

    My character is different from others though she looks and acts maybe the same as a regular person she has a soft spot for animals, uniqueness isn’t one of her many traits but she hopes to find it one day.

    Her dirty blonde, teased hair won’t stop her from being destined to her fate! Eyes may pierce at your soul but show a sign of expired perky brown honey pools. Their outfit would be randomized, she finds her odd sense of fashion from thrift stores she enjoys the fun side of life, and believes living her life to the fullest and ends meet.

    Her oddly lanky tallness through off some of her outfit with long the one-leg fishnet tight seemed to be a staple in her look, the tie combined with a white tank top and a huge studded belt was the look; others may disagree but it was true it was something about her it balanced her fun and experimenting personality.

    What is she like on and off the job?

    V. Xanika, Rome. She was a stiff hardcore person to the core on a job when it’s needed, she shows respect for herself and others along the sidelines.

    It wouldn’t matter what ethnicity or vicinity you came from, she showed demonstrative and carefulness and looked out for her friends.

    Xanika, off of the job she is quite pleasurable, she is a fun person to be around and is goofy, she enjoys rock and roll like the hippie she is. Overall Xanika will take the precautions needed and doesn’t like to test patience or liability.

    Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?

    V. Xanika, Rome’s outlook on her co-workers is to begin a great relationship with all, no matter the rank or perception they may view her.

    She would like to make a good first impression and wishes for her co-workers to be victorious and fulfill their chances and opportunities with every destiny they get.

    Xanika’s plans for the future are to become a more self-centered, aware person, and show courage for the job and be courageous. Not only does she want self clarence she would like to have a family of her own and begin a prepared life.


    From the birth that took place at a random hospital, all the way up to her twenty-fifth year. Mother abandoned her for the reason most parents do, she couldn’t support such a life especially with the abnormalities in the child she released. The child being born a brunette soon showed she was different and distinctive from others, just at birth her eyes dark as a chocolate bar soon showed eerie colors to possess her light hearted soul.

    All she remembers is her crying from the home inside of her mother soon passed to a nurse who took her and put her in the nursing infirmary, soon she waited months, and days, even a year till the hospital chose to do something about the neglect.

    They called her care plan and talked to the holder of the card, the phone rang never to be answered. Xanika, she was no longer a part of a family it was rare she would fit in with the others at pre-school. Soon after this horrible event in her life, she had aged to be a six year old that was going to school and showing extra curricular performance, the school did acknowledge this as being such a young student knowing such charts of math, and reading highschool level she soon began to be friends with older children instead of ones her age, she found more similarities between the older ones then the younger part of her school.

    The younger found her indifferent, but Xanika did not view it this way; she viewed herself different from others as she was and the teachers could notice she would be alone for most of the elementary school day besides recess.

    Throwing Xanika in the foster system had not helped the situation until one day she had found the family of her dreams, the promising wealth and forever long lasting love seemed impeccable that such a family could love someone not blood-related so much.

    This relationship with her family wasn’t a disgrace to her it was a blessing in her mind, she viewed them as her birth mother, and biological father. She realized soon that having a foster family people viewed you differently, noticing this upon other people murmuring in the distance about how she didn’t look related she decided not to fret about the others opinions soon growing to be a teenager, puberty had hit.

    Other girls, and boys were growing taller some were getting smaller, but she was always tall she grew to be upto 6’3 piercing a good muscular build she wished she didn’t own.

    Xanika viewed herself as a lone wolf she didn’t have others to relate to as she wasn’t growing the way she imagined.

    Till one day her parents had gone on a trip to Washington, they offered for Xanika to take a friend but she softly declined the offer as she was still fifteen and would like to live a normal teenage girl life with her family, she didn’t want to spend time with such people of nonsense. In Washington, she had gone to many state parks and hikes, she enjoyed Seattle the most from the scenery.

    There was a harsh storm coming through with the sleet, and the amount of pouring hail and rain it was almost impossible to see till she told them to turn the car because Xanika had found a puppy on the side of the road as her love for animals was never ending.

    Soon as they were turning, a semi truck had violently thrown their car into the middle of her parents Hatchback Subaru, smashing the front side of the car off she was in a concussion as she heard the sirens coming towards she couldn’t realize where she was with all the smoke and parts everywhere from the two of the cars.

    She soon woke up from her concussion having an aching pain in her arm, it was broken through the skin. It stuck out that she had been crying from the pain. She soon noticed that her parents were not discovered in the car crash...Xanika had been rushed to the hospital immediately through an emergency ambulance she was placed as a John Doe.

    A few years after this event, she thought about getting out of Washington as her parents weren’t coming back. She knew this would be true and needed to stop being consumed by evil thoughts, and the past that was stuck in the state.

    Xanika bought herself a plane ticket at eighteen to Karakura, Japan. As nice as it was, the people seemed kinder then the place itself she settled to herself and not for others.

    Xanika has found peace within herself, and her long lost parents. The biological mother was never in the picture as to when she was born, disappearance was the only thing important to her birth mother. She realized that having such a great family, for only a bit of time was better than not at all and made peace within the family. Visiting the family’s graves to an extent to not get caught in the past she stopped. She found it quite disrupting to herself to be able to call herself family in between the line of leaving the state.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name: V. Xanika, Rome

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss. Rome

    Given Name(s): Xanika, Rome

    Preferred Name: Xanika, or Rome

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    IC Phone number: 190-806-717

    Religious Denomination: N/A

    Marital Status: N/A

    Nationality: French, Japanese.

    Current Location: Karakura, Japan.

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of training: Two in a half years of training.

    Working Experience:


    Academic Degree: My academic Degree would be me mastering in Law enforcement, and in Criminal justice.

    Year of Graduation: 2015

    Major(s): Law enforcement, Criminal Justice.

    Minor(s): Psychology, Political Science.

    Native Languages: French

    Other Languages: Japanese.

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    Sadly your application was either not good enough or your reputation within the server isn't the best. Best of luck next time!​
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