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How was the 1st experience of SRP for you?


Level 64
not even gonna talk about the title

ANYWAY, um it wasn’t bad? I played it with my friend which made it funnier, but I didn’t know looc which sucked


Level 107
id come to the internet cafe after school, download minecraft then search for schoolrp, wynn and shaders.
Due to me only being able to play after-school at the time, it was always nighttime whenever I hopped on.
I'd wander around the map with the limited time I'd have and since I had absolutely no proper english at the time, I'd just respond with "idk" whenever someone approached me then walked away. (good technique if people are trying to bait perms on you btw!) after an hour or so I'd play counter strike with my friends or skyrim / hitman (good days)


Level 125
Initially, my character had a bizarre interaction where someone used their fishing rod to snag my character's clothes, dragged them into a school at night, handed them a mascot plushie, then pulled them back out and insisted that my character carried them everywhere piggy-back-style. It was quite the odd encounter!

The second time I logged in was no less dramatic. I was immediately robbed of all my money and found myself in the middle of GangRP (mind, I was a greenie) where they threatened me with a knife, preparing to carve my leg. I decided to exit that situation quickly.

My third login was when things started to look up.
I found myself in a more normal setting with school actually in session.
I spent my time exploring, camping at the Ochiba camping grounds, and enjoying some fishing.


Level 140
My first experience in the server was pretty nice, at the time there were houses directly in front of the school that people would roleplay in. I was scouted by this person with a donor rank, they invited a bunch of people into the house and we played games.

There was also the campfire on the corner of the block, the pvp alleyway, 11/7 actually being a hotspot, and a bunch of other stuff that I experienced day one. Cool times.


Level 16
It isn’t my first experience, but my return to SRP in 2019 started from meeting these girls in another discord server. They mentioned SRP and I was like “Oh, I use to play that!” I later got on and they carried me to the haunted forest. We were then found by police and arrested! (it was later voided since it was just suppose to be a warning)

The earliest experience isn’t anything special, just me figuring out how to put on a skin and immediately going to SRP to roleplay.


Level 134
I don’t remember my first experience as that was 7 years ago but I do remember getting into gangrp first and all that jazz. I also remember making a family that went by Lycans (ikr so silly haha)


Level 277
My first experience was meeting Mei Adashi!! my entire srp career started with “Why would you BITE her..”


Level 41
. . . i instantly gave up back in like mid 2020 .. the server was too complicated ..
anyhow!! my actually experience was me repeatedly getting muggged!! lost like four phones!!! :DD

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